Teenagers On A Plane… And Other News

Snakes or Teenagers on a Plane

Teenagers on a plane are worse than snakes on a plane. And snakes on a plane are pretty rough.

A senior trip ended early for 101 high school students and 8 chaperones after they were kicked off an early morning AirTran flight before its scheduled departure Monday. Southwest, which owns AirTran, said the group of “non-compliant passengers” would not stay seated, and some were using their mobile devices after being asked not to. When the teenagers failed to comply with requests from the flight crew and the captain, they got booted. Students and chaperones from the Brooklyn-based school said the flight crew overreacted.

The pilot, however, was clearly frustrated with the teenagers and was quoted as saying,

“Enough is a enough! I have had it with these motherf*cking kids on this motherf*cking plane! Everybody strap in! We’re about to open some windows.”

Then, realizing there were children on board, he changed his line to,

“Enough is a enough! I have had it with these monkey fighting kids on this Monday to Friday plane! Everybody strap in! We’re about to open some windows.”

Via: CNN

Chemical Weapon TestsDid they cross the red line yet? Not sure, but the line got a whole lot blurrier today when French scientists announced that soil samples from Syria tested positive for sarin gas. The United Nations went one further, saying that it appears that both sides in the country’s bloody civil war had used chemical weapons. Oh snap! But nerve agents aren’t even the half of it – other atrocities listed in the report include detailed evidence of fresh suspected massacres, sieges and violations of children’s rights. What’s UN Secretary General Ban Ki-Moon’s take on this? “Sickening and staggering.” BBC News

Swedish DadStay-at-home-dads are taking over Sweden! According to Swedish sociologists, Swedish fathers are more involved in raising their children and domestic chores than fathers in other countries. The Swedish system encourages gender equality in parents – couples who separate or divorce in Sweden are by default awarded joint custody and Sweden’s generous 16-month parental leave can be taken by either mothers or fathers. Long story short, Swedish fathers are now expected to share the tasks that once belonged solely to mothers and we should all pack up and move to Sweden. But the most important question is: WWLDD (what would Lou Dobbs do)???!?! Obviously he would die because this information would be too much for him to handle. Raw Story

Heath CampbellSpeaking of awesome dads, New Jersey dad Heath Campbell showed up to court in full Nazi uniform to fight for right to see son, Heinrich. The white supremacist decided the best way to prove to the judge that he is a good father was to dress like Hitler. Go on… Campbell, 40, lost custody of his four children two years ago amid allegations of domestic violence. The three eldest children have already been adopted but Campbell is still fighting for the youngest, Heinrich Hons. The other children’s names, you ask? Adolf Hitler Campbell, JoyceLynn Aryan Nation Campbell, and Honzlynn Jeannie Campbell. Apparently, Campbell was first reported when a drug store refused to make a birthday cake that said “Happy Birthday Adolf Hilter”. Now, although Campbell is a self-proclaimed Nazi, he says he has never abused any of his children and wearing the uniform shouldn’t affect his case. “The world needs to see who I am. I’m not a bad person. It’s not what is on the outside, it’s what is on the inside.” Note to Campbell: if you have a swastika neck tattoo, you’re probably a bad person. National Post

Michael DouglasMichael Douglas says he got throat cancer from oral sex but then he backtracked and said OTHER people get throat cancer from HPVaginas, but NOT HIM. Although the Guardian has an audio recording of him that his throat cancer was caused by cunnilingus, the 68-year-old issued a statement saying, “In the last 24 hours I have become the poster boy for oral cancer. And just so we all understand, I think we would all love to know where our cancer comes from. I simply told a reporter … a virus that can cause oral cancers, and is one of the few areas of cancers that can be controlled, and there are vaccinations that kids can get. So that was my attempt.” Right…  BBC News

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