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Current Event Cat of the Day: Colorado Flash Flood

Current Event Cat - Flash Flood

Hundreds have been evacuated amid a flash flood in Boulder, Colorado.

The flooding from a fast-moving storm that dumped 7 inches of rain in three hours has managed to kill at least two people and left many stranded. One person was killed in the collapse of a home while another body was found floating along the water by police on flood patrol in Colorado Springs.

The streets of Boulder are now rivers and several homes have collapsed in nearby Jamestown. Students at University of Colorado, Boulder, were ordered to leave the school and classes were cancelled on Thursday due to the intense flooding. Flood day! Other residents were also advised to evacuate or “seek higher ground immediately”.

Flood watch isn’t over yet. The flash flood warning will continue into the evening. Oh and the storm has also triggered mudslides.

In other Colorado news, on Tuesday two Democratic state senators in Colorado were kicked out of office after helping to pass tough gun-control laws. The first-ever recall elections were a reaction to the Democrats’ support for tougher gun laws in the aftermath of last year’s mass shootings in Aurora and Newtown. Senate President John Morse of Colorado Springs and Sen. Angela Giron of Pueblo both lost their jobs and were replaced by two gun-loving Republicans. Maybe the storm was their revenge?

Via: USA Today & Current Event Cats


Current Event Cat of the Day: Toronto Rainstorm

Current EVent Cat - Toronto Rainstorm

Not to be outdone by the Calgary floods, a heavy rainstorm in Toronto has left 300,000 people without power and flooded parts of city.

Canadians love talking about the weather but when it comes to extreme weather many cities seem unable to function. Toronto and its surrounding suburbs experienced some extreme weather on Monday and a bit into Tuesday as riverbanks spilled over onto roadways creating delays for commuters. The rainstorm also brought high winds that knocked out power to some areas, leaving about 300,000 without electricity overnight.

Heavy rainfall had been predicted but Torontonians got more than expected with 126 millimeters falling across Toronto — most of which fell during the evening commute. The amount of rainfall on Monday was more than a month’s average and also topped Hurricane Hazel’s one day rainfall total in 1954.

The rainstorm flooded some major roads and subway stations, causing traffic chaos in a city that already has traffic chaos on a regular basis. Hundreds of passengers were stranded for several hours on a flooded commuter train and had to be evacuated on small inflatable police boats.

“It’s unbelievable, water was pouring down the stairs in the subway station and then the lights went out, it was really scary. When we got outside, you could see parked cars surrounded in water up to their windows,” said a TTC rider who was trying to get home from work from Mississauga.

Rainstorm2Porter Airlines cancelled all Monday’s flights to and from Toronto due to the rough weather and Pearson airport cancelled some as well.

But not to worry: Mayor Crackhead is on the job! Toronto Mayor Rob Ford told CBC Radio that, “it’s all hands on deck. We’ve got everything covered. We’re doing the best we can.”

“We’ve brought in crews, we’ve brought in everybody to deal with the storm.”

Mayor Ford urged Torontonians to follow his example and stay inside Monday night. Another helpful mayoral tip: to keep his kids cool, Ford loaded the family into his SUV during the blackout. Weird.

Via: CBC News

Flooding, Flooding, Everywhere!

Flooding in India

First there was mass flooding in central Europe, then India, and now… Calgary?

After wreaking havoc in Germany, Hungary, Austria, Switzerland and the Czech Republic the floodwaters in central Europe have dropped and clean up crews are in damage-control mode.

Over in India, things aren’t looking so sunny. The death toll from flooding and landslides following heavy monsoon rains in the northern Indian state of Uttarakhand has risen to nearly 600. The state’s Chief Minister, Vijay Bahuguna, said 556 bodies had been seen floating or buried in “slush”, and that the army was working to recover them. Rescuers also found 40 bodies floating down the River Ganges near Haridwar, a Hindu holy city.

34,000 people have been evacuated so far in Uttarakhand and another 50,000 are still stranded in the region. It’s kind of hard to leave when the roads and bridges were washed away by the floods. But the air force has been dropping paratroopers, food, and medicine for people trapped in the  towns and villages that are now cut off and soldiers are working on reopening roads.

And then there’s Calgary. Torrential rains and widespread flooding in southern Alberta have ripped out roads, cut off communities and forced about 100,000 people to evacuate their homes in Calgary. Flooding in CalgaryBut unlike in India, where bodies were found floating down the river, only one person has been reported missing and Calgarians are watching their cars, couches and refrigerators float away.

A Canmore resident described waking up to the rumbling sound of the creek near his house:

“At first it was just intense, pretty powerful, amazing thing to watch. As daylight came, it just got bigger and bigger and wider and wider, and it’s still getting bigger and bigger and wider and wider.

“All you can hear is like boulders and trees. I watched a refrigerator go by, I watched a shed go by, I watched couches go by. It’s insane.”

Better than dead bodies though!

Via: CBC News 

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