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Zimbabwean President Robert Mugabe’s Wife Awarded PhD… After Being Enrolled for Two Months

Grace Mugabe

The first lady of Zimbabwe, Grace Mugabe, is not known for her academic intellect, but “somehow” she managed to graduate with a PhD from the University of Zimbabwe.

President Robert Mugabe, who just happens to be chancellor of the University of Zimbabwe, capped his wife last week and awarded her a PhD in sociology. Her thesis, according to the state-owned Herald newspaper, was on the changing social structure and functions of the family.

Grace Mugabe, who is best known for getting knocked up with the president’s child while his first wife, Sally, lay bedridden due to a kidney ailment, can now add doctor to her growing CV, which also includes a dairy business, building a school, and keeping the world economy afloat by going on ridiculous shopping sprees.

News of the first lady’s graduation has come as a surprise to many Zimbaweans, mainly because she was only reported to have enrolled two months ago. Plus, past reports in Zimbabwe said the 49-year-old first lady had dropped out of a correspondence course at the University of London after failing most of the exams with marks as low as 7%.

But according to Grace, she had to work hard for her degree. It seems Grace Mugabe may be just as delusional as her husband, who recently claimed the reason he is not invited to Western summits is because Barack Obama is “afraid of him”. It couldn’t be because of all those human rights abuses, right?

Although, to be fair to Grace, it probably does take a lot of hard work to keep Robert Mugabe’s 90-year-old dick erect. So congrats on your latest accomplishment, Grace! Although, you probably could have just gone to India, paid $50 and gotten the degree in half the time. Plus, you wouldn’t have had to marry a crazed genocidal dictator. But everything is 20/20 in hindsight…

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