The US Army Joins in the April Fools Fun

Military Working Cat April Fools

Even the US Army is participating in April Fools’ Day this year. At least I hope they are. Otherwise this is a terrible idea…

The US Army posted a new program on their website which involves cats joining the military. The new cutting-edge program, designed to cut down on military spending, will use military working cats to work alongside military police.

“I think it’s a great idea,” said Sgt. 1st Class Tyler Radmall “There are so many homeless cats in the Virginia area. Not only will the Army have a more cost-effective working animal, but we will be doing our part in getting them off of the streets and finding them employment.”

Cats, it seems, are much more useful than dogs when it comes to military training.

“Cats’ claws are razor sharp, so it makes for a good defense mechanism not only for the cat but for their handler as well,” said Radmall. “A young, healthy cat can jump over eight feet in a single bound so if an enemy approaches a cat, the cat will be able to jump on him and either disable him, or claw him to death if he fails to stop resisting capture.”

The posting was clearly an April Fools’ joke but the more I think about it, it may be the single greatest idea the military’s ever had…

Here a couple more ideas that I hope are April Fools’ Jokes and not some new trend I’m unaware of:

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I’m pretty sure this one from 2012 was real though:

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