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Japan (Finally) Bans Child Porn Possession

Japan Bans Child Porn

Japan has banned possession of child pornography… wait, child porn was legal in Japan?!?

Becoming one of the last developed countries to do so, Japan finally took the plunge and banned the possession of child sex-abuse images.

The upper house of parliament overwhelmingly voted in favour of revising the current laws (under which only the production and distribution of child pornography were banned) to include possession. The new law states that anyone found with child porn images can be jailed for up to a year or fined up to $10,000.

But because it’s Japan and they love their weird sexualized cartoons, the law excludes the depiction of sexual acts with children in “manga” comic books, anime, and video games. Despite the calls for the uber-sexualized manga imagery to be included in the new law, there was strong resistance from manga artists and publishers, who believed such a ban would violate their right to free speech.

So drawings of wide-eyed children engaged in extremely explicit sexual activities are fine, possession of actual wide-eyed slit-eyed children engaged in extremely explicit sexual activities only became illegal this week, but normal porn between two consenting adults is still required to be pixelated in Japan. Makes sense…. in Japan?

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U.S. Airways Sends Porn Tweet Apology, Then Apologizes

U.S. Airways Tweet

While American Airlines is busy hunting down 14-year-old white girl terrorists, U.S. Airways is sending out pornographic tweets to disgruntled passengers.

When a pissed off passenger took to Twitter to air her grievances about sitting on the tarmac for an hour, U.S. Airways responded with a nice little note… and a picture of some girl getting nosedived by a 777 replica. Oops. Full version available here.

After U.S. Airways realized they had posted a picture of a vagina swallowing a plane, they went into full damage control and deleted the Tweet. Unfortunately for them, it took a full hour for them to realize their pornographic error and by that time it had been retweeted hundreds, if not billions, of times.

US Aiways Apology

U.S Airways claims another user had sent the naked image to the company’s Twitter account and they were trying to flag the image as inappropriate but instead mistakenly included it in a message to a complaining customer. Right…

Meanwhile, now that American Airlines is dealing with teenage terrorist threats and U.S Airways is emerged in some kind of porn scandal, Southwest Airlines has seized the moment and decided to wow it’s passengers with a flight attendant turned comedian. Passengers on the short flight to Salt Lake City, Utah, were treated to a one-woman safety features/stand-up show that ended in raucous applause and cheers. The viral video had more than 630,000 hits by early Tuesday morning.

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FBI Arrests The Most Hated Man On The Internet: Revenge Porn King Hunter Moore

Revenge Porn Moore

Revenge porn finally got its revenge when the FBI indicted Hunter Moore, dubbed the Revenge Porn King, on Thursday.

Hunter Moore, 27, and his hacking pal Charles Evens, 24, face charges including conspiracy, unauthorized access to a protected computer to obtain information and aggravated identity theft – among others.

Moore is accused of hacking email accounts and stealing nude photos to post on “Is Anyone Up” a now defunct website dedicated to publishing revenge porn. Moore encouraged users to post naked photos of their former girlfriends without their consent, as well as personal details about them. But I guess Moore couldn’t find enough angry ex-boyfriends scummy enough to post amateur porn shots of their ex-girlfriends and had to take matters into his own hands by hacking email accounts.

Moore’s website posted over two dozen nude photos a day, almost always of women, along with screenshots of the victims’ names, social media accounts, and addresses. And these weren’t all teenagers taking sexual duck-faced selfies in their bedrooms (not that that’s fair game for email hackers…)

Here are the stories of three victims from an xojane article about a woman who tried to take Moore down:

Tory lived in Atlanta, and her computer had been compromised by “Gary Jones.” A medical image of her bloody and bandaged breasts appeared on Is Anyone Up? next to her name, workplace and a link to her Facebook page. Her nipples were fully visible.

“The photo is from my doctor’s office,” Tory weeped into the phone. “I’d just had surgery. How could someone do this to me?”

Tina from northern California was also a victim. She and a female friend had been documenting weight loss through photos. Some of the shots were topless. “Gary Jones” had gotten into Tina’s email, nabbed the sexiest pictures, and sent them to Moore, who posted them. “I was horrified,” she told me on the phone. “I was at the drugstore and a total stranger came up to me and said ‘I’ve seen you naked.’” Tina had been stalked online, and she was seeing a psychologist because she no longer felt safe in the world.

Forty-year-old Cathy was divorced, and she feared losing custody of her two children. She had taken extreme measures to dodge the graphic photos depicted beside her name, city and social media links. Cathy had not been hacked; her photos had been morphed. In other words, she had never taken a nude shot. Someone had photoshopped her head with an unknown nude body in highly acrobatic and embarrassing poses. It made Cathy look like a veteran porn star.“I’ve emailed Hunter Moore 20 times. He knows it isn’t me, but he won’t take the pictures down,” she wailed. “Please help me.”

Ahhh.. now the whole “The Most Hated Man on the Internet” makes total sense.

After the FBI began to get involved, Moore suddenly sold his domain to an anti-bullying site, bullyville.com, and effectively shut down Is Anyone Up back in April, 2012.

“I’m f*cking sick of looking at little kids naked, and I’m sick of my f*cking site. I’m sick of f*cking people calling me a ‘f*ggot’ and telling me to kill myself,” Moore said at the time. “I’m tired of f*cking looking out the window and thinking somebody’s going to f*cking come through and murder me in my sleep.”

Unfortunately no one came through his window and murdered him in his sleep, but if found guilty, he will face decades in prison. 

Via: Mother Jones

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Jenna Jameson Returns to Porn… And Other News

Jenna Jameson

Because oxycontin’s only cheap if you don’t do it ten times a day, Jenna Jameson announced she will be returning to the porn industry after vowing in 2008 to “never ever ever spread my legs again in this industry. Ever.”

But times got tough for Jenna Jameson – her husband beat her, she got divorced, she lost her house to foreclosure  – and now she must find a way to feed her family / oxycontin addiction the only way she knows how: porn. The 39-year-old porn star is now doing some webcam work, stripping and performing sex acts online in exchange for tips. Considering that 20 years of banging on camera left Jenna Jameson looking like a weathered tranny, she should probably start thinking of some backup plans (aside from her erotic novel). Huffington Post

50 Shades of HerpesSpeaking of inanimate objects that have been passed around a few too many times and are dripping in STDs, Belgian scientists recently found a library copy of Fifty Shades of Grey that has herpes.  Two professors in Belgium decided to perform toxicology and bacterial screenings on the 10 most popular books at the Antwerp library. The results? The popular erotic novel Fifty Shades of Grey tested positive for trace amount of the herpes virus and all 10 of the books contained traces of cocaine. The amounts were not high enough that people would get high or contract herpes from touching Fifty Shades of Grey, but were definitely enough to consider investing in your own copy. Or you can just wait until Valentine’s Day 2015 when the movie is out and spend your night quietly masturbating in the theatre. Gawker

Brian Wilson BeardNo razor? No Yankees! The New New Yankees have a strict Steinbrenner-era facial hair policy, which requires neatly groomed mustaches and NO hair below the lip. General Manager Brian Cashman revealed that the team had shown interest in Brian Wilson, the eccentric former San Francisico Giants closer known for his wildly unkempt beard. Wilson, however, reportedly refused to shave his facial hair in order to join the team. He also reportedly turned down a $1 million offer from a razor company to shave it off. Cashman’s response? “Cross him off the list.” Well, he could always try out for Duck Dynasty. NY Daily News

Whitey Mob BossBoston mob boss James “Whitey” Bulgar has been handed two life sentences plus five years by a court in Boston after being convicted of racketeering, extortion, money laundering, obstruction of justice, narcotics distribution, and participation in eleven murders. Did they really need to tack on the extra five years? According to U.S. District Judge Denise Casper, yes. “The scope, the callousness, the depravity of your crimes are almost unfathomable. Your crimes are made all the more heinous because they are all about money,” she said. The 84-year-old mobster, who prosecutors described as a “sociopath,” had been on the FBI’s most wanted list alongside Osama bin Laden for sixteen years before being arrested by the FBI in 2011. BBC News

Rob Ford and WifeToronto Mayor / heart attack waiting to happen Rob Ford has apologized for the “unforgivable language” about oral sex he used on Thursday in remarks made to reporters. Hours after telling the world he doesn’t want to eat his staffer’s “pussy” because he’s “got more than enough to eat at home,” he appeared again before reporters to apologize. Oh, and he dragged his wife along too. “When you attack my integrity as a father and as a husband, I see red. Today I acted on complete impulse in my remarks,” Ford told reporters while his humiliated wife, who was probably wishing she was dead, stood at his side. Ford also said he was under “tremendous stress” and was “receiving support from a team of health care professionals.” Nothing that a little crack smoking and pussy eating won’t cure! The Toronto Star

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Toronto Film Company Centre of Child Pornography Investigation

Child Pornography Investigation

It’s been a rough couple of weeks for Toronto’s reputation and it’s not getting much better. Police have revealed that a Toronto-based film company was the centre of a three-year child pornography investigation.

Toronto police announced that over the course of the investigation, 348 people have been arrested and nearly 400 sexually abused children rescued.

At the heart of the child pornography ring was Toronto-based Azoz Films. The film company allegedly sold DVDs and streamed videos of naked children, which they marketed as “naturist” and claimed the “non-sexually explicit” material was legal in Canada and the U.S. Spoiler alert: it wasn’t.

With the help of law enforcement from the U.S. and Eastern Europe, Toronto police were able to determine the identities of customers using Azov Films’ databases, leading to a series of raids and arrests of purchasers of child pornography around the world.

“It is alleged that officers located hundreds of thousands of images and videos detailing horrific sexual acts against very young children – some of the worst they have ever viewed,” police told reporters.

Among the 348 people arrested in the international child sex abuse investigation were 40 teachers, six law enforcement personnel, nine pastors or priests and a few doctors and nurses. Translation: don’t trust your kids with anyone.

The owner of Azov Films, Canadian Brian Way, 42, has been in custody since his arrest in May 2011, and his company has since been shut down. The investigation, however, known as Project Spade, is still ongoing and police are certain that more arrests will be made – so stop watching child pornography, you perverts.

Via: CNN

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The Porn Moratorium (Pornoratorium?) is Over

Porn Moratorium

Porn addicts rejoice! An adult film industry trade group announced that porn shooting can resume Friday after a two-week moratorium prompted by three new HIV cases in the community.

The adult film industry’s trade association originally called for a moratorium in August after a 28-year-old female performer, Cameron Bay, tested positive for HIV, effectively putting an end to her once promising career that included scenes with Xander Corvus — the man who starred as scandal-laden politician Anthony Weiner in Sydney Leathers’ just released porn debut “Weiner and Me.”

“As difficult as this news is for me today, I am hopeful that no other performers have been affected,” Bay said in a statement, “I plan on doing everything possible to assist the medical professionals and my fellow performers. Following that, my long term plan is to take care of myself and my health.”

Shortly after that moratorium was lifted, Rod Daily, another porn actor who is Bay’s real-life boyfriend, announced on Twitter (why not?) that he also had HIV. Then a third adult actor tested positive, prompting the latest porn freeze.

However, the coalition says all three appear to have contracted the virus in private life and all of their on-screen partners have tested negative. Therefore, porn is totally safe.

The HIV scare did have some effect on the porn industry though. The industry said it would revise its rules on testing for sexually transmitted diseases, requiring porn starts to be tested every 14 days instead of every 28, and all actors will have to be tested on or before Thursday to be cleared for work.

Our industry protocols are designed to be conservative and our doctors support a conservative approach, for the health and well-being of the performers,” said Diane Duke, the porn coalition’s CEO.

Nothing says conservative approach like porn without protection. Now get back to work!

Via: The Los Angeles Times

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