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Japanese Artist Jailed for Vagina Kayak

Vagina Kayak

A Japanese artist who modeled a kayak after her vagina is “outraged” by her arrest and has vowed to fight the obscenity charges against her.

Megumi Igarashi, 42, was arrested last Saturday for sending data that could be used to create 3D models of her vagina. The Tokyo-based artist had built a yellow kayak with a top shaped like her vagina after raising about $10,000 through crowdfunding. Igarashi then sent 3D printer data of her scanned vagina – the digital basis for her kayak project – as a thank you to a number of donors. Thanks for the money – now here’s my vagina!

But before Igarashi, who also goes by the moniker Rokudenashiko, which means “no-good girl” in Japanese, could get to work on her next vagina boat, she was arrested for distributing indecent material.

The vagina “has been such a taboo in Japanese society”, Igarashi wrote on her website. “It’s been overly hidden although it’s just a part of a woman’s body.”

“I cannot agree with the police’s decision to label the data as obscene,” she later said. “To me, my vagina is like my arms and legs. It’s nothing obscene.”

But according to Japan’s obscenity laws, which ban the depiction of genitalia and blur them out in broadcast media and images, 3D vaginas are the definition of obscene.

Maybe so, but if they allow little girl urine flavoured ice cream, can vagina kayaks really be that bad?

Japan Ice Cream

At least they didn’t try go with the chocolate flavour…

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George W Bush Exhibits His Paintings of World Leaders

George W Paintings World Leaders

The artist formerly known as President George W Bush has unveiled his portraits of 24 current and former world leaders at his presidential library in Texas.

George W, who took up painting after leaving the White House because he was a “driven person”, finally revealed his long-awaited portraits of different world leaders – which include Vladimir Putin, Tony Blair, the Dalai Lama and his father, George H.W. Bush.

The paintings are part of an exhibit — “The Art of Leadership: A President’s Personal Diplomacy” — that will go on display Saturday at the George W. Bush Presidential Library and Museum in Dallas. Price of admission: $16. Seeing George W attempt a career as a painter: priceless.

George W Paints Putin

But in some paintings, like the stern-faced portrait above of Russian President Vladimir Putin, George W really captures the essence of the subject.

“As you know, our dear dog Barney, who had a special place in my heart — Putin dissed him and said, ‘You call it a dog?’” Bush recalled. “A year later, I go to visit and Vladimir says, ‘Would you like to meet my dog?’ Out bounds this huge hound, obviously much bigger than a Scottish terrier, and Putin looks at me and says, ‘Bigger, stronger and faster than Barney.’

“I just took it in. I didn’t react,” Bush continued. “I just said, ‘Wow. Anybody who thinks ‘my dog is bigger than your dog’ is an interesting character.’ And that painting kind of reflects that.”

George Bush SelfiesWhile the former president admits “I’m not a great artist”, someone should probably tell him these portraits aren’t exactly exhibit-worthy. His infamous bathtub/shower selfies? Yeah, I’d pay to see that. But a distorted oil painting of Putin? Meh.

I mean, it’s not like telling someone their artwork isn’t good enough will lead to anything bad… oh wait… the Holocaust.

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Nazi Art Owner Refused To Give Up Loot… And Other News

Nazi Art Collector

Who knew Nazi art owners would be difficult to deal with?

The German art collector found to have a Nazi art trove in his Munich apartment says he isn’t willing to return any of the looted art to previous owners, including pieces taken from Jews. 80-year-old Cornelius Gurlitt’s wartime stash, comprised of 1,400 works – many of which were believed to be destroyed – is thought to be worth $1.35 billion. Gurlitt’s father was a Nazi art dealer who sold art that had been confiscated or bought by the Nazis – but apparently he kept quite a few for himself and passed them down to his son who now refuses to give them up. “I won’t freely give anything back, no, no,” Cornelius Gurlitt, 80, said to German weekly Der, “When I’m dead they can do with them what they want.” Well, that shouldn’t be too long from now. Wall Street Journal

PAris GunmanThe manhunt is on – Paris style – after a gunman opened fire at a newspaper office, shooting a photographer’s assistant twice. The gunmen then fled the scene and forced a motorist to drive him to the Champs Elysees. Another gunman – or very possibly the same gunman – also opened fire at the bank Societe Generale, but there were no injuries reported. In another incident on Friday – which may or may not be related – a gunman broke into BFMTV on Friday and threatened journalists with a gun before leaving. Either this guy’s been really busy over the last few days or a lot of people in Paris hate journalists. BBC News

Shocked LionsLion on lion violence at the Dallas Zoo! Every cat owner’s worst nightmare happened at the Dallas Zoo on Sunday when one of the lions attacked and killed a lioness in the exhibit. A 5-year-old lioness was bitten on the neck by one of the male lions and died after about 10 minutes. Zoo officials are baffled over the incident, which occurred in full view of zoo visitors. “I would have to think something caused the males to react that they don’t normally see every day,” the zoo’s vice president of animal operations and welfare said. “Lions can be aggressive, but they don’t kill each other.” For now, officials say the male and female lions will be placed in separate exhibits until they can figure out what the problem was. USA Today

Zimmerman ViolenceSpeaking of domestic violence, Neighbourhood Watch’s Poster Boy George Zimmerman has been arrested in Florida on domestic violence charges after allegedly pointing a gun at his girlfriend. The incident, which took place at his unnamed girlfriend’s home in central Florida, isn’t the first time police have been called in to settle a Zimmerman-related domestic dispute. Earlier this summer police investigated a domestic dispute between Zimmerman and his wife Shellie Zimmerman after she filed for divorce. Quick temper? Check. Reckless use of a gun? Check. No jail time served? Check. Sounds like Zimmerman! CNN

Rob Ford Knocks Over CouncillorToronto Mayor Rob Ford has issued another apology – this time for knocking over a City Council member and giving her a fat lip. As the Toronto City Council debated limiting the cracked-out mayor’s powers even further in the wake of the ongoing crack scandal, Rob Ford bulldozed into Toronto City Councillor Pam McConnell, knocking her off her feet. Ford wasn’t rushing over because someone was waving around a crack-laced Big Mac as many first assumed. No, he was rushing over to help out his brother, Doug Ford, who was apparently in an altercation/shouting match with a heckler. “It was a complete accident,” Ford said. “I sincerely apologize.” NBC News

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Man Nails Scrotum to the Red Square in Moscow

Police approach artist Pyotr Pavlensky Scrotum

“Performance artist” Pyotr Pavlensky protested the state of Russian society by stripping down in Moscow’s Red Square on Sunday and nailing his scrotum to the cobblestones.

The painful act of protest was Pavlensky’s response to Russia’s descent into a “police state” and was timed to coincide with Police Day – a special day celebrated by law enforcement.

In a statement Pavlensky declared:

“The performance can be seen as a metaphor for the apathy, political indifference and fatalism of contemporary Russian society. As the government turns the country into one big prison, stealing from the people and using the money to grow and enrich the police apparatus and other repressive structures, society is allowing this, and forgetting its numerical advantage, is bringing the triumph of the police state closer by its inaction.”

Whatever he was protesting, he definitely nailed it.

Pavlensky was taken to the hospital an hour after nailing his scrotum to the pavement but declined to be admitted – so he was then taken to the police station. The performance artist / masochist could have faced a 15-day jail sentence for the stunt (as well as a lifelong scrotum piercing) but he was freed on the next day.

But Pavlensky is no stranger to self-harm. He previously sewed his lips together to protest the jailing of two members of Pussy Riot and wrapped his naked body in a barbed wire “cocoon” in protest of the government’s “oppressive legal system.” Yikes. Does this guy have huge balls… or is he just completely nuts?

Via: BBC News

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Tilda Swinton’s Box is Art

Tilda Swinton Box

Oscar-nominated actress and androgynous fashion enthusiast Tilda Swinton has put her box on display at New York’s Museum of Modern Art.

As part of a new art installation entitle “The Maybe”, Swinton will sleep in a glass box full of cushions for museum-goers to see/not really understand. Luckily, the above image is the first to come up when googling “Tilda Swinton Box”.

Swinton’s first appearance was on Saturday when the actress spent 6 and a half hours napping in the glass box. Swinton plans to appear again but nobody knows when she’ll be back. Even the museum doesn’t know when she is scheduled to be there.

MoMA said in a statement:

“An integral part of The Maybe’s incarnation at MoMA in 2013 is that there is no published schedule for its appearance, no artist’s statement released, no museum statement beyond this brief context, no public profile or image issued. Those who find it chance upon it for themselves, live and in real – shared – time: now we see it, now we don’t.”

The world will soon be divided into those who have seen Tilda Swinton sleeping in a glass box and those who have not.

Art is weird.

Via: NY Daily News

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