Thug Toddler Taken Into Protective Custody

Thug Toddler

The thug toddler, a Nebraska 2 year-old seen repeating obscenities and racial slurs in an online video, has been taken into child protective custody by Omaha police.

Worried that the thug apple doesn’t fall far from the thug tree, the Omaha Police Officers Association originally posted the video after they found it on “a local thug’s public Facebook page.” Under the title “The Thug Cycle,” the police posted the video along with this message:

“We here at viewed the video and we knew that despite the fact that it is sickening, heartbreaking footage, we have an obligation to share it to continue to educate the law abiding public about the terrible cycle of violence and thuggery that some young innocent children find themselves helplessly trapped in.”

“Now while we didn’t see anything in this video that is blatantly ‘illegal,’ we sure did see a lot that is flat out immoral and completely unhealthy for this little child from a healthy upbringing standpoint,” the police union added.

The video shows the diapered toddler being bombarded with obscenities and racial slurs. The thug toddler also participates in the thug fest by giving the middle finger and telling one of the adults to “Shut up, b*tch” and “You a hoe”

While authorities found nothing criminal in the video, officials from the Omaha police’s Child Victim Unit and the Nebraska Child Protective Services took the thug toddler as well as three other children into custody on Wednesday.

But the police are also under fire from local civil rights activists, who say that the police’s post “crossed a line” and needlessly antagonizes Omaha’s minority communities, who make up about a quarter of Omaha’s 409,000 residents.

“For them to take a video out of context — a 2-year-old who doesn’t have the brain capacity to know what’s going on — and to say that this child, because two adults acted inappropriately, is going to end up in a life of crime is totally inappropriate,” said Willie Hamilton, president of Black Men United.

Based on the video, I’m going to go with either life of crime or reality TV show contestant. If those spray tanned, bleach blonde, beauty pageant, pedophile bait toddlers can make it on TV, so can this thug toddler!

Via: CNN

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