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U.S. Airways Sends Porn Tweet Apology, Then Apologizes

U.S. Airways Tweet

While American Airlines is busy hunting down 14-year-old white girl terrorists, U.S. Airways is sending out pornographic tweets to disgruntled passengers.

When a pissed off passenger took to Twitter to air her grievances about sitting on the tarmac for an hour, U.S. Airways responded with a nice little note… and a picture of some girl getting nosedived by a 777 replica. Oops. Full version available here.

After U.S. Airways realized they had posted a picture of a vagina swallowing a plane, they went into full damage control and deleted the Tweet. Unfortunately for them, it took a full hour for them to realize their pornographic error and by that time it had been retweeted hundreds, if not billions, of times.

US Aiways Apology

U.S Airways claims another user had sent the naked image to the company’s Twitter account and they were trying to flag the image as inappropriate but instead mistakenly included it in a message to a complaining customer. Right…

Meanwhile, now that American Airlines is dealing with teenage terrorist threats and U.S Airways is emerged in some kind of porn scandal, Southwest Airlines has seized the moment and decided to wow it’s passengers with a flight attendant turned comedian. Passengers on the short flight to Salt Lake City, Utah, were treated to a one-woman safety features/stand-up show that ended in raucous applause and cheers. The viral video had more than 630,000 hits by early Tuesday morning.

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