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The Whole World Mourns Nelson Mandela… Even Paris Hilton. And Other News…

Paris Hilton Tweet

As South Africans gather in Johannesburg and Soweto to mourn their former leader, Nelson Mandela, who died on Thursday at age 95, there is one person who is taking the news especially hard: Paris Hilton.

But Paris isn’t upset about his death. No, Paris is upset about the bad publicity. As the news of Nelson Mandela’s death hit the internet, a fake Paris Hilton tweet eulogized Mandela, saying, “RIP Nelson Mandela. Your ‘I Have A Dream’ speech was so inspiring. Amazing man.” It was obviously a fake tweet – and not just because Paris refuted it by tweeting “Whoever made that stupid fake tweet lacks respect to the loss the world is mourning right now. Same goes for all the blogs who ran with it,” but because she obviously had no idea Nelson Mandela died until it became about her. On second thought, Paris was probably thrilled about the bad publicity. After all publicity is good publicity – especially for 32 year-old socialite has-beens. US Magazine

Dick CheneyRemember that time Dick Cheney called Nelson Mandela a terrorist? In the wake of Nelson Mandela’s passing, it’s been pointed out that Dick Cheney doesn’t regret his 1986 decision to vote against freeing the anti-apartheid leader. At the time, the US congress put together the Comprehensive Anti-Apartheid Act, a bill that called for tough sanctions and travel restrictions on the South Africa and its leaders, as well as the release of political prisoners like Mandela, then leader of the African National Congress (ANC). Although the measure passed with bipartisan support, both Ronald Reagan and his pal Dick Cheney voted against it, calling the ANC a “terrorist organization.” In 2000, Cheney reaffirmed his decision, saying, “The ANC was then viewed as a terrorist organization. I don’t have any problems at all with the vote I cast 20 years ago.” Well, I know someone who won’t be accompanying President Obama and Michelle to South Africa for a certain funeral…. Huffington Post

North Korea CampsIn not surprising North Korean news, Amnesty International has released a series of satellite images showing North Korea’s large-scale network of labor camps – also known as torture factories. Although North Korea denies the existence of these political prison camps, the photos suggest that the inmate population is expanding even as tens of thousands are reportedly starved, raped, tortured, and even killed. “For Amnesty International, which has been investigating human rights violations for the last 50 years, we find North Korea to be in a category of its own,” said Amnesty’s East Asia researcher Rajiv Narayan, “The gruesome reality of North Korea’s continued investment in this vast network of repression has been exposed.” I wonder if any of the photos managed to capture Uncle Chang Song-thaek, Kim Jong-un’s powerful uncle who was recently “dismissed” from his post at the helm of North Korea’s military… Business Insider

Pee in a cupAmericans want everyone to pee in a cup. Welfare recipients, politicians, hospital patients – everyone. According to a Huffington Post poll, 64 percent of Americans are in favour of requiring welfare recipients to submit to random drug testing – a policy Republicans have been pushing for years. But what Americans love even more than forcing someone who makes $7.25 an hour to urinate in a cup to prove they’re not on drugs, is forcing members of Congress to pee in a cup. 78 percent say they support drug testing for congressional lawmakers. There goes the cocaine market in D.C… Huffington Post

NIgerian Man in BoatA Nigerian man survived three days at the bottom of the Atlantic Ocean after his tugboat sank to the bottom. The cook survived by breathing an ever-dwindling supply of oxygen in an air pocket and living off of one bottle of coke. As the temperature dropped to below zero, the cook, dressed only in his boxers, thought he was a goner. And he was – until a diver searching the wreck saw a hand. Assuming it was another corpse (they had already pulled out four bodies), the diver grabbed it and got the shock of his life. “When he went to grab the hand, the hand grabbed him!” said Tony Walker, project manager for the Dutch company DCN Diving. The rescue happened back in May but the video just went viral. NY Post

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A Cheney Family Feud Over Gay Marriage

Cheney Family Feud

Former vice president Dick Cheney’s daughters are having a very public family feud over the issue of same-sex marriage.

The family feud started when Liz Cheney, who is running in the GOP primary for U.S. Senate in Wyoming, declared on Fox News Sunday that she believes in the traditional definition of marriage – despite the fact that her sister Mary is married to a woman.

“I love Mary very much, I love her family very much,” Liz Cheney said Sunday on Fox News, explaining her position. “This is just an issue on which we disagree.”

Even Dick Cheney endorses same-sex marriage. When your views are the most extremist in the CHENEY family, you should probably reevaluate them.

But Liz Cheney has a good reason to throw her sister under the bus – she’s behind in the polls. Liz Cheney’s support has faded in Wyoming since the summer, allowing Senator Mike Enzi to expand his already sizeable lead even further. And since Republican voters in the state of Wyoming are still, for the most part, pretty damn scared of same-sex marriage, Cheney decided to go with the self-serving option and adopt the viewpoints of one of the reddest state around to try and pick up a few extra votes.

This did not sit well with Mary Cheney and her wife Heather Poe. Poe decided to call Liz Cheney out – on Facebook.

“I was watching my sister-in-law on Fox News Sunday (yes Liz, in fifteen states and the District of Columbia you are my sister-in-law) and was very disappointed to hear her say “I do believe in the traditional definition of marriage.”

Liz has been a guest in our home, has spent time and shared holidays with our children, and when Mary and I got married in 2012 – she didn’t hesitate to tell us how happy she was for us.

To have her now say she doesn’t support our right to marry is offensive to say the least


I can’t help but wonder how Liz would feel if as she moved from state to state, she discovered that her family was protected in one but not the other.

I always thought freedom meant freedom for EVERYONE.”

Mary Cheney “liked” the post so much that she shared it, adding “Liz — this isn’t just an issue on which we disagree you’re just wrong — and on the wrong side of history.”

In subsequent interview, Mary Cheney went on to say it’s now “impossible” for the sisters to reconcile as long as Liz Cheney maintains that position on gay marriage. But the family feud has put Dick Cheney, who has tried to remain as neutral as possible, in an awkward position. The two sisters will NOT be spending Thanksgiving or Christmas together – but who will Dick Cheney choose?

Via: New York Times

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Dick Cheney Wrote Secret Resignation Letter

Dick Cheney Resignation

Former Vice President Dick Cheney has revealed that he drafted up his own resignation letter just under 70 days after taking office and presented it to President Bush.

In a 60 Minutes episode entitled Dick Cheney’s Heart, Cheney comes clean about his multiple heart attacks and how it affected his political career. Yes, even Dick Cheney has a heart – although it did try to kill him five times.

In light of his poor health and the realization that there was no constitutional provision to replace an incapacitated vice president, Cheney decided to jump the gun by drafting a “pending” resignation.

“Basically, what I did was I resigned the vice presidency effective March 28, 2001,” Cheney told Sanjay Gupta Sunday on 60 Minutes.

Bush was “a little surprised. But he thought it was a good idea.” After all, it’s never a good thing to have an incapacitated vice president control your puppet strings. Although in this case, maybe it would have been a good idea…

In Cheney’s decades long effort to convince Americans he has a heart, he has detailed his medical story in his new book Heart: An American Medical Odyssey, written with his cardiologist Jonathan Reiner. The book reveals how Cheney’s cigarette and fatty food addiction combined with a family history of heart disease led to five heart attacks, open heart surgery, multiple catheterizations and angioplasties, an implanted defibrillator, and a pump attached directly to his heart – and all of this happened before his big heart transplant at the age of 71. Lucky for him he had government health care to pay for it all!

The book also reveals how Cheney’s cardiologist was worried terrorists might hack into the wireless feature of his implanted defibrillator and electroshock him into cardiac arrest. Worried that “someone could kill Cheney”, the doctor ordered the manufacturer to disable the wireless feature. Hey – it happened on Homeland! Unfortunately, in the fictitious version, the vice president dies after terrorists gain remote access to his defibrillator, whereas in real life, 72-year-old Dick Cheney is apparently immortal. 

Via: CBS News

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How To Roast Dick Cheney 101: Waterboard Jokes

Dick Cheney

There was no shortage of material at the top-secret, off-the-record roast for former Vice President Dick Cheney.

Conservatives from all over America gathered at the Plaza Hotel on Monday to pay tribute to the greatest a Vice President who ever lived: Dick Cheney. Since there’s nothing funnier than torture, the roast included jokes about waterboarding and his other policies regarding the war on terror.

The top secret roast (which wasn’t so top secret after everything was leaked to Buzzfeed) featured speakers such as former Defense Secretary Donald Rumsfeld and former Attorney General Michael Mukasey. Even Senator Joe Lieberman got a few jabs in there.

Lieberman “said something to the effect that it’s nice that we’re all here at the Plaza instead of in cages after some war crimes trial,” recalled one person who was there. Not sure if that one was a joke or the truth…

While the edgy jokes went over went with most of the crowd, one guest was less than impressed.

“There were some waterboarding jokes that were really tasteless,” the guest said. “I can see the case for enhanced interrogation techniques after Sept. 11 but I can’t really endorse sitting there drinking wine and fancy dinner at the Plaza laughing uproariously about it.”

Dick Cheney’s love of waterboarding wasn’t the only thing to make fun of – and neither was Dick Cheney himself. Conservatives also made fun of Barack Obama (that’s a given), Secretary of State Colin Powell, and even Vladimir Putin.

Nevertheless, the roast was a surprising success – mainly because no one got shot in the face by Dick Cheney.

Via: Buzzfeed

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