And the Teacher of the Year Award Goes to…

Bad Teacher

It’s a tie! Between the sixth-grade teacher who made students draw a Venn diagram comparing George W. Bush and Adolf Hitler and the elementary school teacher in Utah who accidentally shot herself in the leg while in a restroom at the school.

A sixth-grade teacher at a Washington, D.C., middle school is in trouble after telling students to make comparisons between former president George W. Bush and Adolf Hitler for a class project, stating that “both men abused their powers.” Now, I’m no George Bush fan club member, but Hitler’s a pretty rough comparison – and comparing the two is a bit of a heavy assignment for 12 year-olds.

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Turns out several parents felt the same way.

“I think trying to compare Adolf Hitler to an America president is just not right,” one parent said. “I didn’t agree with Mr. Bush or his policies, but that was over the line.”

Bush HitlerIn a written statement, D.C. Public Schools said that the teacher acknowledged poor judgment and will apologize to students. Sadly, no one will get to see what the young 12-year-old minds came up with… they both enjoy painting?

Next up: A Utah elementary school teacher who accidentally shot herself in the leg when her concealed weapon discharged in a faculty bathroom. The teacher at Westbrook Elementary School was severely injured when the bullet entered and exited her leg. She was rushed to a hospital where she is now in good condition.

The teacher was a concealed-carry permit holder, and school district policy her allowed to have a gun on campus. Apparently Utah is among the few states that allow people with concealed weapons permits to carry guns in public schools. According to state law, schools must allow teachers with permits to carry firearms, because if there was ever a place where a loaded gun was needed, it’s an elementary school in Utah.

Okay, this teacher (and the entire state of Utah) win this competition hands down. Actually, better to keep your hands up, the elementary school teachers are packing.

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