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Morsi: I’m the Real President!!! And Other News…

Morsi President

Someone is feeling a little delusional… Ousted Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi’s murder trial began today and Morsi is not having it.

Morsi defiantly told the court he is the “legitimate president” and as a result the case is illegitimate. Morsi, who, along with 14 other Muslim Brotherhood figures, faces charges of inciting the killing of protesters outside the presidential palace in 2012, also refused to wear the white prison uniform. He and his 14 codefendants, who were being held in a cage in the courtroom, chanted “illegal, illegal” as the court proceedings began. When asked to give his name, the former president said, “I am Dr Mohammed Morsi, the president of the republic. I am Egypt’s legitimate president. You have no right to conduct a trial into presidential matters.” While the judge didn’t totally buy it, he did adjourn the trial until January. BBC News

Rob FordToronto Mayor Rob Ford may be a heavy drinker known to make a fool of himself in public, but he’s no crack addict! At least, according to him. Last week, Toronto police Chief Bill Blair revealed that investigators have recovered a mysterious video of Rob Ford that shows him engaged in activities “consistent” with the media’s widespread crack allegations. Ford then used his weekly radio show to apologize for “mistakes” and drunken behaviour – but insisted he does not smoke crack and will NOT leave office.  “I’m not an alcoholic, I’m not a drug addict,” Ford said. “If I had a problem, I’d be the first one to say I’m not fit to run the city.” After admitting he enjoys a “few cocktails,” Ford added that he will try to limit his drinking in the future. “Have I drank a little too much at times? You’re absolutely right. Am I going to curb that? Absolutely I’m going to curb that.” So… he does have a drinking problem? CBC News

Rand PaulThe Rand Paul plagiarism accusations continue this week with the latest claim that the Kentucky Senator took 1,318 words of his book Government Bullies from a 2003 Heritage Foundation report. Although he had included a link to the Heritage Foundation in the footnotes, he forgot that he was supposed to paraphrase, not use the exact same words. Since it’s the third plagiarism accusation in a week for Rand Paul, he decided to respond… by challenging the footnote police to a duel. Paul said he takes accusations of plagiarism “as an insult” and “if dueling were legal in Kentucky, if they keep it up, you know it’d be a duel challenge.” He also insisted that the “spoken word” should bot be held to the same standard as “if you’re giving a scientific paper” and that 98 percent of his speeches were unrehearsed. And the other 2 percent come straight from Wikipedia. Politico

King TutWell, I’m glad that’s finally solved. The story of King Tut’s mysterious death has now come to an end. A strange end involving spontaneous combustion… but an end nonetheless. King Tut died in 1323 BC and was found several years later in 1922. Now British experts believe they have uncovered the cause of the young pharaoh’s death – a chariot crash. After performing a “vitural autopsy,” researchers concluded that a chariot crashed into him when he was kneeling – presumably while praying or giving a BJ. But that still didn’t explain the burned flesh on his bones. Turns out a botched mummification caused the body to spontaneously combust while in the tomb. Terrible pun in 3..2..1.. looks like this cold case just got hot. USA Today

Nazi LootNazi loot found! Hundreds of works of art by Picasso, Matisse and other famous artists, which were seized by the Nazis, have been found among piles of rotting groceries in a German apartment. The artwork, reportedly worth more than $1 billion was discovered by Germany investigators when the son of Hildebrand Gurlitt, a modern art specialist recruited by the Nazis, was found carrying a suspiciously large amount of cash. Cornelius Gurlitt, 80, inherited the paintings when his father died and kept them hidden in darkened rooms in his “disheveled, food-littered apartment in Munich,” selling one off whenever he needed money. Cornelius claims he was “unaware” of the origins of the paintings – which either makes him an incredibly stupid person or an incredibly bad liar. Although the paintings were uncovered two years ago, German authorities are just now releasing the details. Perhaps to coincide with a certain Hollywood movie…? NBC News

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Pakistani Taliban Are Open For Talks… And Other News

Pakistani Taliban Talks

While House Republicans and Democrats are refusing to speak to one another, the Pakistani Taliban has signalled that they are open to “serious talks” with the government.

Pakistani Taliban leader Hakimullah Mehsud said he would continue to target “America and its friends” but also wishes to engage in peace talks with the Pakistani government. At least they’re being honest! Hakimullah Mehsud denied carrying out recent deadly attacks in public places saying “we consider the safety of Muslims, of scholars, of mosques and madrassas as our sacred duty. As for explosions which cause damage to the life and property of Muslims, we have denied any link the past, we deny any link today.” Well, there goes the honesty… BBC News

Morsi on TrialWhile the violence in Egypt continues, a trial date has been set for the man who started it all (not really): Mohamed Morsi. The ousted former president will go on trial starting on November 4 for committing and inciting violence after the military kicked him out of office in July. Fourteen other members of the Muslim Brotherhood movement will be along for the ride too. Meanwhile, the Brotherhood is still calling for Morsi’s reinstatement and the military government’s ban on all Muslim Brotherhood related activities hasn’t seemed to quell the protests. In fact, it may have made them worse…. But Morsi shouldn’t worry too much. After all, ex-president Hosni Mubarak spent less than two years in jail serving out his “life sentence” for his role in killing protesters. Morsi should be out in no time! CNN

Bachmann TwerkMichele Bachmann cleared up a few common misconceptions about her self today: she is not Miley Cyrus, she has never “done twerking” and does not “intent to take it up.” Good to know. Apparently some people (who must have been watching Saturday Night Live  – or TV for that matter – for the first time in their lives) believed that Miley Cyrus’ impression of Bachmann twerking with House Speaker John Boehner was actually Michele Bachmann. But Bachmann doesn’t mind being mistaken for the pop star: “I will tell you as a 57-year-old woman, it’s been a long time since I’ve been confused for a 20-year-old.” Raw Story

Greenpeace DrugsAre Greenpeace activists crackheads or are Russian authorities sketchy? Probably both, but the environmentalist organization and Russia are in a “he said she said” debate regarding hard drugs allegedly found aboard the Arctic Sunrise. After Russia charged the 30 Greenpeace activists with piracy over an open-sea oil protest, they claim they confiscated some “narcotic substances” which were “presumably poppy straw and morphine.” Greenpeace says Russia is acting nuts. Also, the vessel’s American captain legally kept morphine in his safe for “medical purposes.” Reuters

Bruce and KrisSince the whole “Lamar Odom being a crackhead” thing didn’t pan out as expected, the Kardashains need a new scandal to keep viewers hooked and stop their ratings from plummeting further. So after 22 years of marriage Bruce and Kris Jenner have officially separated and are living apart. “We are much happier this way,” they told E! News, saying they “will always remain best friends and, as always, our family will remain our number one priority.” Next season on Keeping Up With The Kardashians: Kris Jenner goes on a lot of awkward dates with a lot of younger men and Bruce Jenner hides his emotions under his plastic surgeried face. DListed

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Current Event Cat of the Day: Egyptian State of Emergency

Current EVent Cat - Egypt Emergency

Reagan’s gone for two weeks and Egypt still hasn’t sorted out it’s problems! The latest in Egypt’s spiral towards self-destruction is that the presidency has declared a state of emergency.

The emergency of course being that dozens of people were killed when government security forces stormed protest camps in Cairo.

The protest camps had been occupied by protesters loyal to ousted president Mohamed Morsi, who was deposed in early July. Riot police decided that next on their list of things to depose were the protesters. And depose they did! Security forces swept in with armoured vehicles, bulldozers and helicopters on Wednesday to clear two sprawling encampments of Morsi supporters. Not surprisingly, there was a bit of a scuffle between the two sides and some pro-Morsi activists ended up being killed while others ended up being chased into the nearby zoo and Cairo University.

The two sides couldn’t even agree on the number of casualties: Security forces say 95 people have been killed. But the Muslim Brotherhood, which backed the protests, says hundreds have died. The 17-year-old daughter of leading Muslim Brotherhood figure Mohamed el-Beltagy was among the dead, as well as a cameraman working for Sky news and a reporter for Gulf News.

The incident led Interim President Adly Mansour to declare a month long state of emergency. Desperate to get things under his control, Mansour has ordered the armed forces to support the police in efforts to restore law and order and protect state facilities. But overall the government is pretty pleased with their efforts so far. In a televised statement, a government spokesman congratulated the security forces on the their successful operation to clear the camps and praised their “self-restraint”, highlighting the “smaller number” of injuries among protesters. Success! Egyptian style.

Via: Current Event Cats & BBC News


Current Event Cat of the Day: Muslim Brotherhood Arrests

Current Event Cat - Orders Arrest Muslim Brotherhood

Egypt’s prosecutor general has ordered the arrest of the leader of the Muslim Brotherhood, Mohamed Badie, and nine others.

The charges against the Muslim Brotherhood crew? Instigating violence after Monday’s massacre, where over 50 Morsi supporters died after the Egyptian army opened fire on them outside the Republican Guard building in Cairo.

The Muslim Brotherhood, which former President Morsi belongs to, says his ousting by the military a week ago was totally a coup. They also claim that the armed forces carried out a massacre of peaceful demonstrators who were peacefully protesting Morsi’s ousting. Police and military claim they were acting in self-defense and had opened fire only after being attacked by armed assailants. A classic case of he said she said!

Meanwhile, Egypt’s new interim government under temporary president Adly Mansour isn’t winning over the crowds. A coalition of liberal leaders who oppose his rule have rejected his government’s timetable for an election to be held in a year. The coalition, known as the National Salvation Front, said it had not been included in the decision-making process.

The Muslim Brotherhood isn’t too pleased either with the proposed transition plan. They have vowed to continue its street protests until the ousted Morsi, Egypt’s first freely elected president, is returned to power. Unless they all get arrested first…

Via: BBC News & Current Event Cats

Current Event Cat of the Day: Egyptian Troops Open Fire

Current Event Cat - OPen Fire

Now it’s the Egyptian army’s turn to play the bad guy. Egyptian troops have opened fire on pro-Morsi protesters after a public show of support for Egypt’s ousted president.

Egyptian troops opened fire on a crowd of several hundred during a march towards the military barracks in Cairo where Morsi is believed to be held, killing at least three Morsi-lovers.  Several dozen people were also injured by shotgun pellets fired by the army.

“One protester broke away from the rally to stick a pro-Morsi poster on the barbed-wire around the barracks. He was shot in the head with a birdshot,” an Al Jazeera’s correspondent reported.

The Muslim Brotherhood is refusing to negotiate with the new government, saying it will now pull a total role reversal and adopt the tactic that led to the deposition of their first democratically elected leader: street protests! As thousands of pro-Morsi / anti-coup protesters gathered in Cairo, Senior Muslim Brotherhood member Mohamed ElBeltagy told them:

“Your brothers are now at the Republican Guards trying to help president Morsi get out. Your brothers are being fired at with live bullets. I call on the military is to remove the defence minister and to bring president Morsi back to power. We are going to the republican guards as martyrs in million. Today, president Morsi should come back to power,” ElBeltagy said.

Well, that would be an interesting twist. The Egyptian army’s current post-coup military plan includes a suspension of the Constitution, the institution of an interim government and the promise of new elections within the year. But if the Muslim Brotherhood gets its way the new post-coup military plan will be a … double coup! Twice the fun and ten times the casualties.

Via: Al Jazeera & Current Event Cats

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Things Aren’t Looking Good for Morsi…

Bye Morsi

Time’s up! The deadline the Egyptian armed forces set for President Mohamed Morsi to find a resolution with his opponents has passed.

On Monday Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi was given a 48-hour deadline to make nice with the protesters or the military would intervene. 24 hours later, Morsi remained defiant and refused to step down, rejecting the army’s ultimatum. He made it clear that he had no intention of giving in to this demand, declaring on national television that he was democratically elected and any efforts to remove him from office were “unacceptable.”

Now Morsi is slowly changing his tune. Just before the deadline passed, Morsi issued a statement on Facebook (really?), offering to form an interim coalition government that would oversee parliamentary elections and a committee to amend the Constitution. Never one to blame himself, he blamed the unrest on corruption and remnants of the ousted regime of Hosni Mubarak and also on his opponents for not bringing their problems to him sooner.

“The presidency’s vision includes the formation of a coalition government that would manage the upcoming parliamentary electoral process, and the formation of an independent committee for constitutional amendments to submit to the upcoming parliament,” Morsi said in a posting on his Facebook page.

But it may be too little too late for Morsi. The military has placed him on a travel ban and tweets from Egypt indicate that a coup is already under way. Army tanks have begun rolling through the streets of Cairo, as the Egyptian military takes up key sites around the city.

Citing a “senior official source”, the state run newspaper has announced that Morsi “is no longer a part of the decision-making circle.”

“The president is no longer able to make any political decisions now and a decision has been taken to prevent leaders loyal to the current regime from traveling overseas until the General Command of the Armed Forces are finished formulating their expected statement,” the newspaper added.

There is some debate over whether or not to classify this as a military coup, but things aren’t looking great for Morsi. Egyptians are waiting to hear a statement from the army but once (if?) the military takes over, it’s reported that their plan will include an outline for new presidential elections, the suspension of the new constitution and the dissolution of parliament. Just try not vote in Morsi again Egypt!

Via: The New York Times

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Current Event Cat of the Day: Morsi’s Ultimatum

Morsi Ultimatum

Egyptian President Mohamed Morsi has been given an ultimatum: get out or…. get out.

On Monday the Army delivered an ultimatum giving Morsi 48 hours to satisfy the public’s demands or the armed forces would intervene and impose their own “road map” out of the crisis. Considering the demands of the people are for Morsi to resign, it’s unlikely Morsi will find a compromise. Instead, he decided to deny the ultimatum, saying the Army never consulted him before giving the 48-hour ultimatum for him to give up power. He claimed the army’s declaration could cause confusion, and the presidency would continue on its own path towards national reconciliation.

Other members of his government seemed a little more concerned and began to jump ship. Since the mass outbreak of anti-Morsi protests on Sunday, six high-ranking officials have quit his cabinet, including Foreign Minister Mohamed Kamel Amr. Morsi’s grip on the country was further loosened when a court ruled that the Morsi-appointed prosecutor general, Talaat Abdallah, be removed.

As the ultimatum deadline approaches, thousands of protesters gathered in Tahrir Square in central Cairo, the birthplace of the 2011 uprising, to demand Morsi step down. The mass protests began on Sunday, the first anniversary of Morsi’s inauguration, and were the largest Egypt has seen since the Mubarak days. Hours before the military ultimatum, the group organizing the anti-Morsi protests, Tamarod (Rebel), issued an ultimatum of its own, giving Morsi until Tuesday afternoon to step down or it would escalate the rallies. Not quite as concerning as a military coup, but still a threat nonetheless.

The ball is now in Morsi’s court.

Via: The New York Times & Current Event Cats

Why is Egypt so Angry?

Angry Egypt

As I type, opponents of Islamist President Mohammed Morsi are clashing with the police outside of the presidential palace in Egypt. The protesters hurled molotov cocktails at Morsi’s palace, demanding he be overthrown.

Since it’s 2011 revolution, Egypt has never been the picture of stability, but Cairo has seen the worst of the violence over the past week in which more than 60 people were killed. Clashes started up again last week sparked by the death sentences imposed on 21 local people in connection with soccer riots.

But whats really behind the clashes? Why is Egypt so angry and why do they hate Morsi so?

Well first, Morsi’s response to the recent clashes left much to be desired. After announcing a state of emergency on Sunday, he ordered a night-time curfew to stay in place for 30 days. This didn’t go over too well and many protesters just ended up ignoring it.

But the underlying cause of the protests stem from Morsi imposing a new form of authoritarianism and betraying the values of the uprising two years ago. After being elected last year, President Morsi issued a constitutional declaration that greatly expanded his own powers, prompting some opponents to call the Muslim Brotherhood leader the “new pharaoh.”

Morsi rushed in the new controversial Islamist-tinged constitution which many regarded as undemocratic. Although the constitution was put to a referendum, turnout was low and ‘sketchiness’ was reported. And so tens of thousands of Egyptians continue to protest the Morsi’s power grab and the general lack of change in Egypt.

Ok – Morsi is a bit of a pharaoh, but the problem runs far deeper than Morsi. Egypt is now plagued by a fundamental lack of security, regardless of who reigns. It’s the anti-Morsi sentiment combined with widespread law and order problems and a loss of confidence in state institutions, that have spurred speculations about whether the Egyptian state will collapse. I guess we’ll just wait and see…

Via: BBC

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