Texas Loves the Death Penalty… And Other News

Death Penalty

Cheer up Texas – you still have the death penalty!

Even though Texas Republicans are mourning the loss of their beloved abortion bill, they still have one thing to look forward to: their 500th execution and love of the death penalty. The state is set to execute its 500th prisoner Wednesday – 52-year-old convicted murderer Kimberly McCarthy. McCarthy, who will the first woman executed since 2010, was convicted of robbing, beating, and stabbing retired professor Dorothy Booth to death in 1997. Texas is the nation’s busiest death penalty state – it’s home to about 40% of the 1,300 executions that have taken place in the United States since the death penalty got the go ahead from the courts in 1976. Fox News

French MayorWhile the Supreme Court strikes down DOMA and Prop 8, things aren’t so same-sex friendly over in France. France legalized gay marriage back in April, becoming the 14th country to do so. But not everyone was happy about it. Now a French mayor has ended up in court for refusing to wed a gay couple in southwestern France. Jean-Michel Colo, who has been the mayor of Arcangues for three decades, became the first French official to formally refuse to marry a gay couple. “I will go to the gallows” rather than back down, Colo said. He might not go to the gallows, but he could face five-year jail term and a 75,000-euro ($98,000) fine. Raw Story 

707048-laurent-blanchardSpeaking of mayors engulfed in scandals, Montreal’s city council has selected Laurent Blanchard as their interim mayor after Michael Applebaum resigned amid corruption allegations. Applebaum had replaced former mayor Gerald Tremblay who also resigned amid corruption allegations. Both deny they did anything wrong. “It’s not easy to take over the city of Montreal after what happened in the last months,” Blanchard said. “It is what has to be done and I will try to do it the best possible.” Stay tuned for Blanchard’s resignation amid corruption allegations. CBC News

Paula DeenPaula Deen’s downfall continues. Paula Deen’s PR bus made a stop at the Today Show and she spent her time on the show crying out buttery tears and begging for forgiveness. In her apology Deen denied being a racist painted herself as a victim of “very, very hurtful lies” and judgments passed by “people I have never heard of [who] are all of a sudden experts on who I am.” After allegations surfaced that Paula Deen uses the n-word, dreams of holding plantation style parties with black men dressed up in white jackets, pays her black employees with beer, and generally just behaves like a huge racist old Southern woman, the celebrity chef was dropped by the Food Network along with some other corporate partners. Washington Post

en-bronysAll of the major (and minor) news sites are covering important topics such as the Supreme Court rulings, political scandals, and international wars. And then there’s the Toronto Star… Today’s front page news: men obsessed with My Little Pony feel misunderstood. Shocker. The My Little Pony show, which is targeted towards little girls, has a growing adult male fan base that call themselves “Bronies”. In order to qualify as a Brony, you must be 18+ and “live and breathe My Little Pony”. These men aren’t perverts – they love the animation, plot, character development, and lessons on friendship that the show provides. But the Bronies are sad that the public misunderstands their love of My Little Pony. “It’d definitely be nice if people had a more open attitude toward us,” one Brony says. WTF Toronto Star. (dedicated to Bums, the ultimate Brony)

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