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What’s New with Tara the Hero Cat?

Hero cat Tara with the help of her owner Triantafilo and team staff member Henry "tosses" the first pitch in Bakersfield

Tara, the cat who saved a small boy from a vicious dog attack, is living it up celebrity style, while the cat’s arch-nemesis, Scrappy, has been euthanized.

Tara the cat rose to fame after a security video recorded her throwing herself headfirst into a dog that was twice her size in order to save her owner’s 4-year-old son.

After saving 4-year-old Jeremy Triantafilo’s leg from further gnawing and being hailed a dog-tackling hero, Tara the cat was given the honor of “throwing” the ceremonial first pitch in a minor league baseball game in Bakersfield, California. Despite being an international YouTube sensation, Tara is still just a cat… so she only managed to throw the ball (which was attached to a piece of string) a few feet.

Still, Tara’s “dad,” Roger Triantafilo, seemed pretty impressed, telling a scrum of media: “She did everything I thought she would. She stayed calm throughout.”

Meanwhile, Scrappy, the eight-month-old Labrador-Chow mix, has been put down at Bakersfield animal shelter. After he was filmed attacking his young neighbour, Scrappy was given 10 days to prove himself. Unfortunaetly (for Scrappy) he continued to display aggressive traits during his 10-day assessment, biting a few of the animal shelter employees. He was subsequently destroyed. RIP Scrappy.

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Cat Hero Saves Child From Dog Attack

Cat Hero Saves Child GIF

Angry dog roaming the neighbourhood? Slow to react child with leftover food in his pocket? No problem! Family cat to the rescue!

A California boy was viciously attacked by a dog while playing on his bicycle in his driveway. A decidedly hungry  neighbourhood dog ran up to the boy and began gnawing on his leg and dragging him down the driveway. Without any intervention, the situation may have been cat-a-strophic, but luckily, the boy’s family cat, Tara, was there to save the day.

Tara the cat hero comes out of nowhere and jumps in front of the dog – chasing the animal from her family’s property. I have a feeling that dog won’t be bothering them any more (mainly because it might have to be put down…)

ABC23reports that the kid needed a few stitches and perhaps a rabies shot, but things could have been a lot worse had Tara the hero cat not intervened in the suburban driveway drama.

When asked about her loyalty to the child, Tara the cat replied “Child? There was a child there? I saw a fucking dog, I attacked. Tara looks out for Tara.”

Cats will be cats!

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Oregon Attack Cat Goes To Pet Therapy

Lux Gets Pet Therapy

Lux, the 22 pound cat who terrorized a Portland family, is getting the help that he needs via pet therapy.

Lux the Cat became an overnight sensation after he attacked his owners’ baby and trapped the entire family in their bedroom, forcing them to call 911.

The Palmer family baby pulled on the Lux’s tail prompting the angry cat to scratch the infant on the forehead. Fair enough. But instead of punishing the baby (who clearly started it), Lee Palmer went the other way and kicked the cat “in the rear” to protect his child. At this point Lux lost it and “just went off over the edge”. Palmer, his girlfriend, the baby, and the family dog were forced to barricade themselves in the bedroom for safety. After getting no answer at animal control, the couple called 911 and told the operator that Lux has a “history of violence”.

During the call, the cat can be heard screeching in the background as Palmer said in a panicked voice: “He’s charging us. He’s at our bedroom door.”

Two days after police arrived to rescue the family from the 4-year-old part-Himalayan cat, the Palmer family announced they are keeping Lux but giving him medical attention and therapy.

“We’re not getting rid of him right now,” Palmer said. “He’s been part of our family for a long time.”

In addition to a trip to the vet, a pet psychologist is due at the house to spend some time with Lux.

While it sounds a bit ridiculous, pet therapy is a much better solution than what Laura Cunliffe, the worst person in the world, came up with when her kitten attacked her goldfish. The Brit, who deserves to die a slow painful death, admitted putting her black-and-white cat Mowgli into the microwave and turning it on for five minutes. After taking it out at the minute mark, the poor kitten died a horrible death 90 minutes later.

District Judge John Foster said that act was it “was an act of utterly horrendous cruelty”, sentencing her to 14 weeks in prison and banning her from keeping animals for life. 14 weeks in prison??? 14 weeks in a microwave on high heat would be a much more fitting punishment. I don’t care how many mental problems you have, it’s not an excuse to torture.

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Man Sends Cat Poop To Companies That Didn’t Hire Him

Cat Poop

Missouri resident Jevon Brown has admitted to mailing cat poop to companies that passed on hiring him.

After being turned down for numerous jobs, Brown decided to let his prospective employers know how he felt (crappy) by sending them packages of cat poop. While Brown doesn’t necessarily sound like the ideal candidate, but he could have been worse – he could have mailed his own feces.

U.S. Postal Service inspectors tracked 20 packages of cat poop back to the unemployed 58-year-old St. Louis man. Amid the glaring evidence, Brown fessed up to the crime and pleaded guilty to a misdemeanor charge of mailing injurious articles.

“This is not a victimless crime,” said Assistant U.S. Attorney John Bodenhausen in court last Friday, adding that the packages could have harmed postal workers and anyone whose mail was adjacent to Brown’s packages. Meh. A little toxoplasmosis never hurt anyone – except maybe all those pregnant women and their unborn children…

Officials went easy on Brown because he had no prior criminal record and let him off with probation.  And despite having “cat poop delivery man” on his resume, Brown says he has undergone counseling and has recently found a job.

Via: Huffington Post

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Forget The Super Bowl, Forget The Puppy Bowl, This Year It’s All About The Kitten Bowl


Are you ready for some football kittenball??? On February 2 the Hallmark Channel will launch the first ever Kitten Bowl – the cat lovers’ answer to the Puppy Bowl.

For years, Animal Planet’s Puppy Bowl has dominated the “cute animals playing football” market, but not anymore. This year the Hallmark Channel, with the help of host Beth Stern, will blow those dogs out of the water.

According to the official Kitten Bowl website, Kitten Bowl sounds fantastic:

“Kitten Bowl” is the greatest feline showdown in cable television history.  The competition will consist of two preliminary playoffs and a championship match. Along with basic obstacle courses of hurdles, tunnels, hoops, jumps, weave poles, lasers, lures and toys on strings, “Kitten Bowl” will feature clever locker room strategies, player profiles and “interviews,” and camera work and audio recordings from the athletes as they play the game!”

Sold! You had me at kitten.

But not everyone is down with the most adorable football line-up ever. Animal Planet, which has been airing Puppy Bowl since 2005, isn’t so pleased about their new competition.

“They’re copycats,” says Brian Eley, vice president for communications at Animal Planet. “And yes, we like our puns.”

If you prefer fuzzy felines over football, nachos, and men in tight pants, tune into the Kitten Bowl on February 2. The inaugural three-hour special event begins at 12pm EST. Who needs Peyton Manning anyway when you have a room full of the most adorable kitten athletes in the world?

And if you’re still not convinced, here is a cluster of football cuteness:

kitten bowl 3



Kitten Bowl 2014

And if that didn’t convince you to tune in, then you should probably get off this site… we’re kind of all about kittens.

Via: Bleacher Report

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True Love is Over: Courtney and Doug Split! And Other News…

Courtney Stodden and Doug

It’s true – Courtney Stodden and her husband/legal guardian Doug Hutchison have announced their divorce!

If a 16-year-old child bride with triple F boobs and a creepy 50-something-year-old pedophile who made a few movie appearances can’t make it, no one can!! The teen bride, now 19, and her husband of two years have officially confirmed that they are ‘legally separated’ and will soon divorce. According to her rep, Courtney is “interested in exploring life as an unmarried single young adult – with the freedom to explore her independence.” Translation: she wants to slut it up – Z-list style. But before you try to wipe away your sorrows by chugging ten bottles of vodka and re-watching “Don’t Put it On Me Girl”, Courtney wants everyone to know that Doug will remain her best friend “for life” as well as the co-manager of her career. They will also share custody of their dog, Dourtney. As for Doug, he can now try his luck with Courtney’s long lost sister Courtina or her troubled half-sister Courtland. Hollywood Life

NJ-Mall-Shooting-gunmanWhile it wasn’t as dramatic on the Kenyan mall siege, the New Jersey mall shooting did have a happier ending. Richard Shoop, the man suspected of opening fire at a New Jersey mall Monday night, was found dead early Tuesday from what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The 20 year-old fired off six founds in the Westfield Garden State Plaza Mall prompting an immediate mall lockdown. No one (aside from Shoop) was reported injured. The motive for Shoop’s suicide mission? It appears he was addicted to MDMA – so who knows. ABC News

china-cat-sterilizedSave the cats! A massive cat rescue mission is underway in eastern China after hundreds of cats were taken from a cat dealer and released into a mountainous region. A truck carrying 1,000 cats (presumably to be eaten) was stopped at a highway toll gate. After officials determined the track lacked proper permits, they ordered the cats to be released into the wild. Animal-loving volunteers are now combing the area trying to locate the wandering cats and return them to their owners. CBC News

07-11-2012drcsoldiersPeace in the Congo! Just kidding – but it is a step in the right direction. The M23 rebel group in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo announced that their 20-month rebellion is over, hours after the government claimed military victory. The rebels were cornered in in the hills along the border with Uganda and Rwanda, gave up, and said they would adopt “purely political means” to achieve their goals from now on. But don’t get your hopes of yet – there are still some 20 armed groups operating in Congo’s lawless state. BBC News

Russian TeenGoing once, going twice, sold to the creepy Russian gentleman for $27,950! A 18-year-old Russian girl has sold her virginity in an online auction for the noblest of causes: she wants money. The 18-year-old, known only by her nickname of Shatuniha, wrote that she is “in urgent need of money, so I am selling the most precious thing I possess.” A man named Evgeniy Volnev will do the honors after bidding almost $28k. The two will seal the deal at a hotel in Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk. NY Daily News

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Just Bought a Dell Lattitude 6430u? Urine For A Surprise!

Dell Cat Pee

Dude, you’re getting a Smell! Dell computers have agreed to issue replacement vouchers to the thousands of customers who complained about their laptops reeking like cat urine.

The “cat pee” issue was brought to light after owners of the new Latitude E6430u laptops complained on Dell forums about the strong smell coming from their computer.

“A few weeks ago I got a new Lattitude 6430u for work,” one user called Three West complained on Dell’s hardware support forum. “The machine is great, but it smells as if it was assembled near a tomcat’s litter box. It is truly awful!”

Another customer, Hoteca, said: “I thought for sure one of my cats sprayed it, but there was something faulty with it so I had it replaced. The next one had the same exact issue. It’s embarrassing taking it to clients because it smells so bad.”

Users complained that the smell was coming mainly from the keyboard and some initially blamed their cats for the odour. Dell support technicians said they were crazy and it MUST be their cats. The techies suggested that they clean their laptop air vents with compressed air  – but, alas, cat pee still filled the air.

Finally Dell acknowledged their mistake and blamed the smell on “a manufacturing process that has now been changed.”

“The smell is not related to cat urine or any other type of biological contaminant, nor is it a health hazard,” Dell support technician SteveB said.

Dell insists the manufacturing issue has been resolved and all new laptops should be cat urine free.

But one user still isn’t convinced:

“I just received my 5th replacement 6430u yesterday and the smell is still there.”

Maybe in his case, his cat actually did pee on the laptop…

Via: BBC News

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Uber Delivers Kittens for National Cat Day… And Other News

Uber Kittens

I’ll take one taxi full of kittens! The car service Uber is delivering kittens to customers in celebration of National Cat Day.

Uber teamed up with Cheezburger to allow users to order some much needed kittens snuggles. Customers who live in San Francisco, New York, or Seattle can order 15 minutes worth of kitten snuggletime for the low cost of $20! Uber Kittens 2All proceeds go towards a local animal shelter and kitten-lovers can even adopt the fluff balls upon delivery. The only problem with this GENIUS IDEA (other than I didn’t think of it first) is that users should expect a delay – especially in New York City. Due to the popularity of Uber kittens, the Big Apple is experience a major shortage of cats. Uber Blog

HangersDemand for metal coat hangers in Texas rose dramatically after the attorney general requested an emergency ruling be granted by a federal appeals court judge that would allow the state to enforce a law that could shut down a dozen abortion clinics in Texas. Governor Rick Perry signed the anti-abortion law back in July, after an successful 11-hour filibuster by Senator Wendy Davis. But on Monday, one day before the law was to take effect, a federal judge deemed key parts of the law, which requires abortion-performing doctors to have admitting privileges at a hospital within a 30-mile range of the clinics they use, unconstitutional. In response to the judge’s ruling, Perry vowed he and others will keep fighting – to the death! Hence the emergency appeal to keep the restrictions on schedule… Huffington Post

Jim WheelerThe voice of the people is all that matters – even if it means reinstating slavery! A Republican Nevada state assemblyman said he would vote to bring back slavery of that’s what his constituents wanted. “If that’s what the constituency wants that elected me, that’s what they elected me for,” Jim Wheeler said. “That’s what a republic is about.” Unless they want affordable healthcare – that’s whole other story. Raw Story

Libya TruckWhy rob a bank when you can rob a truck? It has a getaway car included! A group of 10 heavily armed men intercepted a truck in Libya, containing a money shipment from the Central Bank of Libya worth $43 million. The truck was guarded by only one security vehicle so the masked gunmen didn’t have too much trouble stealing the loot. Security forces are now searching for the culprits and cursing their cash-only society. CNN

Hostages in NigerFree at last! Four French hostages  kidnapped by al Qaeda’s north African arm three years ago in Niger have been set free. Pierre Legrand, Daniel Larribe, Thierry Dol and Marc Feret were all taken in raids targeting two French firms operating a uranium mine near Arlit, northern Niger. As for their condition, that’s yet to be determined. “We can’t say that they’re in great health but their health is fine,” said a source close President Hollande. France is denying that they paid a ransom to release the hostages. “We don’t play that game,” Foreign Minister Laurent Fabius said. So al Qaeda just decided three years was enough, time to go? Al Jazeera

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The Chicago Tribune Knows What’s Important… And Other News

Chicago Tribune Kitten

The Chicago Tribune knows an attention grabbing headline when it sees one!

For a glorious 16 minutes today the Chicago Tribune homepage featured an adorable picture of a grey kitten with the text: Test, test, test, test, test. Spoiler alert: I think the test failed. That or the office kitten got a hold of the keyboard. Sadly, the Chicago Tribune fixed their “error” after 16 minutes of wonderful cat news but the newspaper is still hoping to win a purr-litzer prize for the article. Ok, that was bad. Gizmodo

Bradley ManningBradley Manning, the original Snowden, who gave classified documents to WikiLeaks, has been found not guilty of aiding the enemy. But the army private who was arrested in Iraq in 2010 is not totally off the hook – he has been convicted of five lesser counts under the Espionage Act and 16 non-espionage related charges. Side Note: Is Bradley Manning a midget or did they just find the largest guard in the world to walk with him? Anyways, the prosecution argued that the leak, the largest in US history, assisted al-Qaeda (aka the enemy) and Manning should have known that would happen because well, there were 700,000 documents full of government secrets. The defense played the dumb card, arguing that Manning was a shy, naïve soldier who didn’t act with the “evil intent” necessary to justify the aiding-the-enemy charge. So I guess it was a small victory for the defense. Had Manning been convicted of aiding the enemy, he would have faced a life sentence in prison without the possibility of parole. Next up: Snowden? Washington Post

Pakistan prisonPrison Break: Pakistani Edition. Turns out Indonesia isn’t the only place prisoners can make mass escapes. Late Monday night 250 prisoners escaped from a Pakistani prison after the 100-year-old facility was attacked by Taliban fighters. Damn those Taliban fighters! The militants ambushed the prison grounds on motorbikes and vehicles, blasting the walls with rocket-propelled grenades and other explosive devices, which allowed the prisoners to break free. Security officials have said that 243 prisoners, including 30 militants and 5 females, escaped. Considering the prison only held about 500 inmates, it was quite the prison break. As for the whereabouts of the escapees, no one really know. “The attackers have melted away in the population,” one official said. Good to know they’re assimilating well.  New York Times

Fifty Shades of TortureHow do terrorists pass the time at Gitmo? By reading 50 Shades of Grey obviously. In between forced tube feedings and interrogations, high-value detainees at Guantanamo’s secret Camp Seven enjoy a little light reading. According to Representative Jim Moran, a Democrat from Virginia who went on congressional delegation tour of the camp last week, 50 Shades is the most commonly requested book at the prison. “Rather than the Quran, the book that is requested most by the [high-value detainees] is Fifty Shades of Grey. They’ve read the entire series in English, but we were willing to translate it,” Moran, who advocates for closing the facility, told HuffPost. “I guess there’s not much going on, these guys are going nowhere, so what the hell.” The book is about torture, sexual degradation, and dehumanizing submission… I guess they can relate. Huffington Post

Toronto StreetcarJust when you thought riding the Toronto streetcar couldn’t get worse: it got worse. Amateur video footage from Friday night shows Toronto police shooting repeatedly at a teenager armed with a knife on a streetcar. Sammy Yatim, 18, pulled a knife and ordered everybody off the 505 Dundas streetcar near Trinity Bellwoods Park. Police were alerted and crowded around the streetcar. A standoff quickly ensued and nine gunshots were heard on the video, at least one of which fatally shot Yatim. Some are now up in arms over what they are calling excessive police force. Police say the video is “just one segment” of a broader picture and they are investigating the incident. CBC News

Bloomberg SodaNYC Mayor Michael Bloomberg can now drown his sorrows in a 16-ounce soft drink because a New York appeals court has upheld a ruling striking down the mayor’s latest health push: his controversial ban on large sugary drinks. The court ruled that the ban, which would have prohibited the sale of sodas and other sugary beverages larger than 16 ounces by restaurants and city eateries, was an illegal overreach of executive power. But Bloomberg’s not ready to back down just yet – his administration says it will appeal. “Today’s appellate division decision is a temporary setback, and we plan to appeal as we continue the fight against the obesity epidemic,” said Bloomberg, whose other pro-health efforts include an end to smoking in most public places, a ban on trans fats and requiring big restaurant chains to list calorie counts of their offerings. NBC News

VaCATion Time

Programming Note: Reagan is going on a vaCATion and will be back on August 12th with more news and more cats.

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Cat Caught Smuggling Goods into Russian Prison

Cat Caught Smuggling

Cats should be snuggling, not smuggling! But apparently cats are the new drug mules, or in this case, cell phone mules.

A Russian prison caught a cat being used as a courier, smuggling banned cell phones and chargers into a prison camp in the country’s remote far north. The black and white cat was detained Friday evening as it climbed the fence of the region’s Number One corrective labour camp with two cell phones, batteries and chargers strapped to its back using tape.

“They have foiled various attempts to smuggle banned objects into Prison Colony Number One before, but in the case of the cat, the prison colony is at a loss: nothing like this has happened in the prison’s history,” the regional prison service said.

Apparently cat smugglers are becoming a “new thing”. Earlier this year, another cat (or was it the SAME CAT!?!?!) was caught smuggling goods into a prison in northeastern Brazil. Wrapped around the cat’s torso were two small saws, two drills for concrete, a headset, a cell phone, a cell phone charger and three batteries. The cat, it appeared, belonged to the inmates and traveled between the prison and the homes of the inmates’ families, who live in the area.

But which specific inmate the cat belonged to was undetermined because, as the prison spokesperson cleverly noted, “It will be hard to figure out who is responsible, as the cat does not talk.” Indeed.

Via: France 24 

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