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Good One Greece: Greece Demands €279 Billion in Nazi Reparations

Greek Prime Minister Alexis Tsipras And German Chancellor Angela Merkel Nazi Reparations

Running out of schemes to meet their massive debt repayment deadlines (short of implementing market reforms), Greece has decided to play the Nazi card.

In an obvious attempt to dig itself out of its deep debt hole, Greece is demanding €279 billion in World War II reparations for suffering and occupation from Germany.

“We will push for this as much as we can,” Costas Isychos, Greece’s deputy defense minister, said, describing the war reparations as “an open wound” for a country that had suffered one of the most brutal occupations under Hitler.

“We have to close this wound. It is not related, whatsoever, to Greek debt or any policies connected to the memoranda,” he said, referring to the deeply unpopular bailout accords. “They are two very different issues. The left has always been sensitive to this issue.”

While Greece continues to deny the Nazi reparations are linked to the country’s current economic plight and the tough austerity measures Berlin has pressed for in exchange for international aid, the timing is awfully convenient… Just days before Athens is scheduled to make a roughly $487 million payment on a loan from the International Monetary Fund, the cash-strapped country concluded that Berlin owes them $302 billion – a sum bigger than the $260 billion bailout Greece received from the European Union and IMF in 2010.

The German government says the issue was resolved legally years ago and bringing it up now is a “dumb” attempt to distract attention from Greece’s looming credit crunch. Berlin paid 115m Deutschmarks to Athens in 1960 in compensation but now Greece says it did not cover payments for damaged infrastructure, war crimes or the billions of dollars that the Bank of Greece was forced to lend to the enemy.

Good one Greece. What could possibly go wrong with a European nation demanding that Germany pay war reparations for a previous world war?

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Greek Police Wonder Why Terrorists Granted Prison Leave Don’t Always Return… And Other News

Greek Terrorist

The hunt is on for Christodoulos Xiros, 55, a Greek terrorist who escaped during a New Year’s leave.

I don’t know what’s more shocking – that Greece allows day passes for prisoners or that Xiros actually came back the last 6 times he was allowed out. Xiros was convicted in 2003 and had served 10 years of his term for involvement in a string of shootings and bombings while he was part of the deadly November 17 guerrilla organization. After Xiros failed to check in on Monday at a police station in northern Greece, he became the target on a nationwide search. The incident has also prompted Greek officials to take a closer look at its prison furlough system – because I don’t think allowing convicted terrorists vacations from prison is really working.  ABC News

miss_venezuela_monica_spearThe first rule of South America is: never stop driving – especially at night and especially on a dangerous road. A telenovela star and former Miss Venezuela was murdered while trying to fend off carjackers in Venezuela. Monica Spear, 29, and her husband Thomas Henry Berry, 39, were both shot to death after armed men tried to rob them on a very sketchy road on Monday night. According to police, when their car hit a “sharp object that had been placed on the highway” and that’s when the thieves/murderers made their move. The couple, who were travelling with their 5-year-old daughter, family locked themselves into the car but the hijackers fired at least six shots into the vehicle. The 5-year-old girl survived the attack, but ended up with a bullet wound in her leg. Meanwhile, Venezuelan authorities arrested five people in connection with the murder. Chicago Tribune

Jennifer McCarthyA gun is not a toy and it’s definitely not a sex toy. The ex-wife of Pulitzer Prize-winning author Cormac McCarthy was arrested Saturday after allegedly whipping a gun out of her vagina and threatening her boyfriend. After having some kinky sex involving a silver handgun and a scared vagina, the pair got into a heated argument over space aliens (???) and McCarthy pulled the gun out of her vagina while shouting “Who is crazy, you or me?” The answer: both. The boyfriend told police he wrestled the gun away from her and, fearing for his life, threw it in the toilet – presumably to rinse it off. McCarthy, a self-proclaimed artist, was then arrested on a felony charge of aggravated assault on a household member. Maybe it was just performance art? Daily Mail

Gay UtahNot so fast gay Mormons –  Utah Governor Bob Herbert announced on Wednesday that the state would not recognize the more than 1,000 same-sex marriages performed over the last two weeks. After a federal judge overturned the state’s ban on gay marriage, there was a wedding boom – until the Supreme Court issued a stay that put a temporary hold on the ruling until a final court decision is issued. So if you’re one of the hundreds of newly married gay couples living in Utah, don’t even think about filing joint tax returns this year and definitely don’t think about adding your spouse to your healthcare plan – because it ain’t legal. Yet… New York Times

Bird FluCanadians are dropping like birds – well, only one is – after contracting the bird flu. Canadian Health Minister Rona Ambrose has confirmed the first known fatal case of the H5N1 avian influenza strain in North America. The infected person, an Alberta resident who recently travelled to Beijing, China, died January 3 after experiencing symptoms on the flight back to Canada. Officials emphasized that this is not a disease transmitted between humans, so if you were onboard that Dec 27 flight, don’t freak out just yet. Calling the death an “isolated case”, Ambrose repeatedly emphasized the risk to the general population was low. Ok now it’s time to FREAK OUT!!! CBC News

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Brazil Should Have Built a Vagina Stadium… And Other News

Brazil Stadium

Brazil’s World Cup stadium partially collapsed on Wednesday, killing at least three people.

The workers were killed when an evil crane collapsed while lifting a piece of the stadium’s roof into place, causing the roof to buckle and destroy part of the stands. Brazil has been rushing to finish the Itaquerao Stadium in order to meet FIFA’s December deadline to have all 12 venues ready – but now that the crane has cause damage to the exterior many are wondering if they will be prepared. Considering the workers’ union is halting construction for 30 days while authorities investigate, I’m going to go with ‘not prepared.’ Looks like they should have consulted with Qatar first and built an ultra sturdy, vagina-like stadium. A vagina stadium would never kill anyone – minus all those migrant workers who died building it. Globe and Mail

NorveloAmerican women need to start working on a Plan C, because apparently Plan B is ineffective for women over 176 lbs. A European version of the “morning-after pill” called Norvelo (identical to Plan B) has planned to introduce a new warning label, warning consumers that the emergency contraceptive starts to lose potency in women who weigh more than 165 pounds. And after 176 lbs, the pill becomes completely ineffective.  The average American woman weighs 165 pounds, so many of Norvelo’s current users may want to switch to a new type of morning after pill – unless they want to pay a visit to the abortion clinic– or if they live in Texas, deal with a bunch of obese ‘mistakes’ running around in nine months. CBS News

BADSANTA.jpgMerry Christmas: A 62 year-old mall Santa in Massachusetts has been charged with groping an 18-year-old elf. The Bad Santa (not to be confused with Billy Bob Thornton) has been released on $1,000 bail after pleading not guilty to indecent assault and battery for allegedly groping his 18-year-old assistant/elf. Herbert Jones denied pinching the elf’s butt and making suggestive comments but until the case is resolved Hones must stay away from the mall and refrain from putting on his big red Santa suit. TIME

Aids in GreeceGood news: People are not giving themselves HIV in Greece to get benefits. The World Health Organization retracted their claim that half of new HIV cases in Greece were self-inflicted so that the individuals could get benefits of $1,000 a month. WHO blames a “gross editing error” for the HIV statistic that was published in a report last month. The bad news: there are still some people intentionally injecting themselves with the HIV virus to collect state benefits – but not nearly as many as the WHO first claimed. The new statement reads: “Half of the new HIV cases are self-injecting and out of them few are deliberately inflicting the virus.” Few is better than half! The Guardian

Rouhani Music VideoHassan Rouhani: Iranian President…. and pop star? Iran’s President Hassan Rouhani has been featured in an online music video, entitled Nowsafar (New Journey). To celebrate his 100 days in office and presumable to pay tribute to Barack Obama’s 2008 Yes We Can video, Rouhani’s music video shows him delivering a speech at his endorsement ceremony with Iranians singing/speaking his words.  Now that I think of it, the black and white clip is a total rip off of Obama’s music video! The video opens with Rouhani’s speech: “In the presence of the holy Koran and before the nation, I swear to the omnipotent God to safeguard the official religion of the country and the Islamic Republic as well as the country’s constitution.” Ok, it’s a little different from Obama’s… The Atlantic

Hot SauceTime to stock up on Sriracha hot sauce! After a month long battle between Huy Fong Foods and neighbouring residents over the strong smell of the hot sauce, a California judge has ordered that the plant must stop any operations that cause the strong odours and quickly make the changes necessary to limit future smells. Although the judge stopped short of shutting down the factory entirely, it’s a victory for residents of the Los Angeles suburb who complained that the hot sauce fumes were “extremely annoying, irritating and offensive to the senses.” Huy Fong Foods founder David Tran has previously said that he will not change the type of chilli pepper used because it makes for a better hot sauce. Tran’s slogan throughout the controversy, “If it doesn’t smell, we can’t sell!”, has now become “ If it smells, I’m going to jail.” Catchy. USA Today

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Current Event Cat of the Day: Strawberry Field

Current Event Cat - Strawberry Field

30 strawberry pickers in southern Greece were shot and wounded on a strawberry field over a pay dispute after a foreman opened fire.

The strawberry field migrants, who were mainly from Bangladesh, gathered around to request six months worth of unpaid salaries. Apparently that was enough to send one farm supervisor over the edge and he began shooting at the migrant workers. Luckily, none of them were seriously injured, but the strawberries will never be the same.

The owner of the strawberry farm, who wasn’t present during the strawberry massacre, has been detained for questioning. One foreman (most likely the one who went on the shooting spree…) has been arrested and arrest warrants have been issued for two other foremen.

The foreman is telling police that the workers had “moved threateningly” towards him before he decided to shoot at them.

The strawberry field town of Nea Manolada is no stranger to migrant controversy. It has previously been in the spotlights over accusations of worker exploitation. Now some are calling for boycotts of “blood strawberries” from the region. Suggested slogan: Strawberry Fields NEVER!!

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Current Event Cat of the Day

Current Event Cat - Greek Soccer

Current Event Cat of the Day: A Greek soccer player is banned for life from playing for the national team after making a Nazi salute to celebrate a winning goal. But wait! AEK Athens midfielder Giorgos Katidis, 20, claims he was unaware what he was doing was a Nazi salute. He insisted he was simply pointing at a team mate in the stands.

“I am not a fascist and would not have done it if I had known what it meant,” Katidis said on his Twitter account.

The governing body of Greek soccer disagreed, calling the salute “a deep insult to all victims of Nazi brutality.”

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