Ugandan Government Passes Law Banning Miniskirts


Ugandan MPs have passed a controversial bill that will ban miniskirts as well as any other revealing clothing items.

Uganda’s anti-pornography bill, which was first proposed back in April, was passed after a very short debate in parliament.  The bill still needs to be approved by the president before becoming law but given the conservative culture in Uganda, it’ll likely go through. After all, this is the country that supports giving the death penalty for homosexual acts.

The anti-pornography bill covers a range of practices and activities, including sexual material in music videos and anything that shows indecent acts or behaviour intended to corrupt morals – so basically it covers everything. But the controversy seems to have gathered around the issue of miniskirts.

When the bill was first introduced, Simon Lokodo, Uganda’s ethics and integrity minister, said that women who wore “anything above the knee” should be arrested.

“Any attire which exposes intimate parts of the human body, especially areas that are of erotic function, are outlawed. Anything above the knee is outlawed. If a woman wears a miniskirt, we will arrest her,” Lokodo said.

The new law will ban not just miniskirts but any clothing item that shows parts of the body including breasts, thighs and buttocks. But Lokoda, a former Catholic priest, is just doing it for women’s own good. After all, women who dress provocatively are pretty much asking to be raped.

“One can wear what one wants, but please do not be provocative,” he said. “We know people who are indecently dressed: they do it provocatively and sometimes they are attacked. An onlooker is moved to attack her and we want to avoid those areas. He is a criminal but he was also provoked and enticed.”

The anti-pornography bill does not apply to men though.

Men are normally not the object of attraction; they are the ones who are provoked. They can go bare-chested on the beach, but would you allow your daughter to go bare-chested?” Lokodo explained.

The new legislation also means that many films and TV shows will be banned and personal internet use will be closely monitored by Ugandan officials. And Ugandans can forget about Madonna coming to perform! She’s totally banned – try Malawi instead.

Via: BBC News & The Guardian

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