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Sarah Thomson Out-Cracks Rob Ford With A New Transit Video

Sarah THomson Rob Ford

When you’re running a mayoral race against an overweight alcoholic crackhead who’s currently in rehab, it’s pretty hard to make yourself look like the dumbest candidate. Unless, of course, you’re Sarah Thomson…

Toronto Mayoral candidate Sarah Thomson, who ran for mayor in 2010 and later accused Rob Ford of grabbing her butt at an event, is back in the race for 2014 – but this time she brought her A F game. Trading in a more traditional hairstyle for dreadlocks after the last election, Thomson said she will be “keeping it real” this time around.

Hoping to “keep it real” while at the same time hammer home her $25 billion transit plan dubbed “Tunnel Toronto”, Sarah Thomson has unleashed a new music video so cringeworthy that it makes Rob Ford’s “more than enough to eat at home” comment seem almost charming.

Sung to the music of Pitbull and Kesha’s hit song “Timber,” the new transit video features Thomson singing about her tunnel plan with another singer she identifies as “White Kanye.” The remixed version of the song was rewritten to drive home the point that underground transportation (i.e. subways) is the way to go.

“White Kanye” would rather remain anonymous for the time being – for reasons that will become obvious once you watch the video:

When asked why anyone would ever think this was a good idea to promote subway expansion, Thomson told CP24:

“We were just brainstorming on how we could get the message of the need to go underground out… and reaching a broader demographic and we thought ‘why not a music video.’”

I’ll do whatever it takes to inspire people to invest in transit expansion,” Thomson said.

Unfortunately, “whatever it takes” involves making Toronto’s crack-smoking mayor Rob Ford look like the sane choice.

(Dedicated to Charissa, a card-carrying Conservative)

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