Tornadoes Sweep Through the Midwest

Tornadoes in Illinois

Move over Philippines, there’s a new natural disaster in town, and it hits a little closer to home. Powerful tornadoes swept through the U.S Midwest, demolishing homes, cutting off power, and killing six in Illinois.

Tornado season hit the Midwest unexpectedly this year. November is typically the off-season for tornadoes, but this was no off-season series of twisters. As many as 80 tornadoes ripped through Illinois, Indiana and Kentucky on Sunday, killing six in Illinois, injuring hundreds of others, and leaving many trapped in basements.

Weather doesn’t get more extreme than this in Illinois very often,” said Matt Friedlein, a National Weather Service meteorologist.

I was first alerted to the storm when Little Reagan suddenly refused to sit by the open window (his fav spot!) and ran under the bed to hide. Awww. Cats have such an instinct for storms/ I should really start reading weather forecasts because the storm was already well under way at that point.

Luckily, Chicago was spared from the fast-moving storm and none of the 60 tornadoes in the area managed to get us. But the strong winds and flash floods caused tens of thousands to be evacuated from Soldier Field ahead of the Chicago Bears game. 

Elsewhere in the state, people weren’t so lucky. Six people died in Illinois and as many as 200 people were injured statewide. Washington, Illinois was hit particularly hard with the storm destroying or seriously damaging as many as 400 homes. So… pretty much all the homes in Washington, Illinois?

Governor Pat Quinn declared seven counties a state disaster area and is hoping for a federal disaster designation that would help people recover.

As for the storm, it has now moved on to northeastern U.S – albeit with less chance of tornadoes. Have fun you guys!

Via: CNN

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