TGI Fridays: Accused of Faking Premium Alcohol

TGI Fridays

In case you didn’t have one, here’s another reason not to go to TGI Fridays: 13 New Jersey TGI Fridays have been using cheap booze in place of premium brands.

The investigation, known as “Operation Swill”, found that 29 bars and restaurants in the New Jersey area have been filling up their premium liquor bottles with the cheap stuff and passing it off to customers at the higher premium price. Authorities said the bars and restaurants were trying to “fool the customer and increase their profits.” 13 of those restaurants were TGI Fridays.  Not sure who orders top-shelf booze at TGI Fridays… Probably the same people who shop for fine wine at Walmart?

Officials said more than 100 state investigators worked on the probe. The year long investigation began as a result of complaints, and involved confidential informants and undercover detectives who used new technology to covertly test liquor samples taken from establishments. A year long investigation that involved over 100 investigators? I guess the detectives must have figured out this was a great way to get free drinks and decided to prolong the investigation. Or they kept getting drunk off cheap booze and contaminating the samples.

TGI Fridays said in a statement that it “was just made aware of this issue and is working closely with the franchisee and owner of the cited locations to review and investigate these serious allegations.”

“We have one of the most extensive bar and beverage programs in the industry, which sets a very high standard in the quality and service of our beverages,” the company added.

As of now, no TGI Fridays raids are scheduled for passing off low grade food products as restaurant quality food.

Via: The Washington Post

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