The Great Boat Scandal Conspiracy Theory… Starring Glenn Beck

Glenn Beck Heinz Boat Cover up

The only reason for someone to go to the hospital is to distract people from a minor boat scandal. According to crazy ole Glenn Beck…

Glenn Beck almost had a seizure last week yelling at the State Department for denying that Secretary of State John Kerry was on his boat while the political crisis in Egypt unfolded. When the Boston Herald published pictures of Kerry onboard his boat in Nantucket that day former Egyptian president Mohamed Morsi got the boot, the State Department was forced to change it’s story. Their statement changed from ‘no boat’ to ‘briefly on a boat’.

 “While he was briefly on his boat on Wednesday, Secretary Kerry worked around the clock all day including participating in the President’s meeting with his national security council,” State Department spokeswoman Jen Psaki said.

Then several days later, it was reported that Kerry’s wife, Teresa Heinz Kerry, was admitted to the hospital for symptoms consistent with a seizure. Coincidence? Glenn Beck thinks not!

The conservative readio host accused Teresa Heinz Kerry of faking her hospitalization to cover up her husband’s super scandalous boating adventure.

“You expect me to believe that Ms. Ketchup is in critical condition?” he asked, comparing the situation to his previous conspiracy theory that former Secretary of State Hillary Clinton had faked a head injury to avoid testifying about terrorist attacks in Benghazi. Spoiler alert: it turned out to be a blood clot…

“I find it fascinating that she is in critical condition this weekend after the State Department was caught in a lie. The same day the State Department is caught in a massive, massive lie,  the same the press is no longer asking anybody about that, because Teresa Heinz is now in the hospital.”

Beck added a bit more verbal diarrhea: “I don’t know what’s real anymore. Because, is this not the perfect scenario? This is a huge scandal! And what do they say now? ‘He is having a hard time, his wife is in the hospital.’ And that may very well be true, but I’m sorry, I can’t give you any sympathy now because you’ve lied to us too many times.”

Heinz Kerry was hospitalized in critical condition on Sunday but her condition has since been upgraded to “fair.”

Any last words from Glen Beck?

“People go to hospital for no reason except to get them out of things.”

Wasn’t Glenn Beck hospitalized for hemorrhoids a few years ago? What was he trying to get out of??? I guess the pain of having swollen veins in his anus.

Via: Media Matters

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