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Current Event Cat of the Day: Trump Entertainment Files for Bankruptcy

Current Event Cat - Trump Entertainment

Trump Entertainment Resorts Inc., which operates two casinos in Atlantic City, filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in Delaware on Tuesday.

Clearly Trump Entertainment has been investing too much money in finding Obama’s “real” birth certificate, because this is the third time the entire company has gone into bankruptcy. The company, founded by Donald Trump, listed assets and liabilities of between $100 million and $500 million in its bankruptcy petition in a Delaware court. As a result of recent financial losses, the Trump Plaza Hotel and Casino is set to shut down on September 16, and the famous Atlantic City Taj Mahal hotel may be closed by November of this year.

Turns out the casino industry in Atlantic City is in rough shape. Growing competition from new rivals in the northeastern United States and a fall in disposable income has led to three casinos closing in less than a month and 8,300 people losing their Atlantic City jobs.

But before you get too excited about Donald Trump being one of them, Trump is no longer associated with the company. Donald and Ivanka Trump resigned from the board of Trump Entertainment in February 2009 and the Comb Over King has filed a lawsuit demanding that his name be stripped from the casinos – the first time Trump has ever wanted his name removed from a building.

“Mr. Trump brilliantly left Atlantic City more than 7 years ago and has not been back,” The Trump Organization Executive Vice President Michael Cohen said in a statement. “Mr. Trump has absolutely nothing to do with Trump Entertainment Resorts, Inc. and is currently in a lawsuit seeking to have his name taken off the buildings.”

Yes, it was a brilliant move to leave Atlantic City back in 2009. Otherwise the good Trump name might be associated with tacky buildings and bankruptcy…

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The Ebola Virus is Out to Get Donald Trump

Donald Trump Ebola

As the Ebola virus continues to terrorize West Africa, Donald Trump is trying to make sure it stays far, far away from him and his precious combover.

In a series of tweets, Donald Trump let it be known that Americans infected with Ebola should be kept out of their own country because the US has bigger problems to worry about – like how to rid themselves of Donald Trump.

Screenshot 2014-08-05 12.21.45

Trump said doctors who treat Ebola patients “are great,” but shouldn’t be allowed to seek treatment back home if they get sick.

Screenshot 2014-08-05 12.22.12

Trump’s latest outburst came after humanitarian Dr. Kent Brantly, the American humanitarian stricken with ebola in Africa, was transported to Atlanta to receive specialized treatment. His assistant, missionary Nancy Writebol, who also contracted the disease while working with patients suffering from Ebola, was also returned to the US shortly after.  Both Americans received an experimental serum that appears to be helping them survive the extremely lethal virus, which has a fatality rate as high as 90 percent.

On the one hand, if there’s one thing Americans can agree on, it’s that Donald Trump is probably much worse than the Ebola virus. And yet for some reason he is allowed in the country – so why not a few Ebola infected doctors?

But on the other hand, maybe we should hear him out this time. After all, Donald Trump probably knows a thing or two about contagious diseases stemming from infected animals –he’s been wearing a dead possum on his head for decades.

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Who Let Donald Trump Speak at CPAC?

Donald Trump

Celebrity apprentice star and relentless birther Donald Trump opened the second day of the 2013 Conservative Political Action Conference with a speech that ripped into Republicans and reminded everyone that he’s really rich.

The speech was confusing and at times non-sensible but let’s try and break it down.

Trump on the Republican Party

The Republican Party ran a lousy campaign. Donald Trump could do a better job.

“The Republican Party is in serious trouble,” Trump said. ”When you spend $400 million on a campaign and you lose, you know there’s a problem…They did ads on Obama that I thought were being paid for by the Obama campaign.”

Trump on Barack Obama

Donald Trump is upset that President Barack Obama did not return his calls about a free ballroom he offered to build on the White House lawn.They wouldn’t even call him back.

“That’s the problem with this country,” he raged. “People don’t get back to you.”

Trump on the Iraq War

Since the US only went to war to get oil but ended up spending $1.5 trillion, they should go back and take $1.5 trillion out of Iraq’s oil reserves for to pay themselves back. Yes, the Iraqis should pay us back for starting a war in their country and killing their civilians.

“When I heard that we were first going to Iraq, some very smart people told me we’re actually going for the oil, and I said, ‘Alright, I get that, there’s nothing else, I get it,'” he said. “We didn’t take the oil. And then when I said, we spent $1.5 trillion, we should take that — you know, they have the second-largest oil reserves in the world after Saudi Arabia, so $1.5 trillion is nothing … we should take it and pay ourselves back.”

Trump on Immigration Reform

Immigration reform is a “suicide mission” because if 11 million undocumented immigrants are given legal status, “every one of those 11 million people will be voting Democratic, that’s just the way it works.” He did, however, suggest bringing in more people from Europe.

“I have many friends from Europe, they want to come in” but they can’t, he said. “People whose sons went to Harvard!”

Trump on the Economy

America’s in trouble. The solution? Fixing the economy. Just follow Trump’s lead – problem solved!

“I’ve made over $8 billion,” he told the crowd.

Trump on Mitt Romney

Mitt Romney didn’t talk about his wealth nearly enough. Trump thinks he should have talked more about his money instead of playing “defense” on it.

“I think if Mitt made one mistake — and I like Mitt a lot — it’s that he didn’t talk enough about his success,” Trump said.

Trump on his Favourite Topic (himself)

It just wouldn’t be a complete Donald Trump speech without him boasting about one of his new acquisitions. Trump told the (dwindling) crowd about his new golf resort in Florida, Miami’s Doral Country Club and how he is going to “make it incredible.” The resort was apparently poorly managed for years until Trump turned it around.

“That’s what we need to do with this country,” he said.

To be fair, Trump’s had a rough year. He spent 2012 agonizing over whether or not to run for president and devoted all his spare time trying to prove Obama wasn’t born in America and had bad grades in school. And let’s not forget his current lawsuit with Bill Maher over whether or not he is an orangutan. Yes, that’s really happening.

Via: The Washington Post

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