The Fokkens, Amsterdam’s Oldest Prostitutes, are Calling it Quits


70-year-old twin sisters, Louise and Martine Fokkens, the two longest working prostitutes in Amsterdam, are officially retiring after 50 years in the business and servicing over 350,000 men.

Let’s do the math: 350,000 men means 175,000 each. So that’s 3,500 a year or 9.5 a day. For 50 years. Yikes. That’s a lot of Fokkens. I hoped they managed to save up enough money for vaginaplasty.

“I was a little bit tired,” Louise said in an interview that aired on March 18. No kidding.

Surprisingly, the two sisters are not retiring because of lack of business, but rather because of old age and arthritis. Louise, a mother of four, has said her arthritis now makes some sexual positions “too painful” while mother of three Martine admits she is finding it hard to attract new and willing customers.

The Fokkens sisters (yes, that’s their real name), began their careers in their early twenties in the heyday of Amsterdam’s notorious red light district.

“We like to work in the red light district,” said Louise in broken English. “You had fun, we know a lot of people … the American boys, the Canadian boys, the German … every country come there.”

The golden years ended though once prostitution became legal in 2000 and foreign workers began flocking to the Amsterdam.

“It is very different now. We used to sit in the windows with clothes on. Today they are totally naked. There are few Dutch women and no sense of community these days,” the Fokkens say.

Although technically speaking, the sisters have been retired for a couple of years, they’ve still been seeing a few regulars over the years. But now that they’ve finished a new book on their sexual escapades, “The Ladies of Amsterdam”, they are calling it quits for good. And it’s about damn time.

Via: CBC News

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