Violent Protests in Venezuela: America to Blame?

Venezuela Protests Lopez

The protests in Venezuela must be America’s fault. There’s no way they could be the result of material shortages and mounting repression, right?

Following weeks of violent demonstrations, Venezuelan President Nicolas Maduro accused Washington of plotting with anti-government protesters and expelled three US diplomats in retaliation for the betrayal.

For nearly two weeks, Venezuela has been struggling with a series of anti-government protests spearheaded by angry students. Demonstrators are upset over the country’s strict Chavez era controls on currency and prices that have led to mass inflation and empty store shelves.

But Nicolas Maduro knows that the real problem isn’t Venezuela’s faltering economy, it’s American meddling. As a result, he expelled three American diplomats on charges of conspiring with demonstrators. Apparently these diplomats were recruiting college students for the demonstrations.

“I have ordered the foreign ministry to proceed with declaring those three consular officials persona non grata and expelling them from the country. Let them go conspire in Washington!Maduro said in a nationally broadcast address.

Maduro believes that America is also behind fugitive opposition leader Leopoldo Lopez. The opposition politician has been an active figure in challenging Venezuela’s socialist rulers – so much so that he was arrested on Tuesday on charges of inciting violence. Lopez, who had a warrant out for his arrest, handed himself over to police during an anti-Maduro rally he organized.

President Maduro has called Lopez a “murderer” and alleged he is being paid by the US Central Intelligence Agency to topple his government. But Maduro has no reason to be paranoid. I mean, a social “utopia” crumbling? That’s never happened before!

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