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Lesus Christ! The Italian Mint Screws Up… And Other News

Lesus Christ

What would Lesus do? He would probably spell his name correctly.

The Italian State Mint misspelled Jesus on special medals for the Vatican to commemorate a new pontiff. The Vatican has had to pull over 6,000 of the gold, silver, and bronze collectibles that went on sale Tuesday which spelled “Jesus” as “Lesus.” The four lucky buyers who managed to get their hands on the Lesus medals before the error was noticed may be in for a treat – experts are predicting the value of the medals will soar. Lesus Christ! The Telegraph

Christie Big MacNew Jersey goes gay! A New Jersey judge has ruled against the state’s request to delay same-sex marriages, meaning same-sex couples could potentially walk down the aisle in as little as two weeks – no thanks to Chris Christie. The New Jersey Governor wanted to push off gay marriage until the appeal of an earlier decision is settled. But mainly he felt that if he couldn’t marry what he loves (Big Macs), homosexuals shouldn’t be allowed to marry who they love. The Guardian

StarbsStarbucks for President? No one likes a shutdown but Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz really hates a shutdown. The Starbs mogul is offering customers in the US a political petition, along with their $5 coffee, that urges Washington to get over their differences and end the government shutdown. Customers can sign the “Come Together Petition” online or print a copy, gather signatures and return it to the store. But how exactly can Congress end the government shutdown? By passing a “bipartisan and comprehensive long-term budget deal by the end of the year.” Easier said than done – especially when you’re dealing with Tea Party nuts. Maybe Starbucks should stick to coffee beans. CBC News

MigrantsAgain!?! A week after more than 300 African migrants drowned when their vessel capsized, another boat carrying 200 migrants has capsized off the same Italian island of Lampedusa. They should really look into their boat making skills – or at least find a better route. 27 people are confirmed dead but a significant number of the “undocumented Italian citizens” were rescued  by a life raft tossed down by a military aircraft. Rescuers are still searching for additional survivors. BBC News

elephant-pointElephants get the point! A new study published this month in the journal Current Biology reveals that elephants can understand pointing – something cats certainly can’t do. Researchers found that African elephants could read their visual cues and locate buckets of fruit. Meanwhile, in Missouri, a 41-year-old elephant charged and killed a zookeeper who had come to feed her. What set off the incident is unclear but I’m pretty sure the zookeeper gave the elephant the finger. CNN

thanksgiving-cat-is-not-happyHappy Thanksgiving weekend to Canadians! This year Canadians have a lot to be thankful for – mainly that they got rid of Ted Cruz at a young age and he wasn’t able to shutdown their government. Also, they don’t have a looming debt-ceiling crisis. Yay!

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Stop Bringing Your Guns to Starbucks… And Other News

Starbucks Guns

$5 lattes? Yes! Guns? No! Well, maybe. Starbucks says guns are no longer welcome in its stores but stopped short of an outright ban.

After a gun-rights advocates held a “Starbucks Appreciation Day” in August to thank Starbucks for following local gun laws instead of imposing a ban, Starbucks started to think guns and coffee don’t mix. Especially when they realized they had a Newtown Connecticut franchise… In an open letter to customers on Tuesday, Starbucks CEO Howard Schultz said “we do not want these events in our stores.” Schultz said more people were bringing guns to Starbucks in the past few months, and “both sides of the issue were using Starbucks as a staging ground for their own political position.” In a nutshell, bring your wallet but leave your politics (and guns) at home. The Toronto Star

AcapulcoSave the tourists!!! Mexican officials have evacuated over 2,000 tourists from Acapulco, where flooding and landslides from Tropical Storm Manuel and his pal Hurricane Ingrid have already killed 57 people and trapped an estimated 40,000 more. The beach resort town is in chaos after a torrential, three-day downpour cut off several roads and flooded the main airport terminal. The 40,000 unlucky tourists stranded in hotels have been eating rationed food and wondering why they chose this time of year to go on vacation. As for the residents, well, they’re a little worse off. BBC News

PenthousePlayboy up, Penthouse down. The publisher of adult magazine Penthouse has filed for bankruptcy with $300 million of debt. Apparently its readers discovered something called “the internet” and since then readership has steadily plummeted. Last month, FriendFinder’s stock (the company that owns Penthouse) was delisted from Nasdaq because it failed to trade for more than $1. Ouch. But before you get all worried that sex doesn’t sell, Playboy is doing just fine. The men’s magazine has confirmed that Kate Moss will pose on the cover of the 60th-anniversary issue and the issue will feature the supermodel fully nude – with bunny ears of course. Daily Mail

Ottawa Bus TrainTrain + Bus = Collision. At least six people were killed and 30 injured in a train-bus collision Wednesday morning in Ottawa. Apparently the bus didn’t stop for warning signals and ended up colliding with a VIA train, shearing off the front end of the bus. The driver of the bus was pronounced dead on the scene along with four others. Another person died in the hospital was bus/train related injuries. Transportation Safety Board investigators are looking into things and the pressure is on to determine the cause of the crash – especially since this is the worst rail accident since a train carrying crude oil derailed and exploded in a Quebec town in July, killing 47 people. Actually that wasn’t very long ago… Canada has a lot of rail accidents. CBC News

Iran PrisonerYou’re freeee!!! Run! Word on the street is that Iran has freed at least 11 political prisoners, including noted human rights lawyer Nasrin Sotoudeh. And to make it extra special, it happened on the eve of a visit by Iran’s new (slightly less crazy) president, Hassan Rouhani, to the United States. Could Obama and Rouhani’s new pen pal friendship be paying off? Experts (me) say yes! Releasing prisoners is always high on the list of ways to repair fractured relationships. As for the prisoners, they don’t care either way, they’re just happy they’re out of prison. After her release, Nasrin Sotoudeh, who was serving six years in prison for “acting against national security”, said, “I don’t know why they released me. I don’t know under what legal basis they released me. But I am free.” New York Times

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