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Current Event Cat of the Day: Julia Gillard Gets the Boot

Current Event Cat - Australian Showdown Julia Gillard

Julia Gillard Kentucky Fried Quail is no longer on the menu. Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard was ousted as Labor Party leader by her predecessor, Kevin Rudd.

Interestingly enough, Julia Gillard ousted Kevin Rudd in a similar internal government coup three years ago, thus becoming the country’s first female prime minister. What goes around comes around!

The Labor Party took a closed-door leadership vote and Kevin Rudd won by 57 votes to 45. The party hopes the new leadership will help them avoid a huge defeat in the upcoming elections – set for September 14. The polls indicated that the party under Julia Gillard was almost certain to face a catastrophic loss against opposition leader Tony Abbott. Kevin Rudd probably won’t lead the party to victory either, but party members are hoping he will at least minimize their losses.

Gillard took the defeat in stride announcing, “I will not re-contest the federal electorate… at the forthcoming election.”

“What I am absolutely confident of is it will be easier for the next woman and the woman after that and the woman after that, and I’m proud of that,” she added.

Gillard had a bit of a rocky ride as leader of the Labor party. In addition to leading a minority government, she also had to deal with two previous attempts at a Kevin Rudd takeover and a bunch of voters who never quite warmed up to her after she ousted the prime minister they had elected. And to top it off there was the whole “Julia Gillard Kentucky Fried Quail: small breasts, huge thighs, and a big red box” incident…

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Australian DJ Fired over Gillard Interview

Australian DJ sacked

An Australian DJ got sacked today after grilling the Prime Minister, Julia Gillard, on whether her longtime partner, Tim Mathieson, was gay.

During a live on-air interview, Australian DJ Howard Sattler, asked Prime Minister Julia Gillard if her partner of seven years, Tim Mathieson, was gay. Sattler wanted to question Gillard about the “myths, rumours, snide jokes and innuendoes” surrounding her personal life. And of course the first rumour he wanted to test out was Tim’s sexual orientation.

The interview then turned awkward as Gillard characterized his comments as an absurd generalization.

“Well, that’s absurd,” she replied to Sattler.

“But you hear it, he must be gay, he’s a hairdresser,” Sattler continued, oblivious to Gillard’s annoyance.

He continued to press the issue as his colleagues cringed in the corner, asking the Prime Minister to confirm her partner’s not gay and asking if they were in a “heterosexual relationship”.

A fed-up Gillard replied: “Let me just bring you back to earth. You and I have just talked about me and Tim living at The Lodge [the Prime Minister’s official residence in Canberra]. We live there together as a couple. You know that.”

The interview sparked some outrage – even among other “shock jocks”. And Australian shock jocks are the worst! Remember the whole Kate Middleton/prank call/nurse suicide fiasco?

Needless to say Sattler’s contract with Radio 6PR was terminated following Thursday’s interview and Fairfax radio soon apologized for the “disrespectful” questioning.

“Fairfax Radio management has reviewed this interview and considers that the questions posed by Mr Sattler were disrespectful and irrelevant to the political debate.

“The PM answered Mr Sattler’s questions with dignity and some patience.”

Some patience. Well I suppose it’s already been a rough week for Prime Minister Gillard. Not only is she expected to lose the Sept 14 election, an offensive menu for an opposition fundraiser also emerged this week, featuring the dish “Julia Gillard Kentucky Fried Quail – Small Breasts, Huge Thighs and a Big Red Box”.

Gillard refused to answer reporters’ questions on the Australian DJ interview but did express her fear that such incidents could deter women from entering into political life.

”I want young girls and women to be able to feel like they can be included in public life and not have to face questioning like the questioning I faced yesterday,” she said.

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Australian PM Not Impressed with ‘Small Breasts’ Menu

Australian PM

Gender has once again taken centre stage in Australia’s election campaign after an offensive menu about Australian PM Julia Gillard was posted online.

Australian PM Julia Gillard has said that the menu, which was for an opposition party fundraiser, was “grossly sexist”. The menu resorted to high school level name-calling and featured “Julia Gillard Kentucky Fried Quail – Small Breasts, Huge Thighs and a Big Red Box”. Yikes. Stay classy, Australia!

A photo of the menu from a fundraiser for Queensland Liberal National Party candidate Mal Brough

The menu was for a dinner back in March for Liberal National Party candidate Mal Brough who is seeking a return to parliament after losing his seat in 2007. After the menu was posted online by a Brisbane chef, Brough apologized for it, admitting it was sexist. Opposition leader Tony Abbott said the menu was “tacky and scatological” but confirmed Brough would still run in the election.

“I condemn it, as Mal Brough has,” Abbott told journalists today. “I think we should all be bigger and better than that. Whether it is a tacky scatological menu out the front of a Liberal Party event, whether it is squalid jokes told at union conference dinners with ministers present.”

The restaurateur later said the menu had been “a joke” and was not used at the meal. The menu also mocked former Australian PM Kevin Rudd and the Greens by including “Rudd’s a Goose Foie Gras” and instructing guests to eat up all their greens “before they take over”.

But Prime Minister Gillard sees the menu as part of a larger issue: a pattern of sexist behaviour from the Liberal National Party.

The wording on the menu was “grossly offensive,” Gillard told reporters. “This is Tony Abbott’s Liberals, this is what they’re like,” she said. “We’d see this lack of respect for women littered throughout all of his government policy documents.”

This isn’t the first time the Australian PM has accused Abbott of misogyny. Last year, Gillard made a 15-minute speech in parliament refusing to fire Speaker Peter Slipper amid sexual harassment charges and accusing Abbott of “peddling a double standard” and having a long history of sexism and misogyny.

Australia is set to hold its general election on September 14 this year and the current polls indicate an opposition win, starring Tony Abbott, is likely. Gillard, the nation’s first female leader, warned that government would be dominated by “men in blue ties” should Abbott assume office and the conservative opposition would marginalize women. Enjoy your new government morons!

Via: The Guardian

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Australian Prime Minister Apologizes to Teen Moms

Gillard Apologizes to Teen Moms

Australian Prime Minister Julia Gillard delivered a national apology in Parliament on Thursday to the thousands of unwed and mostly teen moms who were forced by government policies to give up their babies for adoption during the 1950s to 1970s.

Unwed teen moms were pressured, deceived or threatened into giving up their babies so they could be adopted by married couples who would provide the child with a better life. Many said they were coerced into signing their children away, some said they were drugged, and others said their signatures were forged. Overall, tens of thousands of babies were thought to have been taken by the state between the 1950s and 1970s.

Although the a national apology was recommended a year ago by a Senate committee that investigated the impacts of the now-shameful adoption policies, Gillard just got around to doing it now.

“Today this parliament, on behalf of the Australian people, takes responsibility and apologises for the policies and practices that forced the separation of mothers from their babies, which created a lifelong legacy of pain and suffering,” Gillard told the audience, “We deplore the shameful practices that denied you, the mothers, your fundamental rights and responsibilities to love and care for your children.”

To make it up to the teen moms, Gillard announced she was committing $5m to support services for affected families and to help biological families reunite. Kind of a stingy apology gift, but whatever. A better gift would be to teach the United States how to implement these policies when it comes to the cast of Teen Mom and Teen Mom 2.

How are those girls holding up anyway?

Farrah was arrested for a DUI this week, Amber is still rotting away in jail, Jenelle is in rehab and not allowed to see her son, Maci got a boob job (well, actually a lot of them got boob jobs), and Leah is divorced, remarried and has three kids now. Success!

Teen Moms

Via: The Guardian

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