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Lesus Christ! The Italian Mint Screws Up… And Other News

Lesus Christ

What would Lesus do? He would probably spell his name correctly.

The Italian State Mint misspelled Jesus on special medals for the Vatican to commemorate a new pontiff. The Vatican has had to pull over 6,000 of the gold, silver, and bronze collectibles that went on sale Tuesday which spelled “Jesus” as “Lesus.” The four lucky buyers who managed to get their hands on the Lesus medals before the error was noticed may be in for a treat – experts are predicting the value of the medals will soar. Lesus Christ! The Telegraph

Christie Big MacNew Jersey goes gay! A New Jersey judge has ruled against the state’s request to delay same-sex marriages, meaning same-sex couples could potentially walk down the aisle in as little as two weeks – no thanks to Chris Christie. The New Jersey Governor wanted to push off gay marriage until the appeal of an earlier decision is settled. But mainly he felt that if he couldn’t marry what he loves (Big Macs), homosexuals shouldn’t be allowed to marry who they love. The Guardian

StarbsStarbucks for President? No one likes a shutdown but Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz really hates a shutdown. The Starbs mogul is offering customers in the US a political petition, along with their $5 coffee, that urges Washington to get over their differences and end the government shutdown. Customers can sign the “Come Together Petition” online or print a copy, gather signatures and return it to the store. But how exactly can Congress end the government shutdown? By passing a “bipartisan and comprehensive long-term budget deal by the end of the year.” Easier said than done – especially when you’re dealing with Tea Party nuts. Maybe Starbucks should stick to coffee beans. CBC News

MigrantsAgain!?! A week after more than 300 African migrants drowned when their vessel capsized, another boat carrying 200 migrants has capsized off the same Italian island of Lampedusa. They should really look into their boat making skills – or at least find a better route. 27 people are confirmed dead but a significant number of the “undocumented Italian citizens” were rescued  by a life raft tossed down by a military aircraft. Rescuers are still searching for additional survivors. BBC News

elephant-pointElephants get the point! A new study published this month in the journal Current Biology reveals that elephants can understand pointing – something cats certainly can’t do. Researchers found that African elephants could read their visual cues and locate buckets of fruit. Meanwhile, in Missouri, a 41-year-old elephant charged and killed a zookeeper who had come to feed her. What set off the incident is unclear but I’m pretty sure the zookeeper gave the elephant the finger. CNN

thanksgiving-cat-is-not-happyHappy Thanksgiving weekend to Canadians! This year Canadians have a lot to be thankful for – mainly that they got rid of Ted Cruz at a young age and he wasn’t able to shutdown their government. Also, they don’t have a looming debt-ceiling crisis. Yay!

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Michele Bachmann Thinks The End Of The World Is Near… And Other News

Michele Bachmann

Crazy ole congresswomen Michelle Bachmann is claiming that “we are in God’s End Times” because President Obama is supplying al-Qaeda with arms.

He’s not, but if he were it certainly wouldn’t be the first time the US government gave terrorists weapons and had it come back and bite them in the ass. Anyways, Michele Bachmann takes the scripture seriously and believes Obama giving arms to Syrian rebels is going to bring on the Second Coming of Christ. But she also said that Obamacare would “literally” kill women, children and senior citizens and that HPV vaccinations cause mental retardation. So… she’s clearly had her HPV vaccination. The Atlantic Wire

obama boehnerTurns out shutting down the government wasn’t the best way to win over the hearts of Americans. According to a new Washington Post/ABC News poll, 70 percent of Americans disapprove of the way congressional Republicans are handling the budget negotiations. And 51 percent “strongly” disapprove. On the flip side, President Obama’s approval rating has risen a few points, although 51 percent of Americans still disapprove of the way he has handled the crisis with 39 percent “strongly” disapproving. Note: 40 percent of that 39 percent is made up of Ted Cruz. Washington Post

Dubai taxiAnd the father of the year goes to… the Middle Eastern version of Kevin McCallister’s dad. The award winning father left his five-year-old son in the back of a taxi in Dubai as he and his family rushed to make their flight home. The family grabbed their bags out of the cab and ran to the departure desk but forgot about the boy sleeping in the back of the car. Once the father realized he pulled a Home Alone, he contacted the Dubai police and they tracked down the cab using CCTV footage and alerted the driver – who apparently had no idea there was a kid in the backseat. Or did he…? 7 Days in Dubai

Italy ShipwreckShipwreck report: Rescue workers are still searching for bodies from a boat carrying African migrants that sank off the coast of Italy last week.  The death toll is now at 274 and is still rising. The survivor count is now at 155 and probably won’t be rising… The boat was carrying about 500 passengers – mostly from Eritrea and Somalia. When you don’t bother with life-jackets you can really squeeze people in! But survivors tapped into their survival skills and developed make-shift floating devices: the dead bodies of their companions. And once again, the captain did NOT go down with the ship. Instead he’s in custody in Agrigento, Sicily. As for the survivors, they’re waiting in a cramped migrant detention center waiting to see if they will be deported or if the Italian government will give them a pity stay. CNN

Malaria VaccineThere might be a lot less diarrhea in Africa soon… and a lot fewer child deaths. In its 30 year fight against malaria, British drugmaker GlaxoSmithKline says it’s found the world’s first malaria vaccine. The pharmaceutical agency is seeking regulatory approval for the vaccine after trial data showed that it had cut the number of cases in African children. Malaria, which is spread by evil mosquitos, is the leading cause of death by disease and has been a pet project of Bill Gates’ for years. Thanks Bill! The Telegraph

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Current Event Cat of the Day: Operation Salvage Costa Concordia

Current Event Cat - Costa Concordia

What do you get when you roll a giant cruise liner upright after it has been rusting in the sea for 20 months? Answer: a really boring live news feed of the Costa Concordia and a bill for $800 million.

The operation to salvage the Costa Concordia off the coast of Italy began Monday morning after a three-hour delay due to storms. The costly, painstaking and potentially hazardous operation has been successful so far after engineers managed to lift the wrecked cruise ship from the rocks. Although the ship has been detached from rocks and moved on to a platform constructed on the sea bed, operation Salvage Costa Concordia is far from over. Efforts to get the massive ship upright are expected to take alllll day (hence the slow pace of the live news streams…)

The Costa Concordia crashed into some rocks in January 2012 as passengers were sitting down to dinner, killing 32 and stranding 4,200 on board. No sign of the two bodies that were never accounted for.

Unlike the captain of the Titanic, the ship’s captain, Francesco Schettino, did not go down with the ship. Instead he’s currently on trial accused of manslaughter and abandoning ship. Lesson: Always go down with the ship! And try not to steer the ship into a rocky shoreline…

But there is some good news to the whole salvage operation. The residents of the small island of Giglio are excited to get rid of the eyesore which has apparently been putting a dent in the island’s tourism.

Giglio mayor Sergio Ortelli said that the removal of the ship would bring an end to “a huge problem that we have in our port and that we want to solve as soon as we can”.

“Islanders can’t wait to see the back of it,” he said.

And if they’re lucky, the Costa Concordia will leave behind a wonderful parting gift: chemicals, lubricants and diesel that could leak into the pristine waters of Giglio.

Via: The New York Times & Current Event Cats