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Current Event Cat of the Day: The Death of Windows XP

Current EVent Cat - Windows XP

Microsoft has officially ended their support of Windows XP, leaving the millions of elderly and technology challenged PC users who are still clinging to the outdated software vulnerable to cyberattacks.

Nearly 30 percent of PCs in the US are still using the Windows XP operating system, despite the fact that there have been three major releases of Windows since XP was created 13 years ago (but Vista doesn’t really count, does it?).

Even though Windows XP computers are already six times more likely to get infected, Microsoft has been having a rough time getting consumers to get rid of the old operating system – it’s literally everywhere. But now they are officially pulling the plug and have announced that as of April 8, the company will no longer support Windows XP. While the operating system will still work, there will be no more official security updates and bug fixes – which means Christmas morning for hackers!

Security firms say anyone using the outdated software would be at increased risk of infection and compromise by cyber-thieves.

“Malware writers go for the low hanging fruits because it’s a lot easier to infect systems running on an old Windows XP operating system compared to brand-new Windows 8.1, with all its built-in security features,” said Maik Morgenstern and Andreas Marx from the German AV-Test group, which rates and ranks security software.

“We think we will see a lot of attacks for Windows XP within the next few months, but attackers will also always add exploits for other Windows systems just to catch those systems as well.”

AKA time to get a MacBook.

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