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Taliban Gives the U.S. a Herat Attack

Herat Attack

Taliban assailants gave U.S consulate staff a “herat attack” when they stormed the compound early Friday morning in the western Afghan city of Herat.

The attack started off in the usual way – a car bomb. The bomb was set off near the main entrance of the compound, which killed several guards and allowed the group of assailants, including suicide bombers, to enter the perimeter of the compound. The insurgents then sped towards the U.S consulate with their guns blazing, prompting a fierce gun battle between the attackers and Afghan security forces.

Heart, which sits close to the Iranian border, is a usually peaceful city (by Afghan standards…) compared to the more Taliban-infested regions in the East and the South, so the assault was a bit of surprise (by Afghan standards…).

Two Afghan police and one security guard were killed and seventeen civilians, including women and children, were injured in the Herat attack. But enough about that – what about the Americans!?! The State Department confirmed that no Americans were slain and all the U.S consulate staff are safe and accounted for. Phew!

The attackers, however, were not so fortunate. Of the seven attackers who took part in the assault, seven of them were killed. Cause of death? Herat Attack.

Via: The Washington Post

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