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Current Event Cat of the Day: Canada’s Prostitution Laws

Current Event Cat - Prostitution Laws

Hookers are screaming Hallelujah after the Supreme Court of Canada struck down the nation’s prostitution related laws in a unanimous 9-0 ruling Friday.

Looks like the Supreme Court had a not-so-sudden change of heart. 34 years after upholding the very same prostitution laws, they finally agreed that hookers aren’t so bad after all. More specifically, the court decided that the laws, which criminalize operating brothels, street soliciting, and living on the profits of prostitution, create dangerous working environments for sex workers and violate Canada’s charter guaranteeing life, liberty and personal security.

It is not a crime in Canada to sell sex for money,” Chief Justice Beverley McLachlin wrote in Friday’s decision.

“The prohibitions at issue do not merely impose conditions on how prostitutes operate.

“They go a critical step further, by imposing dangerous conditions on prostitution; they prevent people engaged in a risky – but legal – activity from taking steps to protect themselves from the risks.”

But wait – don’t go whoring yourself out just yet. The Canadian parliament has 12 months to rewrite the prostitution legislation and in the meantime the anti-prostitution laws will continue to be enforced.

Via: CBC News

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Antonin Scalia Suspects His Friends Are Gay

Antonin Scalia 2

Supreme Court Justice Antonin Scalia gave an unusually candid interview with New York magazine where he revealed some interesting facts about himself that included his belief in the devil and some gay suspicions about certain friends.

The conservative icon maintains that he follows “the Catholic teaching” that homosexuality is wrong but it’s ok, he not a “hater of homosexuals” because he has gay friends.

I have friends that I know, or very much suspect, are homosexual,” Antonin Scalia confided in the interview.

He went on to say that none have ever come out to him – probably because he’s Antonin Scalia, the anti-gay Supreme Court Justice. But Scalia doesn’t care. When asked about Justice ­Kennedy being the Thurgood Marshall of gay rights Scalia responded with:

“I don’t know either. And, frankly, I don’t care. Maybe the world is spinning toward a wider acceptance of homosexual rights, and here’s Scalia, standing athwart it. At least standing athwart it as a constitutional entitlement.”

Other fun facts about Antonin Scalia that came out of the interview include:

  • Scalia hates the Washington Post – too liberal. The New York Times sucks too.
  • Scalia doesn’t want any Facebook friends – he doesn’t understand why anyone would want to be “friended” on the network.
  • Scalia likes Seinfeld – particularly the Soup Nazi episode. Something he can relate to?
  • The Devil is a real person who is trying to get people not to believe in him or in God – every Catholic believes that!
  • The F-word gets too much play in modern society – even ladies are using it!

As for his legacy, at the end of the day Scalia doesn’t give a crap what people think of him.

“You know, for all I know, 50 years from now I may be the Justice Sutherland of the late-twentieth and early-21st century, who’s regarded as: “He was on the losing side of everything, an old fogey, the old view.” And I don’t care.”

Via: New York Magazine

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Rush Limbaugh Throws a Temper Tantrum after DOMA Ruling

Rush Limbaugh

In a move that surprised no one, conservative radio host Rush Limbaugh threw an on-air temper tantrum after the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act and California’s Proposition 8.

Just one day after praising the Supreme Court for throwing out Section 4 of the Voting Rights Act, which protects minority voters from discrimination, Rush Limbaugh went on a rant about how the Supreme Court should now be abolished entirely.

“Why do we even need a court if it is going to behave like this?” Rush Limbaugh raged. “Why do we even need a Congress? Why don’t we, every time we want something, just find the nearest judge and say, ‘Hey Judge, I want to do this, what do you think?’ And whatever the judge says is fine. Doesn’t have to be a member of the Supreme Court, just a judge.”

Yeah, why do we even need a court? In fact, why do we even need a sweaty, overweight, bigoted, loudmouth, redneck spewing nonsense over the radio? Let’s just get rid of everything anyone disagrees with!

Rush Limbaugh’s temper tantrum also included the usual “gay marriage will lead to polygamy and bestiality” spiel. And it just wouldn’t be a classic Limbaugh rant without a shout out to President Obama. Limbaugh blasted the president for changing his stance on gay marriage as the 2012 election approached.

“A year and a half ago, 18 months ago, Barack Obama opposed gay marriage,” Limbaugh said. “Just 18 months ago.”

Limbaugh accused Obama of changing his stance on same-sex marriage after the gay activists got mad at him for not advancing their agenda. How dare a politician change his position to reflect the interests of the majority!

Now we are told that the whole country supports gay marriage, and those who don’t are bigots!” Limbaugh raged.

Poor bigoted Rush Limbaugh. If only he could take a cue from Fox News talk show co-host Greg Gutfeld, who views the Supreme Court rulings as a conservative victory. How is this a conservative victory? Well, by allowing LGBT people to get married, it will make them less slutty. Say goodbye to hot butt sex and say hello to traditional marriage (translation: no sex).

“I feel that this is a huge conservative victory, because you can no longer deprive someone of an extremely traditional value that makes your life better by curtailing promiscuity and destructive lifestyles.”

“Talking about myself,” Gutfeld added, “marriage to my wife made me a better man. I want to impose that value on others, because that’s what rightwingers do.”

Yep, that’s what rightwingers do…

Via: Raw Story

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Two Historic Wins for Same-Sex Marriage

same-sex marriage is a go

A big victory for same-sex marriage: the Supreme Court struck down the Defense of Marriage Act, the 1996 law that prevented the federal government from recognizing same-sex marriage.

It was a close one – the court’s voted 5-4 that the Defense of Marriage Act, known as DOMA, denied equal protection to same-sex couples. DOMA, defines marriage as between a man and a woman for the purpose of deciding who can receive a range of federal benefits. Back in the day DOMA sailed through Congress and was signed into law by President Bill Clinton in 1996, the year of his re-election – a decision he now whole-heartedly regrets.

Justice Kennedy wrote the majority decision, explaining that DOMA is an unconstitutional deprivation of equal liberty and a violation of the Fifth Amendment. Which means the dissenting judges – Roberts, Scalia, Thomas, and Alito – are bigots…?

Justice Scalia had this to say in the dissent:

“In my view a perfectly valid justification for this statute is contained in its title: the Defense of Marriage Act.”

“We have no power under the Constitution to invalidate this democratically adopted legislation”.

Not like the Voting Rights Act you struck down yesterday… that was totally different.

But enough about Scalia – on to the good stuff: Overturning Doma means that legally married gay men and women are entitled to claim the same federal benefits available to opposite-sex married couples. However, gay marriage is only legal in 12 states (and the District of Columbia!) so the ruling only applies to them at this time. More than 30 states currently ban same-sex marriage but with opinion polls showing most Americans support gay marriage, it’s only a matter of time.

Stay tuned: the court has yet to release its decision on California’s ban on same-sex marriage. California went through a brief gay marriage phase in 2008 after the California Supreme Court struck down a state code provision prohibiting gay unions. But then California voters passed Proposition 8, effectively writing a gay marriage ban into the state constitution. 18,000 couples were married in California during this period.  Oh wait… the ruling just came in as I was typing… California’s Prop 8 has been dismissed!


The court ruled that opponents of same-sex marriage did not have standing to appeal a lower-court ruling that overturned California’s ban, effectively removing all legal obstacles to same-sex marriage in the state.  Translation: gay marriage for all!! (of California…)

Via: BBC News

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