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U.S Flirts With Ebola Quarantine, But North Korea Has A Better Solution

Ebola US North Korea

In the U.S., some states are facing a backlash for imposing mandatory isolation on medical workers who have treated Ebola patients and the army has begun quarantining soldiers who deployed to in West Africa. But North Korea has gone one several steps further by banning all foreign tourists.

According to tour operators in North Korea, the authoritarian regime plans to bar entry to foreigners on tourist trips due to fears of Ebola. Oh no! At least seven people will have to change their vacation plans!

“We have just received official news from our partners in the DPRK that, as of tomorrow, tourists from any country, regardless of where they have recently visited, will not be permitted to enter,” said Gareth Johnson of Young Pioneer Tours.

As for foreigners who somehow make it into the country, they will be quarantined to prevent any possible spread of the Ebola virus. An announcement distributed Thursday to diplomatic missions in Pyongyang said that, regardless of country or region of origin, all foreigners will be quarantined under medical observation for 21 days. Some may say this is an overreaction considering no cases of the disease have been reported in the reclusive country, or anywhere in Asia for that matter, and very few foreigners are allowed to enter anyways, but any excuse to make the North Korean people more suspicious of the outside world is a good one.

Meanwhile, over in the United States, President Obama has taken a different route to combating the spread of the Ebola virus. Obama said on Wednesday that the U.S. may face more Ebola cases but denounced closing U.S. borders and imposing mandatory quarantines out of health fears.

But that didn’t stop New Jersey governor Chris Christie from defending the use of mandatory 21-day quarantines for all travelers returning through Newark who have had contact with Ebola patients. In particular, Christie has targeted quarantined nurse Kaci Hickox, who returned from treating Ebola patients with Doctors Without Borders in West Africa last week and was quarantined against her will in New Jersey, despite testing negative for Ebola.

Hickox has said that a quarantine is unnecessary as she is showing no symptoms and has tested negative.

“I am not going to sit around and be bullied by politicians and forced to stay in my home when I am not a risk to the American public,” Hickox said on Wednesday.

State officials have said they were going to court to try to detain her for the remainder of the 21-day incubation period – because there’s no way Chris Christie is going to let Ebola wipe out the state the New Jersey while North Korea sits around with a smug smile in their isolated Ebola-free haven!

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Chris Christie is “Readier” Than Ever to Run for President… And Other News

Chris Christie Readier

Chris Christie isn’t letting revenge scandals get the best of him, saying he is even “readier” to run for U.S. president in 2016.

Chris Christie’s office has been mired in scandal for the past couple weeks after word got out that his administration closed the George Washington Bridge and withheld Superstorm Sandy aid for petty political purposes. But now, in his first interview since he addressed the Bridgegate scandal, Chris Christie is ready to come clean – about his political ambitions. Calling himself a “fairly good politician,” the New Jersey Governor made it clear he was considering a presidential bid. He wasn’t ready in 2011, but Christie has a feeling 2016 will be his time to shine: “Yeah. I’m readier, if that’s a word.” Yes, it’s a word. Politico

Kenneth BaeScrew Dennis Rodman, send somebody else! Anybody else! Imprisoned American Kenneth Bae gave his first “press conference” since his North Korean detention and pleaded for the U.S. to work diplomatically for his release. “I believe that my problem can be solved by close cooperation and agreement between the American government and the government of this country,” Bae said on video. But it also appears Bae has been a little brainwashed – or perhaps just forced to read from a script. In his statement the tour operator and Christian missionary admitted he had committed a “serious crime” against North Korea, and that the nation does “not abuse human rights”. He also asked the U.S. to stop “making vile rumors against North Korea”. That might be difficult…. CNN 

Palestinian spermWhile some prisoners smuggle weapons and drugs, Palestinian prisoners are smuggling sperm. Faced with decades long prison sentences some Palestinian prisoners are smuggling their own sperm out of the Israeli jails and impregnating their wives through in-vitro fertilization.  First question: how??? Apparently children under 8 are the only ones allowed physical contact with their imprisoned fathers so all they have to do is jizz in a box and pass it along to someone with kids. The kids will then pass it on to the soon-to-be-preggo who then rushes to one of several fertility clinics before the sperm dies. Providing free in-virto for prisoners’ wives, “who have spent all their youth waiting for her husband, then must wait again while their husbands are in jail and their biological clocks are running out,” is a “social responsibility,” says Saalem Abu Khaizaran, director of the Razan clinic, the largest fertility clinic catering to prisoners’ wives. Thanks to the clinic more than 20 prisoners’ wives are now pregnant from IVF, and demand is growing. Except now the Israelis are probably onto their scheme…time to shut it down. Al Jazeera

Assad isn't a quitterDespite leading the country into a two-year civil war and dumping chemical weapons on a Damascus suburb, Syrian President Bashar al-Assad thinks he’s got a pretty good shot at re-election. Considering Syria’s a dictatorship and any type of election will likely be rigged, I’d say he’s got a pretty good shot too. The president says he has no intention of quitting and reiterated that he will not share power with the opposition group. “If we wanted to surrender we would have surrendered from the start,” al-Assad said, “I see no reason why I shouldn’t stand.” Unless 130,000 deaths are a reason… BBC News

Iran gets an inviteIt’s always a bummer when your friend extends an awkward last minute party invite to that weirdo kid who sits at the back of the class randomly shouting things about Holocaust conspiracy theories. Well the United States is now in that position after the United Nations invited Iran to attend to the peace conference on Syria less than 48 hours before the scheduled start. The U.S. said Iran would not be welcome unless it backed a transitional government for Syria and it expects the U.N. to withdraw Iran’s invitation. The Syrian Coalition, Assad’s main political opposition, said it will withdraw from the conference if Iran attends – so there goes any chance of dialogue between the two sides. Not to mention al-Assad’s refusal to step down…  New York Times  

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Chris Christie Throws Staff Members Under the Bus… And Other News

Chris Christie

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie threw his staff members under the bus when addressing the press over Bridgegate. Luckily, the bus wasn’t moving because it was sitting in heavy traffic on the George Washington Bridge.

At the press conference, Chris Christie announced he had fired deputy chief of staff Bridget Anne Kelly for her role in closing lanes on the George Washington Bridge back in September to punish the Democratic mayor of Fort Lee New Jersey – who did not endorse Christie in the election. The governor claims Kelly lied to him about her involvement and called his staff was “stupid” and “deceitful.” Chris Christie maintains that he had “no knowledge or involvement in this issue” and will personally apologize to the mayor of Fort Lee, New Jersey in a trip there later today – traffic permitting. USA Today

France Controversial ComicThere’s nothing funny about anti-Semitism – or at least according to France’s highest court. France’s top court has reinstated a ban on French comedian Dieudonne M’bala M’bala. The city of Nantes had originally banned the comic’s performance, but a Nantes court overturned that ban earlier Thursday. Then hours after the court said he could go ahead with his show, the comic, who has seven convictions for anti-Semitic hate speech, was told he was banned from performing. Dieudonne denies his act is anti-semitic but media reports claim the show contains a string of derogatory references to Jews including the word “Shoananas,” a mash-up of the Hebrew word for Holocaust and the French word for pineapple. So I guess there’s a pineapple holocaust joke somewhere in there? BBC News

Vermont HeroinDoes Vermont have a heroin problem or are they just addicted to maple candy? Possibly both. Vermont Governor Peter Shumlin devoted his entire State of the State Message talking about the “full-blown heroin crisis” facing the great state of Vermont. “In every corner of our state, heroin and opiate drug addiction threatens us,” he said. He went on to inform the audience that treatment from opiate addictions in the state has increased 770 percent since 2000 and almost twice as many people died from heroin overdoses in 2013 than in 2012. Needless to say, it wasn’t the most uplifting speech. New York Times

AfghanistanIn a big f”ck you to the United States, Afghanistan’s President Hamid Karzai ordered the release of dozens of prisoners accused of killing American soldiers. The United States is strongly opposed to their release because they still consider the prisoners threat, but Afghanistan says they don’t have enough evidence to try them. But American troops don’t have to worry too much about these prisoners covered in American blood running around – with Karzai refusing to sign a security deal with the US, they should be out of there by the end of 2014. New York Times

castro_2469933bNews flash: Fidel Castro is not dead. The Cuban leader made a rare public appearance – his first in 9 months. What finally got him out of the house? The opening of an art studio in Havana. Cuban and foreign news outlets published photographs showing a hunched over Castro, 87, using a walking stick as he chatted up Cuban artist Alexis Leyva. No sign of his brother Raul, who took over in 2006 after Fidel fell dangerously ill. Huffington Post

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Bridgegate: Chris Christie Shuts Down Bridge in Petty Political Vendetta

Christie Bridge Gate

Recently published emails reveal that New Jersey Governor Chris Christie’s office created traffic mayhem by shutting down a bridge in order to get back at a political rival.

The emails and text link a Christie aide to the closure of lanes to the George Washington Bridge back in September. Apparently, the gridlock was intended to punish Democratic Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich, who endorsed Christie’s opponent in the 2012 gubernatorial race.

In one email, Bridget Anne Kelly, a deputy on Christie’s senior staff, told a Port Authority official that it was “[t]ime for some traffic problems in Fort Lee.” 

A few weeks later two of three traffic lanes to the George Washington Bridge – a major crossing to New York City – were shut for several days, causing major traffic jams – especially in the New Jersey borough of Fort Lee.

As for the school busses full of children sitting in traffic all morning, officials had no problem with it since “they are the children of Buono voters” – referencing Christie’s election opponent, Democrat Barbara Buono.

Although Democrats suspected that the September lane closures was meant as punishment for Fort Lee Mayor Mark Sokolich for not endorsing Christie in his re-election effort, Christie and Port Authority officials insisted the decision was part of a poorly planned traffic study. However, the newly released emails suggest otherwise. While the documents don’t directly implicate Christie with the lane closures, they make it clear that his staff were involved.

Christie, who is considered to be a top Republican presidential candidate for 2016, has previously denied that he or his staff had any role in the bridge incident and claims he knew nothing about the allegations of political retribution against the Mayor of Fort Lee – which means that Christie is either clueless or a big liar. Although the two may not be mutually exclusive…

Via: CNN

Update: Chris Christie has issued a statement:

“What I’ve seen today for the first time is unacceptable. I am outraged and deeply saddened to learn that not only was I misled by a member of my staff, but this completely inappropriate and unsanctioned conduct was made without my knowledge. One thing is clear: this type of behavior is unacceptable and I will not tolerate it because the people of New Jersey deserve better. This behavior is not representative of me or my Administration in any way, and people will be held responsible for their actions.”

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Chris Christie Has the Secret to a 2016 GOP Win: Show Up

Chris Christie Show Up

Recently re-elected New Jersey Governor Chris Christie has dismissed speculation that he is gearing up for a presidential bid, but has some advice for fellow Republicans: show up for minorities.

Chris Christie attributed his landslide win on Tuesday to reaching out to minorities.

“I’ve worked hard with the Hispanic community to let them see how our policies can help their families. I’ve worked hard with the African-American community. I’ve worked hard with seniors and students.” Christie said, explaining his better-than-average showings among minorities.

The New Jersey Governor also said his fellow Republicans need to “show up” in places that aren’t traditional GOP strongholds such as Hispanic and black communities and explain to them why GOP policies are better – if they ever want to expand their reach.

“If you want to win a vote by that kind of margin, if you want to attract the majority of the Hispanic vote, if you want to nearly triple your African-American vote, you need to show up. You need to go into those neighborhoods, you need to campaign in places.

“And showing up,” he added. “What I mean by that is you can’t just show up six months before an election and then groups, who have not normally voted for you and expect that they are going to vote for you…you go there, you listen and you present your views and that’s the way you bring people into your movement.”

Encouraging the Republican Party to get chummy with blacks and Hispanics? Going to their communities and listening to them?? This isn’t going to sit well with the “true conservative”, Rand Paul-loving, Tea Party base. Looks like Christie might actually be telling the truth when he says he’s not interested in running in 2016…

Via: CBS News

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Voters Head to the Polls in New York, New Jersey, and Virginia


The vote is ON in three US states as voters head to the polls in the first major round of elections since last year’s Obama-Romney showdown.

Voters in New York City will bid farewell to three-term mayor Michael Bloomberg by choosing his successor while voters in New Jersey and Virginia will decide their next governors.

Here are Reagan’s top picks:

  • New York City Mayor: Bill de Blasio!
  • New Jersey Governor: Chris Christie!
  • Virginia Governor: Who cares? They’re both terrible.

New York City Mayor

Bill-de-Blasio-and-Joseph-LhotaAs a native Torontonian, my only criteria for a mayor of a major city is that they don’t smoke crack and “get hammered on the Danforth,” but New Yorkers may have slightly higher expectations.

Voters can choose between Democratic mayoral candidate Bill de Blasio, a super liberal public advocate who ran Hillary Clinton’s 2000 Senate campaign and has a bi-racial family with their own choreographed dance moves and Joe Lhota, a Republican who ran the city’s public transport authority under Mayor Bloomberg and would NOT stop the subways if there were kittens on the track.

However, it’s not so much a choice as a foregone conclusion. Bill de Blasio is CRUSHING the polls so much that he is worried about depressing voter turnout. The Democratic candidate is leading the polls by about 40 points – so he better get working on that victory party.

New Jersey Governor

Chris Christie FoodIn another electoral race that isn’t so much a race as it is a crushing defeat, incumbent Republican Governor Chris Christie is expected to win re-election in New Jersey handily, despite yelling at every teacher he meets on the campaign trail.

But New Jersey voters aren’t watching to see if Chris Christie, the man who saved the state from Superstorm Sandy, can beat his Democratic challenger, state Senator Barbara Buono, because of course he can – he’s 20 points ahead and she can’t even raise money! No, New Jersey is watching to see if he’ll beat her so badly that he’ll be a shoo-in for the 2016 Republican presidential candidate.

Virginia Governor

Virginia Gubernatorial Candidates Hold Second DebateAnd then there’s Virginia…. The race for Virginia’s next governor is between ultra-conservative, Tea-party loving, state Attorney General Ken Cuccinelli and politically corrupt Democrat Terry McAuliffe who once left his wife and newborn baby in a car for an hour while he attended a fundraiser.

As one voter lamented, it’s like picking between “a heart attack and cancer.” So much for the lesser of two evils… Even two of the state’s major newspapers, the Richmond Times-Dispatch and the Roanoke Times, declined to endorse either candidate. Nevertheless, it seems Virginia voters are siding slightly with Democrat Terry McAuliffe and his questionable business deals – but spoiled ballots may be the true winner of this race.

Via: New York Times & CBS News

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Lesus Christ! The Italian Mint Screws Up… And Other News

Lesus Christ

What would Lesus do? He would probably spell his name correctly.

The Italian State Mint misspelled Jesus on special medals for the Vatican to commemorate a new pontiff. The Vatican has had to pull over 6,000 of the gold, silver, and bronze collectibles that went on sale Tuesday which spelled “Jesus” as “Lesus.” The four lucky buyers who managed to get their hands on the Lesus medals before the error was noticed may be in for a treat – experts are predicting the value of the medals will soar. Lesus Christ! The Telegraph

Christie Big MacNew Jersey goes gay! A New Jersey judge has ruled against the state’s request to delay same-sex marriages, meaning same-sex couples could potentially walk down the aisle in as little as two weeks – no thanks to Chris Christie. The New Jersey Governor wanted to push off gay marriage until the appeal of an earlier decision is settled. But mainly he felt that if he couldn’t marry what he loves (Big Macs), homosexuals shouldn’t be allowed to marry who they love. The Guardian

StarbsStarbucks for President? No one likes a shutdown but Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz really hates a shutdown. The Starbs mogul is offering customers in the US a political petition, along with their $5 coffee, that urges Washington to get over their differences and end the government shutdown. Customers can sign the “Come Together Petition” online or print a copy, gather signatures and return it to the store. But how exactly can Congress end the government shutdown? By passing a “bipartisan and comprehensive long-term budget deal by the end of the year.” Easier said than done – especially when you’re dealing with Tea Party nuts. Maybe Starbucks should stick to coffee beans. CBC News

MigrantsAgain!?! A week after more than 300 African migrants drowned when their vessel capsized, another boat carrying 200 migrants has capsized off the same Italian island of Lampedusa. They should really look into their boat making skills – or at least find a better route. 27 people are confirmed dead but a significant number of the “undocumented Italian citizens” were rescued  by a life raft tossed down by a military aircraft. Rescuers are still searching for additional survivors. BBC News

elephant-pointElephants get the point! A new study published this month in the journal Current Biology reveals that elephants can understand pointing – something cats certainly can’t do. Researchers found that African elephants could read their visual cues and locate buckets of fruit. Meanwhile, in Missouri, a 41-year-old elephant charged and killed a zookeeper who had come to feed her. What set off the incident is unclear but I’m pretty sure the zookeeper gave the elephant the finger. CNN

thanksgiving-cat-is-not-happyHappy Thanksgiving weekend to Canadians! This year Canadians have a lot to be thankful for – mainly that they got rid of Ted Cruz at a young age and he wasn’t able to shutdown their government. Also, they don’t have a looming debt-ceiling crisis. Yay!

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Current Event Cat of the Day: Chris Christie

Current Event Cat - Chris Christie

New Jersey Governor Chris Christie knows the secret to long-term weight loss isn’t diet and exercise – it’s secret lap-band surgery.

Chris Christie revealed that he underwent the surgery in February to lose weight after his wife and four kids began worrying about his health. Since then Christie has lost 40 pounds. Unfortunately, he was so fat before, losing 40 pounds doesn’t really make a physical difference.

“I’ve struggled with this issue for 20 years,” he said. “For me, this is about turning 50 and looking at my children and wanting to be there for them.”

Chris Christie also wants everyone to know what it’s NOT about: the 2016 presidential race. Christie insists he is not trying to lose weight for a potential presidential run, but political junkies think otherwise.

“This means he’s running for president. He’s showing people he can get his weight in control. It was the one thing holding him back,” a top political donor told the New York Post. 

Christie’s weight has been an issue in his previous campaigns. In the Republican’s 2009 race for governor, his weight was used against him when Democratic incumbent Jon Corzine’s campaign ran TV ads with extremely unflattering videos of him. You know the old saying saying I just made up; fat president, bigger government!

Via: Current Event Cats

Chris Christie Still Has a Hard-On for Obama

Chris Christie and Obama

Everyone knows that it’s anti-Republican AND anti-American to make any kind of bipartisan comment, but Chris Christie doesn’t care – he tells it like it is!

Speaking on MSNBC’s Morning Joe show on the 6-month anniversary of Superstorm Sandy, New Jersey Governor Chris Christie continued his love affair with Obama, saying the President “has kept every promise he’s made”.

Chris Christie shrugged off criticism from Republicans who proclaimed him a traitor for praising Obama’s handling of the hurricane back in election season 2012. Christie was a fan of Obama’s hurricane style back then, and six months later, nothing has changed.

“The president has kept every promise that he made,” Christie insisted. “And that fact is, that’s what I was saying at the time. What I was saying at the time, I was asked about how was the president doing? And I said, he’s doing a good job, he’s kept his word.”

“Since that time, I have to say, everything that they promised they would do, they’ve done. And so, I don’t have any complaints or arguments with them this morning on the issue of Sandy relief.”

But Christie didn’t want to totally alienate the Republican base so he made sure to add:

“And so, everybody knows I have about 95 percent level of disagreement with Barack Obama on issues of principle and philosophy, but the fact is we have a job to do. And what people expect from people they elect is to do their job.”

Chris Christie is currently hiding out on the Jersey Shore, trying to avoid the Tea Party lynch mob who are undoubtedly after him. His best bet to avoid detection? Disguise himself as a beached whale – it will take the least amount of effort and it worked really well for Kim Kardashian.

Whale Disguise

Via: ABC News

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