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The FBI’s Stoner Ban is Slowing Down the Fight Against Chinese Hackers

Stoner Hackers Chinese Hacking

The U.S. Justice Department filed criminal charges Monday against five Chinese military officials for hacking American companies in nuclear power, metals, and solar products industries – the first cyber-espionage case of its kind. 

The Chinese hackers allegedly used military and intelligence facilities to commit cyber espionage against U.S. companies, stealing trade secrets and internal documents. Attorney General Eric Holder said the alleged breaches were “significant” and demanded “an aggressive response”.

“Enough is enough,” Holder said. “It is our hope that the Chinese government will respect our criminal justice system.”

China is known around town as one of the worst perpetrators of using cyber spying to gather information and steal trade secrets. And the U.S. is sick and tired of it.

The only problem is, America needs its own hackers to fight off the Chinese hackers. And apparently all our hackers are stoners…

On Monday – the same day the US charged Chinese officials with cyber espionage – FBI director James Comey told an audience at the White Collar Crime Institute about the agency’s stoner problem.

Here’s the dilemma: the FBI needs to hire qualified hackers to add to its cyber crime division, but it also will not hire anyone who’s smoked weed in the past three years. Turns out smoking weed goes hand in hand with the ability to stare at code for hours on end without going completely insane and now there’s a shortage of FBI-eligible hackers.

“I have to hire a great work force to compete with those cyber criminals, and some of those kids want to smoke weed on the way to the interview,” Comey said.

Comey added that the agency is “grappling with the question right now.”

After Comey’s remarks got out, the FBI director was forced to backpeddle a little bit.

“I am absolutely dead-set against using marijuana,” Comey clarified. “I did not say that I am going to change that ban.”

Although he did admit that the FBI is thinking about changing it…

If the non-stoner hacker pool is that small and the FBI is dead-set against the Chinese stealing US secrets, Comey might want to first put his energy behind the push for marijuana legalization and then focus on the cyber-sabotage. Might be faster.

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Russian Hackers Go After Hunters (AKA Russian Grindr)

Russian Hunters Grindr

The biggest threat to the Sochi Olympic Games is not Dagestani terrorists hell bent on blowing up athletes or the piles of rotting dog carcasses lining the streets of Sochi. No, the biggest threat to the Winter Olympics is obviously gay dating apps – which is why Russian hackers have attacked Hunters, the Russian equivalent to Grindr.

The gay dating app was attacked by hackers who programmed it to send an anonymous threat to all users on Feb. 1 at 11:52 that read “You will be arrested and jailed for gay propaganda in Sochi according to Russian Federationa Law #135 Sektion 6.” Referring, of course, to Russia’s infamous anti-gay law that bans anyone from publicly advocating being homosexual, or distributing pro-homosexual “propaganda” to minors.

In addition to the ominous message, the Hunters app is now blocked for all users in Sochi and approximately 72,000 user profiles were deleted throughout Russia. Users were told their passwords were incorrect and that they were banned from accessing the site for the next “55,260 minutes” – which is oddly specific…

Hunters’ CEO, Dimitry T, who withheld his last name because he’d rather not spend the rest of his life in a Russian Gulag, responded to the hacking with this:

“I urge the entire gay community and all of those who consider the Internet to be a free zone to boycott not only Russian vodka but also everything that is linked to the Olympics and not to buy any Olympic souvenirs.

This attack should be looked at as an attack on the worldwide gay community with the goal of blocking any gay interactions during the Winter Games in Sochi, including those between athletes and locals.”

Dimitry also said the team at Hunters was only able to restore 24% of the dating profiles after “12 long hours” of work. Hopefully  these dating profile pics were among the ones that were destroyed forever.

Via: Towleroad

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FBI Arrests The Most Hated Man On The Internet: Revenge Porn King Hunter Moore

Revenge Porn Moore

Revenge porn finally got its revenge when the FBI indicted Hunter Moore, dubbed the Revenge Porn King, on Thursday.

Hunter Moore, 27, and his hacking pal Charles Evens, 24, face charges including conspiracy, unauthorized access to a protected computer to obtain information and aggravated identity theft – among others.

Moore is accused of hacking email accounts and stealing nude photos to post on “Is Anyone Up” a now defunct website dedicated to publishing revenge porn. Moore encouraged users to post naked photos of their former girlfriends without their consent, as well as personal details about them. But I guess Moore couldn’t find enough angry ex-boyfriends scummy enough to post amateur porn shots of their ex-girlfriends and had to take matters into his own hands by hacking email accounts.

Moore’s website posted over two dozen nude photos a day, almost always of women, along with screenshots of the victims’ names, social media accounts, and addresses. And these weren’t all teenagers taking sexual duck-faced selfies in their bedrooms (not that that’s fair game for email hackers…)

Here are the stories of three victims from an xojane article about a woman who tried to take Moore down:

Tory lived in Atlanta, and her computer had been compromised by “Gary Jones.” A medical image of her bloody and bandaged breasts appeared on Is Anyone Up? next to her name, workplace and a link to her Facebook page. Her nipples were fully visible.

“The photo is from my doctor’s office,” Tory weeped into the phone. “I’d just had surgery. How could someone do this to me?”

Tina from northern California was also a victim. She and a female friend had been documenting weight loss through photos. Some of the shots were topless. “Gary Jones” had gotten into Tina’s email, nabbed the sexiest pictures, and sent them to Moore, who posted them. “I was horrified,” she told me on the phone. “I was at the drugstore and a total stranger came up to me and said ‘I’ve seen you naked.’” Tina had been stalked online, and she was seeing a psychologist because she no longer felt safe in the world.

Forty-year-old Cathy was divorced, and she feared losing custody of her two children. She had taken extreme measures to dodge the graphic photos depicted beside her name, city and social media links. Cathy had not been hacked; her photos had been morphed. In other words, she had never taken a nude shot. Someone had photoshopped her head with an unknown nude body in highly acrobatic and embarrassing poses. It made Cathy look like a veteran porn star.“I’ve emailed Hunter Moore 20 times. He knows it isn’t me, but he won’t take the pictures down,” she wailed. “Please help me.”

Ahhh.. now the whole “The Most Hated Man on the Internet” makes total sense.

After the FBI began to get involved, Moore suddenly sold his domain to an anti-bullying site, bullyville.com, and effectively shut down Is Anyone Up back in April, 2012.

“I’m f*cking sick of looking at little kids naked, and I’m sick of my f*cking site. I’m sick of f*cking people calling me a ‘f*ggot’ and telling me to kill myself,” Moore said at the time. “I’m tired of f*cking looking out the window and thinking somebody’s going to f*cking come through and murder me in my sleep.”

Unfortunately no one came through his window and murdered him in his sleep, but if found guilty, he will face decades in prison. 

Via: Mother Jones

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