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Tennessee Man Makes an Unusual ATM Deposit (Spoiler Alert: It’s Semen)

A woman using an ATM

An intoxicated Tennessee man was arrested after attempting to have sex with an ATM.

Police is Murfreesboro, Tennessee charged Lonnie J. Hutton, 49, with public intoxication over the weekend after he got a little too handsy with an ATM following a night of drinking at his local watering hole, the Boro Bar & Grille.

“Mr. Hutton entered the bar and walked to the ATM,” said Officer Michael Rickard. “Once at the ATM, Mr. Hutton pulled down his pants and underwear exposing his genitals, Mr. Hutton then attempted to have sexual intercourse with the ATM.”

Officers arrived on the scene as Lonnie was strutting around the bar sans pants. Noting that the naked man smelled of alcohol, had slurred speech, bloodshot eyes, and was unsteady on his feet, the officers took him outside and ordered him to sit at a wooden picnic table.

But the night didn’t end with Lonnie thrusting his hips into an automated banking machine…

“Once outside Mr. Hutton again exposed himself and engaged in sexual intercourse with the wooden picnic table,” Rickard said.

Lonnie was charged with public intoxication and taken to the Rutherford County jail on $250 bond where he presumably spent the night picking splinters and dollar bills out of his penis.

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How To Wink at a Muslim 101

How to Wink at a Muslim - Barry West

A Tennessee politician, Coffee County Commissioner Barry West, is under fire this week for posting a picture of a cowboy aiming a shotgun to his Facebook page with the caption  “How to wink at a Muslim.”

The Tennessee commissioner, who suggests that Muslims are best viewed from behind a double barrel shotgun, refuses to apologize for the “How to wink at a Muslim” post. West can’t figure out what the big deal is and why Muslim groups are so offended. Really? He can’t figure that out?

How to Wink at a Muslim

West claims he didn’t create the Islamophobic internet meme, he simply posted it to all of his constituents on his Facebook page so he shouldn’t be “singled out” as the bad guy.

West also denied having anything against Muslims, saying he was just trying to “make a point” and thought the post was funny. But Muslim groups disagreed, especially given the timing. The commissioner’s post follows a string of anti-Muslim acts throughout Tennessee in recent years, including at least four incidents of mosque vandalism. Residents of one town also attempted to block the construction of a new mosque by claiming that Muslims were not protected by the First Amendment.

“This may just be a picture to him, but for us it is very threatening,” said Kokoye, an American Muslim Advisory Council board member and Tennessee resident. “Muslims in Coffee County should not feel safe to walk outside their homes.”

“It’s particularly troubling when elected officials post such Internet memes because they set the tone for how constituents should behave.”

But Barry West’s prejudicial feelings don’t stop with Muslims – Mexicans are also evil.

“I’m prejudiced against anyone who’s trying to tear down this country, Muslims, Mexicans, anybody,” West told the Tullahoma News. “If you come into this country illegally or harm us or take away benefits, I’m against it.”

Well, at least he’s not playing favourites.

Via: The Tennessean

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