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Oops That’s A Nintendo Wii, Not A Gun

Nintendo Wii

Florida trash aren’t the only ones who shoot unarmed teenagers. A Georgian cop fatally shot 17-year-old Christopher Roupe in the chest after mistaking his Nintendo Wii controller for a gun.

When officers showed up at Christopher Roupe’s home on Valentine’s Day to serve a probation violation warrant on his father, the teenager opened to door to an unpleasant surprise: death. The police officer later said in a statement that she was forced to shoot because Roupe had pointed at gun at her when he opened the door, but Roupe’s family and witnesses at the scene insist the boy was holding a Wii video game controller because he was getting ready to watch a movie.

“It just doesn’t add up,” Cole Law, the family’s attorney, observed. “We don’t know where [the claim that he had a gun] came from. The eyewitnesses on the scene clearly state that he had a Wii controller in his hand. He heard a knock at the door. He asked who it was, there was no response so he opened the door and upon opening the door he was immediately shot in the chest.”

Neighbor Ken Yates said that he saw the female officer immediately after the teen was killed and described her as being visibly distraught.

“This is tragic,” Yates said. “She came out of this house. She put her head in her hands and she was sobbing.”

The circumstances of the tragic shooting are being reviewed by the Georgia Bureau of Investigation – because a gun looks a lot different than a Nintendo Wii controller.

But in the meantime, we can now add holding a Nintendo Wii controller to the long list of reasons why you might get shot. Others include: playing loud music, texting during a movie, throwing mayonnaise on a car, and walking around wearing a hoodie in Florida.

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Prank Gone Deadly Wrong: Arkansas Man Gunned Down Teenage Girl After Mayonnaise Prank


What’s with Americans these days and shooting into vehicles full of unarmed black teenagers?

Arkansas resident Willie Noble, 48, who shot at a carload of teenage pranksters, killing a 15-year-old cheerleader, is facing a slew of charges, including first degree murder, one count of a terroristic act and five counts of aggravated assault.

On Friday night, a group of Little Rock, Arkansas teenagers decided to play a prank at the home of a friend who had previously played a prank on them. Little did they know their friend’s dad was a little psycho…

The Arkansas teens threw mayonnaise, toilet paper, eggs and other debris on the car parked in Noble’s driveway.

“It was a joke. We was friends, we was gonna come over there and clean it up. It was supposed to be a prank. We were supposed to get up right now, and we were supposed to laugh,” one of the teens said.

But as they got back in their vehicle to make a speedy getaway, Willie Noble stormed of his house and allegedly fired several shots into the vehicle. Adrian Broadway, 15, was shot in the head and the 18-year-old driver of the vehicle was hit in the arm. The teens were able to escape and drove their bullet riddled car to a gas station where they immediately called the police. Broadway was then taken to Children’s Hospital, where she was pronounced dead. The driver of the car was treated for his injuries and quickly released.

Upon arrest, Noble told police he simply wanted to scare the carload of teenagers he believed vandalized his vehicle with eggs and mayonnaise. Arkansas police reported that Noble, who clearly doesn’t handle Halloween well, did not call police before or after the shooting. Who needs the police when you have your own gun?

Noble is currently being held in the Pulaski County Jail on $1 million bond after being charged with first-degree murder, five counts of aggravated assault and committing a terroristic act.

The case is eerily similar to the Michael Dunn case except that Noble is black and there was some actual property damage. But while having your car splattered with mayonnaise is slightly worse than being annoyed with loud music, I have a feeling the jury won’t be hung about this first-degree murder conviction. The stand your ground defense is kind of like bleach – it does wonders for whites, but it will ruin your coloreds.

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Don’t Be a Tommy Texter… Or You Might Get Shot By An Insane Ex-Cop

Tommy Texter Gets Shot

Florida is at it again! This time a retired police officer shot and killed a man for texting during a movie in Tampa Bay. And I thought I hated movie texters…

During a matinee of Lone Survivor, ex-officer Curtis Reeves, 71, open fired on a fellow cinemagoer after asking the man, who was sitting directly in front of him, to stop texting several times. Yes, texting is annoying, but this seems a little extreme. Especially considering the movie hadn’t even begun yet and Chad Oulson was texting his three-year-old daughter.

The two men, along with their wives, were watching the previews at the Cobb Grove 16 cinema in Wesley Chapel when the altercation broke out. After arguing over the texting situation, Reeves apparently stormed out of the auditorium to get a manager, but then returned with a better idea…

The argument continued and Reeves pulled out his gun as 25 horrified moviegoers looked on.

“Their voices start going up; there seems to be almost a confrontation. Somebody throws popcorn, I’m not sure who threw the popcorn, and, bang, he was shot,” said one witness.

Oulson’s wife, Nicole, got caught in the crossfire after she put her hand in front of her husband in an effort to protect him. Luckily, she had non-life-threatening injuries – because someone needs to raise that three-year-old daughter.

The theater was quickly evacuated and Reeves was arrested and is being charged with second-degree murder.

So to sum up, in Florida it is totally acceptable to bring a gun to the movies, but please leave your cellphone at home.

Via: Fox News

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Mikhail Kalashnikov: Oops I Invented a Gun, Killed Millions of People… And Other News


Before his death last month at the ripe age of 94, Mikhail Kalashnikov was apparently suffering from inventor’s remorse.

The famed designer of the AK-47 reportedly wrote a regretful letter to the Patriarch of the Russian Orthodox Church months before he died saying his “spiritual pain is unbearable” and wondering if he was to blame for the deaths of those killed by the guns. It appears as though Kalashnikov became a softie as his death approached. The letter was in sharp contrast to his previous statements refusing to accept any responsibility for the carnage wrought by his weapon. “I sleep well. It’s the politicians who are to blame for failing to come to an agreement and resorting to violence,” Kalashnikov said in 2007. Guns don’t kill people, people kill people! Luckily, the church is pro-Kalashnikov and responded to the letter with: “The Church has a very definite position: If the weapon is used to defend the Motherland, the Church supports both its creators and the servicemen using it.” National Post

SextingThink before you sext! A Canadian teenager has been found guilty of possessing and disseminating child pornography after sending text messages containing naked images of her boyfriend’s ex-girlfriend. The BC girl, who has 16 at the time of the sexting scandal, sent the nude pictures around and along with threatening messages to the girl in the pictures. The judge deemed the messages “mean, rude and antagonistic” and since all the parties involved were underage, it counts as child porn. If only they had waited a few years to sext…  Since it’s legal for adults to send “erotic images,” the case would never have gone to court. CTV News

Club MadonnaSpeaking of inappropriate sexual behaviour among teens, a Miami Beach strip club has been shut down after a 13-year-old stripper was found working at the club. The almost pre-teen pole dancer (stage name: Peaches) was a runaway who was allegedly forced to prostitute herself and dance nude at the club. Club Madonna’s license has been revoked for six months while police investigate and three people have been arrested so far. “Based on the gravity of recent allegations, the evidence collected and the owner’s admitted failure to have the required knowledge of what illegal activity occurs at Club Madonna, I have determined that this activity presents an actual threat to the public health, welfare and safety of the public,” said Miami Beach City Manager Jimmy L. Morales, “If it is so easy for human traffickers to kidnap a 13-year-old girl and bring her to the club without anyone noticing, how can we be sure that this is not going to happen again to other young girls in our community?” Miami Herald

BRIDGEGATEBridgegate continues. After a suspicious email was released last week suggesting that New Jersey Gov. Chris Chrisite’s staff closed down 2 lanes of the George Washington Bridge as political retaliation for the Mayor of Fort Lee not supporting Christie’s reelection, hundreds of new documents have been revealed. The newly released documents include hundred of pages of emails further incriminating New Jersey’s top two Port Authority appointees. Chris Christie issued a statement last week claiming he had no knowledge of the political vendetta and has now moved on to his latest scandal: Sandy Funds-gate. The Republican Governor is now being investigated by federal officials for his use of Superstorm Sandy relief funds to produce tourism ads starring him and his family. The winning bid featured the Christie family and cost $25 million to produce, $2 million more than the losing bid which did not feature the less than photogenic governor. CNN

Pope AbortionThe Pope believes abortions are just like my used yogurt containers – except slightly less messy. Pope Francis proved he’s not so liberal after all when he criticized abortion as part of a “throwaway culture”  that wastes people as well as food. Francis declared that, “Unfortunately what is thrown away is not only food and dispensable objects but often human beings themselves, who are discarded as unnecessary.” Francis believes that this throwaway mentality is a threat to world peace and lamented that it’s disgusting that so much food is thrown away when there are millions of children suffering from hunger. Maybe there wouldn’t be as many hungry children if some of them were aborted… Problem solved. ABC News

israel-ariel-sharon-deathWait, Ariel Sharon was still alive?? Well, not anymore. The former Israeli prime minister Ariel Sharon, who spent the last 8 years in a coma after suffering a stroke, finally died on Saturday at the age of 85. Israel and the rest of the world said goodbye to their comatose leader on Monday with a state ceremony filled with Jewish VIPs and international dignitaries. U.S. Vice-President Joe Biden took Sharon’s passing especially hard, saying the death felt “like a death in the family.” Less upset was the Arab community who consider him a war criminal drenched in Palestinian blood. CBC News

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Current Event Cat of the Day: Iceland Police Shooting

Current EVent Cat - Police In Iceland

Today marks an important event in Iceland’s history – for the first time ever, Icelandic police  shot someone dead.

Iceland’s first-ever armed police operation began in the early hours of Monday when a presumably drunk man in his late 50s began shooting at cars from his balcony, forcing police to evacuate residents of the building in east Reykjavik (aka the new Detroit). Police then fired gas canisters through his windows in an attempt to immobilize him, but that just made him angry and he began shooting out the windows of his apartment. The man was still firing away when the police swat team entered so the police returned fire and the man got hit. Fatally hit. He later died in the hospital.

“The police regrets this incident and wishes to extend its condolences to the man’s family,” said national police chief Johannessen.

Johannessen also said that the incident was “without precedent” in Iceland, a country with a population of only 322,000 and one of the lowest crime rates in the world. Correction: a population of only 321,999…

In Iceland, police officers on routine patrol do not carry a firearm and gun violence is a rarity. In 2009 there were only 4 gun related deaths (compared to 31,347 in the U.S.) Iceland is understandably pretty shook up about the whole thing – especially the guy who pulled the trigger, earning himself the title of Iceland’s deadliest cop. As a result of the incident 10 members of the special forces team and one cat will be provided with traumatic-counseling. Yes, in Iceland even cats are entitled to mental health counseling. Where do I sign up?

Via: BBC News

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Trayvon 2.0: 19-Year-Old Black Girl Shot in the Face by Homeowner Standing His Ground

Renisha McBride Homeowner

Detroit woman Renisha McBride was shot in the face by a nearby homeowner after she sought help after a car accident.

There are still many questions surrounding the incident, which occurred on Nov. 2, but the recently released autopsy confirmed one thing: McBride had been shot in the face, but not at close range.

The teenager had been involved in a collision with a parked car at around 1:30am on a Saturday. Two hours later she wound up on the wrong doorstep. A Dearborn Heights homeowner claimed he thought he was being burgled and “accidentally” discharged his weapon, killing the 19-year-old black woman.

First, what was she doing for two hours in between the car accident and standing on someone’s porch? Her family claims she was disoriented and just looking for help after having just been involved in a car crash nearby. A car crash with a parked car… so disoriented = drunk?

Second, I know Detroit = black and scary, but who accidentally shoots a teenage girl in the face? The 54-year-old homeowner says he is “torn up” by the incident but claimed he feared for his life at the time and racial profiling was definitely NOT involved.

Michigan is one of several US states (including Florida!) with a so-called stand your ground law, which essentially allows the use of deadly force if a person feels their life is in danger. Prosecutors say they’re still reviewing whether or not to charge the homeowner, but Renisha’s family and a string of civil rights protesters have already made up their mind about the case: GUILTY.

Via: BBC News

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3-D Guns Are Now A Thing… And Other News

3-D Gun

A Texas company says it has made the first metal gun using a 3-D printer, paving the way for rednecks everywhere to start creating their own firearms. Well this makes me feel very safe.

The Austin company, Solid Concepts, created almost all the parts of the 3-D gun via direct metal laser sintering – whatever that means. While some are concered over the emerging ability to build your own gun, I say c’mon, it’s Texas! You don’t need a 3-D printer – just buy a gun on the internet or take one from a gun show parking lot or find one in your cereal box. Mental patients and felons don’t have time to sit around and assemble a 3-D gun, let alone pay $20k for a 3-D printer – they’ve got places to go and people to kill! CNN

Polio in Syria 2Thanks a lot Syria! After polio made a surprise comeback in Syria after a 14-year absence, health experts are now worried that the disease could reemerge in Europe as refugees come flooding in. Martin Eichner, a professor at the University of Tuebingen, co-authored a letter to the medial journal The Lancet, warning that the vaccine used in the U.S. and Europe offers only partial protection against infection so the disease could enter Europe via unsuspecting refugees and cause an outbreak. The polio virus, which is spread through feces, has no cure – but heightened screening of sewage systems near refugee settlements could help reduce the outbreak. Or sealing off Europe’s borders. Either one. Bloomberg

Kerry and NetanyahuJohn Kerry is taking his sweet time putting together a deal on Iran’s nuclear program. The Secretary of State arrived in Geneva on Friday to talk with Iranian representatives but stressed that no agreement has been reached on Iran’s nuke program and emphasized that the parties still have significant ground to cover. Under the current deal being floated, Iran would freeze expansion of its nuclear program in exchange for loosened economic sanctions. While the West is mulling it over, Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu has already made up his mind: Iran is evil! Netanyahu said he “utterly rejected” the deal with its arch nemesis Iran and if it went through, it would be a “grievous historic error.”  So to sum up, he’s not a fan. BBC News

I'm SorryPresident Obama is sorry. He’s sorry the health care website is full of glitches, he’s sorry he falsely promised Americans that they could keep their health insurance plans, and he’s sorry about the backlash he’s getting because of it. “I am sorry that they are finding themselves in this situation based on assurances they got from me,” he told NBC News. Well you can stuff your sorries in a sack mister because despite repeated assurances that anyone who likes their health insurance plan could keep them under Obamacare, the administration has apparently known since the summer of 2010 that this was not the case and millions of Americans could lose their insurance under the law. “Obviously we didn’t do a good enough job in terms of how we crafted the law,” Obama said in the interview Thursday. “And, you know, that’s something I regret.” No kidding. NBC News

Canada-Toronto MayorRob Ford needs a vacation and perhaps a little bit of counselling – according to his brother, Councilman Doug Ford, in what must be the understatement of the century. After admitting to smoking crack in a drunken stupor and watching a video of himself utter death threats in a drunken stupor, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford is finally ready to potentially start considering the fact that he may have a bit of a drinking problem. Facing increasing pressure to resign, Ford is now considering entering rehab – and by rehab I mean a short vacation from drugs and booze. “If Rob goes away on a vacation, for a week or two weeks, Rob loses 50, 60 pounds, stays on the straight narrows, because he’s a good man … it’ll be tough to beat Rob Ford,” his brother said on Talk Radio 640. Losing 50-60lbs in a week or two without the help of crack? Good luck! The Globe and Mail

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New Trend: Killing Math Teachers… And Other News

Math Teacher Murder

Math teachers beware! One day after a 12-year-old boy from Nevada shot his math teacher, another 14-year-old boy from Massachusetts was charged in the murder of Danvers High School math teacher Colleen Ritzer.

Conclusion? Kids hate math. Philip Chism, the 14-year-old math hater, brought a box cutter to school which he then used to kill his 24-year-old teacher in a school bathroom before rolling her body outside in a recycling bin and leaving her in the woods. Chism denies the he murdered her, but the surveillance video says he totally did it. USA Today

Andy Lopez was shot dead by a Santa Rosa police officerWith all the prepubescent boys running around killing math teachers, police are bound to get one wrong – and they did. A 13-year-old boy was shot dead in California after sheriff’s deputies mistook the pellet gun he was carrying for an assault rifle. Andy Lopez of Santa Rosa was reportedly asked multiple times to drop the weapon but instead he moved the gun toward the deputies, who in turn fired off several rounds from their handguns. After they realized it was a young boy and the gun, which looked remarkably similar to an AK-47 assault rifle, was actually a pellet gun, they became significantly less trigger-happy. The unnamed deputies have been placed on administrative leave and Andy Lopez has been placed in a morgue. BBC News

mirrors in NorwayNorway has a new solution to winter darkness: giant mirrors! Three GIANT mirrors have been installed on a Norwegian mountainside in order to bring sunlight for the tiny town of Rjukan for the first time EVER during winter. The small town does not receive direct sunlight between September and March because the surrounding mountains block the sun’s rays. Sounds like a great location to start a town, Vikings. Anyways, that’s all in the past because the $825,000 mirrors will reflect the sun’s rays down into Rjukan’s main square, giving it sunlight throughout the day. In unrelated news, Rjukan is about to experience an alarming increase in bird deaths. Business Insider

niqab-woman-001Yemen seems like a fabulous place to live – unless you have a fear of being burned to death. A 35-year-old Yemeni father has been arrested after he burned his 15-year-old daughter to death for keeping in touch with her fiancé. Sounds like a reasonable reaction to catching your daughter talking on the phone to a boy. After all, in traditional tribal customs in some parts of Yemen, contact between men and women is forbidden until after marriage. As a result, many Yemenis try to marry off their daughters quite young before they can dishonor the fam. Eight, however, might be a little too young. Yemeni authorities are investigating the death of the eight-year-old girl in northern Yemen, who died from internal bleeding on her wedding night a month ago. I think I might know what caused the bleeding…. Reuters

obamacare-this-is-going-to-hurtObamacare: 0. Republicans: 1. After a government shutdown and a few dozen glitches on Healthcare.gov, the Obama administration has decided to extend the deadline requiring all Americans to obtain health insurance by six weeks. Before, individuals were expected to be insured by March 31 to avoid paying a penalty – which meant they would have to apply by February 15 so their application would get processed in time. Administration officials hope the delay will allow more time to fix the problems plaguing the sign-up website and Republicans hope the delay will last forever. Washington Post

Bistum Limburg weist neue Vorwuerfe gegen Tebartz-van Elst zurueckIf your nickname is the “Bling Bishop,” you probably need to spend some time in confession. The Vatican has indefinitely suspended German Catholic cleric, Franz-Peter Tebartz-van Elst, for leading a life of luxury. Dubbed the “Bling Bishop,” Elst reportedly spent $42 million renovating his residence, which didn’t sit too well with the modest style of frugal Pope Francis. It also didn’t sit well with ordinary Germans, who protested outside the bishop’s residence yelling stuff about how their taxes were squandered on Elst’s lavish lifestyle. AFP

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Current Event Cat of the Day: Nevada School Shooting

Current Event Cat - School Shooting

Even 12-year-olds are getting in on the school shooting action these days.

A 12-year-old student killed his math teacher and critically injured two of his classmates after opening fire at a middle school in Sparks, Nevada, on Monday morning. The shooter then turned his semi-automatic gun on himself and delivered a fatal blow.

The teacher, a 45-year-old war veteran, made it through several tours of Afghanistan only to come back and be shot dead by a 12-year-old boy. On the bright side, the popular math teacher is being hailed as a hero for trying to persuade the gunman gunchild to drop the weapon. As for the other injured students, both are in stable condition after some emergency surgery.

Authorities have not identified the 12-year-old shooter and police are still trying to piece together his possible motives. But according to one young witness, he was heard saying, “Why you people making fun of me, why you laughing at me?” Probably because you’re a nutcase who brought a gun to school…

The school shooting comes less than a year after a 20-year-old gunman killed 26 people at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Connecticut. The tragic shooting ignited nationwide debate over gun violence and school safety. Now gun control supporters can add this school shooting case to the top of the list – until of course an 8-year-old with a handgun waltzes into class.

Via: CNN & Current Event Cats

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Washington DC Continues its Downward Spiral

Washington DC Shooting

Washington DC is losing it. The United States Capitol was locked down around 2:30 p.m after multiple shots were fired in front of the building. First a shutdown, then a lockdown? DC is a hot mess.

The lockdown only lasted 30 minutes after multiple gunshots were reported on Capital Hill. Police believe it was an isolated incident that began when female driver tried to ram her car into White House gate. A high speed chase ensued and ended outside of the Capitol building when she was fired on upon exiting the vehicle. A police officer was injured in the car crash and a small child was found unhurt in the suspect’s car. In a city is still reeling from the Navy Yard shooting that left 12 people dead, residents were understandably on edge.

No word yet on what the driver was trying to accomplish, but my sources (aka my cats) tell me she was probably trying to lock the politicians in the Capitol building until they can figure out a solution to the government shutdown. Or she was an angry tourist frustrated at being unable to properly see the Washington DC sites. Or a furloughed federal employee out for revenge. Or a confused citizen trying to figure out how to sign up for Obamacare. The possibilities are endless!

Meanwhile, talks between President Obama and congressional leaders have failed to end the political deadlock. Republican House Speaker John Boehner and Senate leader Mitch McConnell continue to complain that Obama and the Democrats will not negotiate. Obama says he is not budging and refused to set a precedent where “an extremist wing” of a party holds a government to ransom. Fair enough.

Via: The New York Times

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