Top Canadian Trader Goes on Drunken Rampage

Drunken Wekerle

Michael Wekerle, a Canadian millionaire and co-founder of Difference Capital Financial Inc., is being sued over a drunken rampage at an Arkansas hotel in 2010.

In true Canadian Bay Street eccentric millionaire fashion, Wekerle arrived via private jet at the Capital Hotel in downtown Little Rock in 2010 sporting a fanny pack full of money – $10,000 in cash. Within eight minutes of checking in Wekerle had dropped his pants – and things went downhill from there.

The hard-partying trader proceeded to blow a stadium horn, throw his fanny pack money around, jump up and down on the hotel furniture and lick the bottom of a woman’s shoe before removing the shoe and licking her bare foot.

The pants (and underwear) came off again later that night as Wekerle waddled around the hotel bar exposing himself to guests. Amid his drunken shenanigans, Wekerle somehow managed to lose track of his fanny pack containing $10,000 – which kind of defeats the purpose of wearing a fanny pack in the first place.

After the hotel staff attempted to calm his down, he began horsing around with a hotel valet, Brooks Jansen. The valet claims he was injured when Wekerle attempted to flip him over his shoulder.  But apparently it took him three years to realize this because Jansen just filed a lawsuit last week demanding “at least” $150,000 in damages from the trainwreck of a trader.

Wekerle, who has been described as Mick Jagger meets Warren Buffett, admits he behaved inappropriately, but plans to “defend himself vigorously.”

In a statement sent via his lawyer, Wekerle said the drunken incident occurred during a difficult period of his life.

“I had just lost my wife and I still have difficult moments. ‎While I dispute certain parts of the allegations, I acknowledge that on that night three years ago I behaved in a way that I’m not particularly proud of. For that, I apologize. There is a legal process currently unfolding and I am going to let it run its course,” he wrote.

Cocaine is a hell of a drug.

Via: The Toronto Star

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