Teen Caught Shoplifting with Dead Baby

Shoplifting with Fetus

Where’s Paul Blart: Mall Cop when you need him? On Thursday afternoon two 17-year-old girls were caught shoplifting at a Victoria’s Secret with a stillborn fetus inside one of their bags. And before you ask, no, this did not happen in Florida – it was midtown Manhattan.

After the mall security guard stopped the two teenagers on suspicion of shoplifting sexy lingerie, he asked to see what was in their foul smelling bag. Inside he found his own worst nightmare: the decomposing corpse of a baby boy wrapped in clothes inside a black plastic bag.

The baby belonged to 17-year-old student and mother of a 2-year-old boy, Tiona Rodriguez of Crown Heights in Brooklyn. The clearly unfit mother said she gave birth on Wednesday and didn’t know what to do with the premature stillborn baby. So logically she just decided to tote it around while shoplifting lingerie.

The security guard alerted the NYPD and the teen was taken to the hospital to get checked out and hopefully have a psych evaluation.

Rodriguez, who was described as “heavy set,” may not have known she was 6 months pregnant. On Wednesday, the same day she said she gave birth, she complained in a Facebook post about painful period cramps.

Police haven’t charged her with any crime relating to carrying around a dead fetus but the two teens were charged with petty larceny and possession of stolen property.

But her real mistake was not shutting down her Facebook page when the news hit. Internet commenters are not known as the nicest people in the world and this case was no exception:

“Just so you know, if it turns out that the baby was born alive, I sincerely hope that you get what’s coming to you. No matter the situation, holding on to a dead body and carrying it around in a shopping bag is not normal by any means,” wrote one angry poster.

“I don’t see how she could be a good mom to her other child after going about her day like her newborn baby isn’t dead. It makes me sick that we live in a world like this!” another vented.

Hmm. Maybe they shouldn’t have released her name. After all, she is a minor and if she didn’t handle the miscarriage very well, she probably won’t be handling this like a pro either…

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