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True Love is Over: Courtney and Doug Split! And Other News…

Courtney Stodden and Doug

It’s true – Courtney Stodden and her husband/legal guardian Doug Hutchison have announced their divorce!

If a 16-year-old child bride with triple F boobs and a creepy 50-something-year-old pedophile who made a few movie appearances can’t make it, no one can!! The teen bride, now 19, and her husband of two years have officially confirmed that they are ‘legally separated’ and will soon divorce. According to her rep, Courtney is “interested in exploring life as an unmarried single young adult – with the freedom to explore her independence.” Translation: she wants to slut it up – Z-list style. But before you try to wipe away your sorrows by chugging ten bottles of vodka and re-watching “Don’t Put it On Me Girl”, Courtney wants everyone to know that Doug will remain her best friend “for life” as well as the co-manager of her career. They will also share custody of their dog, Dourtney. As for Doug, he can now try his luck with Courtney’s long lost sister Courtina or her troubled half-sister Courtland. Hollywood Life

NJ-Mall-Shooting-gunmanWhile it wasn’t as dramatic on the Kenyan mall siege, the New Jersey mall shooting did have a happier ending. Richard Shoop, the man suspected of opening fire at a New Jersey mall Monday night, was found dead early Tuesday from what appeared to be a self-inflicted gunshot wound. The 20 year-old fired off six founds in the Westfield Garden State Plaza Mall prompting an immediate mall lockdown. No one (aside from Shoop) was reported injured. The motive for Shoop’s suicide mission? It appears he was addicted to MDMA – so who knows. ABC News

china-cat-sterilizedSave the cats! A massive cat rescue mission is underway in eastern China after hundreds of cats were taken from a cat dealer and released into a mountainous region. A truck carrying 1,000 cats (presumably to be eaten) was stopped at a highway toll gate. After officials determined the track lacked proper permits, they ordered the cats to be released into the wild. Animal-loving volunteers are now combing the area trying to locate the wandering cats and return them to their owners. CBC News

07-11-2012drcsoldiersPeace in the Congo! Just kidding – but it is a step in the right direction. The M23 rebel group in the eastern Democratic Republic of Congo announced that their 20-month rebellion is over, hours after the government claimed military victory. The rebels were cornered in in the hills along the border with Uganda and Rwanda, gave up, and said they would adopt “purely political means” to achieve their goals from now on. But don’t get your hopes of yet – there are still some 20 armed groups operating in Congo’s lawless state. BBC News

Russian TeenGoing once, going twice, sold to the creepy Russian gentleman for $27,950! A 18-year-old Russian girl has sold her virginity in an online auction for the noblest of causes: she wants money. The 18-year-old, known only by her nickname of Shatuniha, wrote that she is “in urgent need of money, so I am selling the most precious thing I possess.” A man named Evgeniy Volnev will do the honors after bidding almost $28k. The two will seal the deal at a hotel in Siberian city of Krasnoyarsk. NY Daily News

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Courtney Stodden Gets Non-Padded Double D’s… And Other News

Courtney Stodden Boob Job

Teen bride, pop music “sensation” and porn iguana lookalike Courtney Stodden took a break from putting out hit singles such as “Don’t Put it On Me Girl” and “Reality” to go under the knife.

Filming the entire process, Courtney went from a C cup to a couple of double D’s. Courtney has long insisted her boobs were real – even going so far as to appear on the Dr. Drew show to prove that she doesn’t have implants. Instead she was known for using excessive padding to enhance her figure and create the illusion of double D’s (see picture below). PaddingI guess she finally realized the push up bras weren’t fooling anybody… But now the 18-year-old can finally throw away the all padding and show off what the surgeon gave her. The teen bride told E! News she “just loves” the way her shape looks and insists her grandfather father much older husband Doug Hutchison has nothing to do with her decision.

No one encouraged me, it was all me,” Courtney Stodden noted. “He was actually kind of against it at first and we got into little debates about it, but I won and here I am.

“My results are looking incredible and very sexy. Looking forward to slipping into a bikini. . .or out of it!”

I don’t know – those things look pretty painful… Huffington Post

North WestAccording to TMZ, who acquired/stole the newborn’s birth certificate from the Cedars-Sinair hospital in Los Angeles, the Kimye baby has a name. North West. Ugh. Kim Kardashian and Kanye West forgo the letter K and decided to go in another direction. Hopefully, for the sake of the child, this is just a temporary name, otherwise that’s the second problem the baby will have to deal with (the first problem being looking a female version on Kanye West with an ass the size of Texas). TMZ

PLaneA close call: A Delta Airlines Boeing 747 and a commuter jet came too close for comfort over New York City after the big plane missed its landing and soared into the air just after the smaller aircraft had taken off. The two planes came within 200ft vertically and half a mile (800m) horizontally from one another, which in layman’s terms is dangerously close. Chicago Tribune

Dog Meat FestivalLunchtime in China: featuring dog meat. Despite the objections of animal activists, the southern city of Yulin went ahead with a dog meat festival. The activists complained that many of the dogs were abducted strays and pets being slaughtered at unlicensed butcheries. But the city of Yulin argues that it’s a tradition and eating dog meat with lychee fruit on the summer solstice is good for health. Other have a different attitude: “Thousands of dogs will be eaten at a dog meat festival in Yulin,” wrote one Weibo (Chinese Twitter) user, Yu Jichun. “As long as such a festival still exists in China, this country can’t start talk about becoming civilized.” LA Times

Fritzl HouseNo one wants to live in a basement apartment – especially a basement apartment where Josef Fritzl imprisoned his daughter for 24-years and fathered seven children with her. As a result, the cramped, windowless dungeon will be filled in with cement and sealed off – as per the family’s request. The house, about 60 miles west of Vienna, will still go up for sale though once the basement is cemented off. Not sure who would want to buy it, but neighbours are calling for the house to be demolished so Amstetten is no longer seen as “Fritzl Town”. NBC News

Louie GohmertTexas Representative Louie Gohmert is sick and tired of poor people eating fancy food! The Republican congressman complained that Democrats had portrayed Republicans as evil because they supported a measure to cut nearly 2 million low-income people off the Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program – mainly impacting working families with children. Gohmert denied it was “evil” to cut food stamps because poor people used the program to purchase extravagant foods such as king crab legs. How does he know that? Because a couple of constituents told him they saw poor people buying crab. And that’s all the proof he needs to shut down the whole thing! No crab for anyone! The average US food stamp benefit is about $30 a week – about the same as a pound of king crab legs. So… he probably made this story up. But he didn’t stop there – Gohmert also argued that poor people are too fat, so they can’t possibly need food assistance:

“We don’t want anyone to go hungry, and from the amount of obesity in this country by people who we’re told do not have enough to eat, it does seem like we could have a debate about this issue without allegations about wanting to slap down or starve children.” Raw Story

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