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Oregon Mother Beats 4-Year-Old To Death Because She Thought He Was Gay

Jessica Dutro Kills 4-year-old

Jessica Dutro, 25, is facing murder charges after allegedly subjecting her 4-year-old son to deadly beatings because she thought he was gay. And this is why some people should never be allowed to have children…

4-year-old Zachary Dutro-Boggess was brought to a Portland hospital in August 2012 where doctors determined he was dying from trauma to his abdomen that caused tears in his bowel. Two days of suffering later, he was taken off life support. That same day, his loving mother went online and searched terms such as anger management and parenting classes. She also searched listings for free stuff and sex with strangers – because why not?

Jessica Dutro is now on trial in Washington County Circuit Court. The trial revealed that the Oregon mom had sent Facebook messages to her then boyfriend, Brian Canady, complaining that her 4-year-old son might be gay.

Her son was going to be gay, she wrote, using a slur. “He walks and talks like it. Ugh.”

She also suggested Canady should “work on” Zachary to make him less gay.

Canady already pleaded guilty earlier in the month to first-degree manslaughter and second-degree assault, in connection with Zachary’s death. Apparently he took “working on Zachary”, to mean kicking the toddler in the stomach while wearing shoes.

Jessica Dutro also has a 7-year-old daughter and 3-year-old son who are said to have shown signs of physical abuse. So maybe it wasn’t really about Zachary’s perceived homosexuality? Maybe she’s just a good old fashioned child abuser – and to steal a quote from True Detective:

“Prison is very, very hard on people who hurt kids. If you get the opportunity, you should kill yourself.”

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Portland Pimp Sues Nike for $100 Million After Stomping on a Man’s Face with his Nike Brand Jordans

Nike Pimp

Sirgiorgiro Clardy, a 26-year-old Portland pimp, has filed a $100 million lawsuit against Nike, claiming the shoe manufacturer is at least partially (if not fully) responsible for a brutal beating he gave to a local john.

Last July, Clardy was declared a dangerous offender and sentenced to 100 years in prison after he used his Nike brand Jordans to stomp the face of a man for not paying one of his prostitutes.  The man required stitches and plastic surgery after the beating. Clardy also beat the 18-year-old prostitute so hard that she bled from her ears. No word on if the prostitute got her money.

Now Clardy is claiming that Nike is the one at fault here. The pimp argued that Nike should have placed a warning in the shoes cautioning consumers that the kicks have the potential to be used as a dangerous weapon. What Clardy will do with his $100 million while serving his 100-year sentence, no one knows. Cigarettes? Bribing inmates not to rape him?

Here is an exert from his three-page complaint handwritten from the Eastern Oregon Correctional Institution in Pendleton:

“Under product liability there is a certain standard of care that is required to be up-held by potentially dangerous product … Do (sic) to the fact that these defendants named in this Tort claim failed to warn of risk or to provide an adequate warning or instruction it has caused personal injury in the likes of mental suffering.”

Clardy also wrote in the complaint that he’s tried to starve himself and kill himself multiple times as a result of his sentence, to which Nike will likely respond: Just do it.

Via: Oregon Live

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