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The Republican Infighting Continues: Rand Paul Calls Mitt Romney “Yesterday’s News”

Mitt Paul

After Mitt Romney told a senior Republican he “almost certainly will” run for president and spent the weekend reviving his national network of political supporters and donors, Rand Paul called his potential rival for the 2016 GOP nomination “yesterday’s news”. Well, he kind of has a point there…

The junior senator from Kentucky criticized Mitt Romney for being too liberal for the Republican Party in 2016. Rand Paul told a Fox News Radio interviewer Monday that Romney’s promise to be a “conservative alternative” to former Florida Gov. Jeb Bush won’t go over well and the former Massachusetts governor’s time has passed.

“If (Mitt Romney) runs to the right of Jeb Bush, he’ll still be to the left of the rest of the party, so it may be a difficult spot to occupy,” Paul said.

“Look, I like Governor Romney, I like him personally, I think he is a good person, I think he was a great businessman,” Paul said. “But you know that’s yesterday’s news.”

Paul went on: “I think he did a lot of things right, but in the end you got to have a bigger constituency, you got to get new people, you got to attract new people to win and I think it’s time that probably the party is going to be looking for something fresh and new.”

Like Rand Paul? I’m not sure what Paul is complaining about – if Romney runs slightly to the right of Jeb Bush, he and Bush (and maybe Chris Christie too?) could be competing both for the same financial backers and for the Republican middle ground – which leaves Rand Paul free to duke it out with Tea Party darling Ted Cruz for the crazy vote. If anything, Rand Paul should be thanking Romney for muddling up the Republican middle, not calling him “yesterday’s news”.

Romney, who won some of the Republican primary contests in 2008 but was ultimately beaten by John McCain, went on to lose the presidential election to Barack Obama in 2012. But this time around, Romney is determined to learn from his past mistakes – i.e. not to alienating Hispanics, poor people, binders of women – basically anyone who isn’t a white male millionaire. Who knows – maybe third time’s the charm?

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Turns Out Mitt Romney Didn’t Even Want to Run for President

Mitt Romney

According to a new book Collision 2012, by Washington Post reporter Dan Balz, Mitt Romney didn’t even want to run for president – he only did it because all the other Republican candidates were so terrible.

According to Balz, Romney and his family took a vote to decide if he would run—and he voted no. While vacationing in Hawaii (obviously), twelve Romney family members took a poll. Ten out of twelve voted no for President Romney – including Romney himself. The only yes votes were from Ann Romney and Tagg Romney.Collision 2012

But democracy lost that day in Hawaii and despite Romney’s concerns about not being able to win the primaries, he would go on to run. According to the Romney fam, he had to – no one else was up to snuff!

“Even up until the day before he made the announcement, he was looking for excuses to get out of it. If there had been someone who he thought would have made a better president than he, he would gladly have stepped aside,” Tagg said.

“I didn’t think that any one of them had a good chance of defeating the president,” Mitt Romney told Balz, “and in some cases I thought that they lacked the experience and perspective necessary to do what was essential to get the country on track.”

Right… everyone’s a hero in retrospect. But to be fair – as the primaries dragged on, the Republican candidate pool was looking pretty rough (Rick Santorum, anyone?). But to be even fairer, Mitt Romney began raising money for his campaign far in advance – back when strong candidates like Jon Huntsman and Tim Pawlenty had indicated their intention to run.

At the end of the day it was a win-win situation. Mitt Romney didn’t want to be president and the voters didn’t want him to be president  – everybody wins!! Except Ann Romney – she really wanted to be First Lady.

And at the very least, Romney’s unsuccessful presidential bid brought us this and we should be forever thankful:

Via: The Huffington Post

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Rounding Out the CPAC Roadshow…

CPAC 2013

The annual Conservative Political Action Conference (CPAC), held over the weekend at the Gaylord Convention Center, is a breeding ground of current and future GOP leaders, all coming together to discuss the conservative agenda. Although lately it seems like more of a failed candidate roadshow.


And rounding out the “most interesting” speakers of the weekend:

Bachmann CPACMichele Bachmann

Michele Bachmann bounded onto the stage full of enthusiasm as the music of tween pop starts One Direction blared in the background.

Bachmann ripped into the Obama administration for cancelling the White House tours – something almost every Republican seems fired up about. I guess it’s the only way a Republican can get into the White House these days.

“We are paying someone to walk the president’s dog, but we can’t pay for a veteran to go on a White House tour?”

Aside from that, Bachmann spoke about the Benghazi incident, tried to paint gun control as a women’s issue, and criticized the president’s taxpayer-funded lifestyle of excess.

But mostly she just shouted stuff about love.

“This is our movement, the movement of love, the movement of care. We do this because we love each other and we love our nation!”

Santorum CPACRick Santorum

Rick Santorum gave an emotional speech dripping with social conservatism. No surprise there.

In his ode to traditional values, Santorum blamed America’s problems not on the economy but on moral rot of modern society.

Santorum warned: “for those in our movement, who want to abandon our moral underpinnings, what does it profit a movement to gain the country but lose our own soul?”

Mittens CPACMitt Romney

In his first public speech since the election, Mittens returned to CPAC as a defeated candidate but tried to keep things fairly positive.

“My optimism about America wasn’t diminished by my campaign. In fact, it grew.”

Mittens acknowledged the fact that he probably wasn’t he best person to offer advice on a winning strategy and apolologized for losing the election.

 “I’m sorry I won’t be your president, but I will be your coworker and work shoulder-to-shoulder alongside you.”

Awwww. Mittens.

Palin CPACSarah Palin

There’s nothing like a good ole folksy speech to fire up the crowd, and this year Sarah Palin did not disappoint. Palin took the stage amid a round of cheers, giving a populist speech criticizing the president and Karl Rove but not really offering any specifics on conservative policies.

As usual Palin was critical of the Washington elites:

“We don’t have leadership coming out of Washington, we have reality television.” Has Sarah Palin forgotten about her short-lived reality TV “Sarah Palin’s Alaska”?

And Barack Obama was no exception:

“Mr. President, we admit it: you won. Accept it. Now step away from the teleprompter and do your job.” Palin said as she read from her teleprompter.

Palin also drank a 7-11 Big Gulp during her speech. Either she was sticking it to Mayor Bloomberg or she was afraid of pulling a Marco Rubio.

And just when you thought CPAC couldn’t get any better, she throws in a sex joke about her and her husband Todd.

“He got the rifle, I got the rack.”

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The 47 Percent Filmmaker is Set to Reveal Himself

Mitt Romney 47 percent

Mitt Romney will finally find out who filmed his infamous 47 percent speech. The bartender, who recorded his remarks at a Florida fundraiser during the presidential campaign will reveal himself tonight on the Ed Show.

When Mitt Romney spoke candidly to donors at a $50,000-per-plate fundraiser in Boca Raton, Florida back in May,  he didn’t think he’d be digging his own grave. Well, I wouldn’t say the 47 percent speech ruined his campaign per say, but it certainly didn’t improves his chances with the very voters he desperately needed to support him (aka the 47 percent).

To recap, Romney told his wealthy audience what he really thinks about 47 percent of Americans: They view themselves as entitled victims, love Obama, and are dependent upon the government.

Now, the bartender who secretly recorded Romney’s words and put them up on YouTube for all to see, will reveal his identity on Wednesday night in an hour long interview with MSNBC’s “The Ed Show.”

Why did he do it?

“I debated for a little while, but in the end I really felt it had to be put out. I felt I owed it to the people who couldn’t afford to be there themselves to hear what he really thought…. I simply wanted [Romney’s] words to go out. And everybody could make a judgement based on his words and his words alone. The guy was running for the presidency and these were his core beliefs. I felt an obligation to expose the things he was saying.”

And the icing on the cake? Apparently it was former President Bill Clinton who inspired him to release the video. The bartender had previously worked at a fundraiser where Clinton spoke and recalled him being nothing but nice. After the event Clinton came back to the kitchen, thanked the staff, signed some autographs, took some pictures, etc. Romney on the other hand? He didn’t want to be seen fraternizing with the 47 percent. That’s not Mitt Romney style. 


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