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Fort Hood Shooting Revelation: The Mentally Ill Should Not Have Guns

Fort Hood Shooting

Following the Fort Hood shooting, in which Ivan Lopez, a PTSD riddled Iraq War veteran, killed three people and injured 16, Speaker John Boehner had a startling realization: the mentally ill should not own guns.

No kidding. Speaking at an event on Capitol Hill, John Boehner announced that mentally ill people should be prevented from buying guns.

“There’s no question that those with mental health issues should be prevented from owning weapons or being able to purchase weapons,” Boehner said.

“This issue we need to continue to look at to find a way to keep guns out of the hands of people who shouldn’t have them.”

But didn’t House Republicans kill a bill last year to expand background checks following the Newtown elementary-school massacre? And haven’t Boehner and his fellow House Republicans been constantly resisting the push by Democrats and President Obama to enact stricter gun laws in the wake of other prominent mass shootings, including a 2009 massacre at Fort Hood? The very same Fort Hood?? Meh. I’m sure it’ll be different this time.

But what prompted the Iraq War veteran to go on a shooting spree then take his own life at the Texas military base on Wednesday? Was it mental illness…. or was it Obama?

While the soldier’s motive remains unknown, Lopez was undergoing evaluation for PTSD and possibly had a “verbal altercation” with another soldier before opening fire. But ehe Army said a psychiatrist evaluated Specialist Ivan Lopez just last month and found no violent or suicidal tendencies.

So who or what’s to blame for the tragedy? Well, the hosts of the Fox News morning show Fox & Friends wasted no time blaming President Barack Obama and gun control for the Fort Hood shooting.

“There you have our soldiers not being able to arm themselves,” host Elisabeth Hasselbeck opined. “Still, if they have a weapon, they are to register it within five days of purchase, and obtaining it. But then that must be stored away in these lockers so that it cannot be carried on their person, therefore leaving them vulnerable.”

“Gateway Pundit, which is a way right-leaning blog, what they write this morning is, ‘The Obama administration is responsible for this mass shooting. They witnessed this before, they didn’t learn a thing. Gun-free zones are death zones. It is time to stand up to the lunacy,’” Co-host Steve Doocy chimed in.

Yep, the only solution to mentally ill people having easy access to guns is giving everybody else even easier access to guns. Want less gun violence? Just get more guns and less Obama! So simple, yet so ineffective.

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George Zimmerman Signs Autographs At Orlando Gun Show

Zimmerman Signs Autographs at Gun Show

George Zimmerman, gun enthusiast and killer of teenager Trayvon Martin, made an appearance at an Orlando gun show over the weekend, smiling and signing autographs for visitors. Only in Florida… and perhaps some other trashy southern states.

Last month George Zimmerman complained in an interview about all the media attention he’s been getting post-trial and expressed his desire to have a normal spotlight-free life. Zimmerman AutographSo naturally Zimmerman agreed to be the featured guest at a central Florida gun show where he autographed photographs of him posing with his dog for fellow gun lovers/black teenager haters. I guess he had a lot of time on his hands after his celebrity boxing match was cancelled.

The poster boy for Florida’s Stand Your Ground law spent six hours on Saturday signing autographs and snapping photos with fans. And by fans, I mean the fewer than 20 people who lined up to see the man famous for killing an unarmed black teenager.

Zimmerman previously said that he suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder and wears a bullet-proof vest because he fears for his life when out in public. So logically making a controversial appearance in a room full of guns seemed like a good idea to the Florida man. But Zimmerman doesn’t think his appearance at a gun show should be viewed as antagonistic.

“I don’t worry about people that say it’s antagonistic,” he said. “To be honest with you, like I said, the importance was to support the people that supported me.”

“I’m willing to talk to everyone and try and answer their concerns or questions, and [have] them realize there’s no need to be angry,” he said.

The appearance was controversial enough to nearly derail the show. The New Orlando Gun Show was originally supposed to be held at a larger venue, but the location’s managers canceled at the last minute after the backlash over Zimmerman’s planned appearance.

“They told us they canceled for community pressure,” organizer Mike Piwowarski said. “They were getting phone calls and backlash, and didn’t want that kind of person there.”

Well the good news is that at least one person in Florida has an ounce of common sense. That’s one more than I thought!

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