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There’s Nothing Like a Free Gun to Help You Forget Your Family Was Killed in a Drone Attack

Yemen Drone Attack

Authorities in Yemen have given the families of drone attack victims $150,000 and a hundred guns to make up for their loss.

Last week, missiles fired by an American drone killed 15 people on their way to a wedding in central Yemen after their party was mistaken for an al Qaeda convoy.

“An air strike missed its target and hit a wedding car convoy, ten people were killed immediately and another five who were injured died after being admitted to the hospital,” one security official said, adding that at least five more were injured during the Thursday attack.

Innocent wedding guests, al Qaeda terrorists – a drone can’t tell the difference! But the growing number of civilian deaths via drone attack may start to undermine U.S. efforts to turn the public against the militants…

To compensate the families of the American drone attack victims, Yemeni authorities offered $150,000 and one hundred guns on recommendation from the Mediation Committee. In exchange for opening the streets and burying the victims, families also received two cars, two daggers and two Kalashnikov pieces, the common “blood price” in tribal tradition.

$150k, a bunch of guns, and a strong desire for revenge? Sounds like the perfect terrorist starter kit. 

Via: National Yemen

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Current Event Cat of the Day: Amazon Drones

Amazon Drones

Amazon, the world’s largest online retailer, is testing unmanned drones to deliver goods to customers. Goodbye UPS, hello killer drones! Minus the killing part… for now.

Amazon CEO Jeff Bezos announced the drone delivery service on 60 Minutes this week, explaining that the service, called Prime Air, will be able to deliver small products to your doorstop within 30 minutes of ordering. The drones, dubbed Octocopters, could deliver packages weighing up to 2.3kg to customers.

I know this looks like science fiction, but it’s not,” Bezos told 60 Minutes host Charlie Rose.

“We can do half-hour delivery… and we can carry objects, we think, up to five pounds (2.3kg), which covers 86% of the items that we deliver.”

Bezos says the unmanned drone operation requires more safety testing and FAA approvals, but he’s hopeful Amazon can get their drone program together in about four to five years.

Amazon’s new announcement has left some other companies with a bad case of drone envy. Both UPS and Google have now decided to test out delivery drones for their services.

“The commercial use of drones is an interesting technology and we’ll continue to evaluate it,” UPS said in a statement. “UPS invests more in technology than any other company in the delivery business, and we’re always planning for the future.”

Over in Silicon valley, Google is also looking to copy Amazon’s Air Prime by testing “mini-drone delivery systems” to use with Google Shopping Express.

Looks like unmanned drones are the future of shopping! The Germans are certainly excited for it. While most people can’t wait to have pizza and condoms delivered to their house in 30 minutes or less via drones, the Germans are apparently more interested in having underwear delivered to mask their rampant cheating…

German Drones

Via: BBC News

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The Droning Continues: U.S Drone Strike Kills Six

Drone Strike Kills Six

So much for the stricter drone policies Obama went off about last week…. A U.S drone strike killed six suspected militants in Pakistan on Wednesday—the first attack since President Obama’s speech last week that outlined the administration’s new policy to use drones only when absolutely needed.

According to Obama’s speech last Friday, drone attacks should only be used amid a “continuing, imminent threat” to the US where no other options are available.

So who were the latest drone victims? Although not officially confirmed yet, it is reported that the second-in-command of the Pakistani Taliban was among those killed in the drone strike. Not bad, not bad. The US government had placed a $5 million bounty on his head, accusing him of involvement in attacks on coalition forces in Afghanistan, including the 2009 bombing of a US base in which seven CIA agents were killed. I suppose that falls under Obama’s use of drones as a “just war” of self-defence against militants.

And the other five killed when drone missiles struck a house in the tribal district of North Waziristan? No one really knows yet. Apparently the identities of drone victims are notoriously difficult to confirm and can take days or weeks since the remote tribal areas are inaccessible to foreign and most local journalists.

This latest drone strike is also the first one since the May 11 election in Pakistan. Drone attacks were a key issue in the Pakistani election and Nawaz Sharif, whose party won the recent election in Pakistan and is expected to be sworn in as prime minister next week, is not happy with the drones. Sharif expressed “serious concerns” and says he plans to engage the United States in “serious” negotiations to put an end to the attacks, which Pakistan says violate its sovereignty. In other words, he’s serious.

Via: The New York Times

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