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Current Event Cat of the Day: New York City Train Wreck

Current Event Cat - New York City Train Wreck

The ongoing investigation into the New York City train wreck has revealed that there were two culprits behind the accident in the Bronx that left four dead and more than 60 injured: speed and fatigue.

Apparently the driver of the Metro-North train may have been asleep at the wheel – at a crucial point.

The National Transportation Safety Board said the train that derailed early Sunday morning was traveling at 82 mph heading into a dangerous curve that required the train to be slowed down to 30 mph. Unfortunately William Rockefeller, a veteran engineer with an unblemished record (until now…), had fallen asleep for a few moments and woke up as the train was speeding around the curve.

The engineer told emergency workers that he “dumped the brakes” when he realized the curve was coming too quickly, but by that point it was too late and the seven cars derailed, stopping just short of the Harlem river. He later told investigators that he “nodded” and “zoned out.”

Rockefeller, along with the rest of the Metro North crew, took drug and alcohol tests following the train wreck, but everything came back negative.

Rockefeller is not handling the train wreck all that well. He was “very traumatized” and had not slept in 24 hours following the crash. Considering he what happened the last time he was tired, he probably shouldn’t be operating any more trains until he gets some rest…

“He’s devastated by the loss of life, by the injuries to the passengers and his fellow crew members, and he’s extremely upset about all of it,” Mr Bottalico, chairman of the Association of Commuter Rail Employees said.

Bottalico said he was confident the investigation would reveal there was no criminal intent, but New York Governor Andrew Cuomo said officials at the agency must ensure the driver “is disciplined in an appropriate way” – by going to bed at a reasonable hour.

Via: BBC News

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