Resident Butterball, Toronto Mayor Rob Ford, is Back.

rob ford

And this time he hasn’t learned anything! After Torontonians summarily forgot about Mayor Rob Ford, assuming/praying he had disappeared from public life as quickly as his much publicized diet, the court has now ruled that his job is safe.

Mayor Ford has said it’s been a “very humbling experience”. Translation: a very “aggravating experience”.

For those unfamiliar with the latest Ford faux-pas, Rob Ford used the city of Toronto logo and his status as city councilman to solicit funds for the football foundation. The city’s integrity commissioner found his actions broke a conduct code, and that the mayor should pay back the money to the donors. The city council adopted the commissioner’s findings, but Mayor Ford never made the repayments.

After Ford ignored the payments for a while (2 years..), a motion was put forth to rescind the council’s decision, meaning Ford was off the hook for the payments. Ford voted in this motion, which was thought to be in violation of conflict-of-interest rules. Cue everyone and a Superior Court judge demanding he be removed from office.

But the Divisional Court disagreed, stating that Ford couldn’t have had a financial interest in the council vote because council never had the power to compel him to pay back the donations to his private football organization. If they had upheld the removal order, Ford would be out of a job and councillors would have been forced to hold an expensive by-election or appoint a new mayor.

But alas, Rob Ford is still here, at least until the next Fordtastrophe. So far the string of embarrassing incidents have included reading while driving on the expressway, swearing at a 911 operator, skipping council meetings to coach high-school football, and prioritizing projects that help his family business.

While some (mainly Ford) are describing Rob Ford’s court win as a victory for democracy, his reputation as a bully who refuses to believe city rules apply to him has grown. I guess in a democracy, you get what you vote for?

Via: CBC News

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