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Iran Wants to Launch a Cat into Space… And Other News

Space Cat cat into space

Today in cat news, Iran has decided to launch a Persian cat into space. Why should monkeys have all the fun?

Don’t worry – the animal rights group PETA, is allll over this “cat into space” sh*t.

“Iran’s archaic experiment… is a throwback to the primitive techniques of the 1950s,” the animal rights group’s spokesman Ben Williamson said.

In February, Iran insisted it successfully sent a monkey outside Earth’s atmosphere and returned it safely. But the photos Iran released raised a few international questions about whether the same animal was shown in pre and post launch images. Interestingly enough, earlier this year President Mahmoud Ahmadinejad said he wanted to be Iran’s first astronaut. Maybe they should just send him instead of the cat… CBC News

Naval YardTragedy at the old Naval Yard today. 12 people are dead after Aaron Alexis, a man in his 30s from Texas, went on a shooting rampage at the Washington, D.C., headquarters of the Naval Sea Systems Command. Officials aren’t totally sure how many shooters were involved: but one thing is for sure – Aaron Alexis is dead. Washington police say there may be two other shooters at large, both wearing military-style uniforms, so I’m sure DC is a safe place to be tonight… President Obama gave the usual tragedy press conference, called the shooting a “cowardly act” and vowing that the people responsible will be “held accountable.” ABC News

Ban Ki-moonThe United Nations has officially confirmed what everybody (except Putin) already knew: sarin gas had been “unequivocally and objectively” used in Syria. The U.N stopped short of naming names though, so the debate over which side ordered the chemical weapons attack rages on. The States has insisted President Bashar al-Assad’s goonies were behind it, while Russia and Syria have insisted the rebels were responsible. But one thing is for sure: UN leader Ban Ki-moon is pissed. Ban called on the Security Council to impose “consequences” for any failure by Assad to stick to the Russian-led plan to destroy Syria’s chemical stockpile. BBC News

Colorado FloodWell that escalated quickly… The number of people missing in Colorado’s deadly flooding has jumped to 1,200 as the rain keeps on coming. The death toll climbed to 6 over the weekend after a 80-year-old woman was swept away in the torrent. Death toll aside, 17,494 homes had been damaged, 1,502 homes destroyed, and 11,700 people (and hundreds of pets!) evacuated due to the flooding. The Denver Post

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Current Event Cat of the Day: Hassan Rouhani

Current Event Cat - Hassan Meowhani

There’s a new Mahmoud in town and his name is Hassan Rouhani.

A day after the polls closed, Iranian authorities announced that Hassan Rouhani, a cleric and former nuclear negotiator, won the presidential election to replace Mahmoud Ahmadinejad with 50.7% of the votes.

Hassan Rouhani was considered the most moderate of the six candidates – although being the most moderate candidate approved by Iran’s ultra conservative Guardian Council is kind of like being the smartest kid with downs syndrome. Nevertheless, the Iranian people were pretty pumped about the election, erupting into street parties celebrating Hassan Rouhani’s campaign pledges to bring more freedom and better relations with the outside world.

Rouhani thanked Iranians for “choosing moderation” and vowed he would deliver on his election promises. What were his election promises? In a nutshell:

  • Restore diplomatic ties with Iran’s arch nemesis: the United States
  • Free political prisoners and guarantee civil rights
  • More transparency in Iran’s nuclear programs
  • Uranium enrichment activities are still ok – keep them going
  • The Syria situation is Syria’s problem, not Iran’s!
  • Improve the economy (a no brainer!)

Well that’s all lovely but in reality Iran’s president has limited powers. The key policy decisions (mainly in the areas of nuclear weapons, defense and foreign affairs) are generally made by the Supreme Leader, Ayatollah Ali Khamenei  – hence his title of Supreme Leader.

Via: BBC News & Current Event Cats


Current Event Cat of the Day: Iran Election

Current Event Cat - Iranians Vote

It’s an exciting day in Iran as millions of voters across the country cast their votes for a new president to replace outgoing leader Mahmoud Ahmadinecat Ahmadinejad.

Six presidential candidates (all of them conservatives) are seeking to replace Ahmadinejad, who leaves behind an eight-year legacy of economic turmoil and Western sanctions against Iran.

Among the first to cast their ballot was Ayatollah Ali Khamenei, Iran’s supreme leader. Never one to back away from a chance to insult the United States, he took the opportunity to denounce America’s ‘attempt to undermine’ the elections:

“The enemies have made strenuous attempts to prevent people from coming to the polling stations through creating disappointment and pessimism,” the ayatollah said as the voting began.

To hell with you if you do not believe in our election. If the Iranian nation had to wait for you to see what you believe in and what you do not, then the Iranian nation would have lagged behind.”

Khamenei urged all 50 million eligible voters to cast their ballot but did not publicly back any one candidate. Each of the six candidates are conservatives who are close to the supreme leader and each have been vetted by the conservative Guardian Council – so you can’t go wrong! But the front-runners are thought to be Mayor Mohammad Baqer Ghalibaf of Tehran, the nuclear negotiator Saeed Jalili, and a cleric, Hassan Rowhani, who is slightly more reformist than the rest. Rowhani has been speaking out lately about re-engaging the west and promoting more freedom and rights for women.

Polling stations are expected to close about 7 p.m but don’t get too excited – if no candidate secures 50.1% or more of the vote a second round will be held in a week’s time.

Via: Current Event Cats & The New York Times