What’s Bloomberg Banning Now? Cigarette Displays!

Bloomberg Ban

Fresh off his recent big soda defeat, New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg is looking for something new to ban and has set his sights on cigarettes.

Mayor Bloomberg called for legislation to make New York City the first U.S. city to require stores to put cigarettes out of public sight. If the legislation passes, the rows of cigarettes that line the walls of many bodegas would have to be relocated. Bloomberg’s latest ban will likely anger many bodega and other small store owners, where cigarettes account for a large percentage of sales.

Out of sight, out of mind? Bloomberg certainly hopes so.

“New York City has dramatically lowered our smoking rate, but even one new smoker is one too many,” Bloomberg said at a press briefing today in Queens, “Young people are targets of marketing, and the availability of cigarettes and this legislation will help prevent another generation from the ill health and shorter life expectancy that comes with smoking.”

Bloomberg has been pushing public health issues since taking office in 2002. So far he’s banned trans-fat food additives, required restaurant chains to post the calorie content of their menu, upped tobacco taxes, banned smoking is restaurants, bars and pretty much any public place, and tried to ban the sale of large sugary beverages (that last one didn’t go over too well).

Since Bloomberg is in his third and final term as Mayor, he can pretty much do whatever he wants without risking his political future. In that case, maybe he should go even bigger: no cigarettes at all! I mean how dumb do you have to be to smoke, especially at $12.50 a pack in New York City? Paying money to get cancer and smell like white trash? Come on smokers – don’t blame Bloomberg, blame yourselves.

Via: The New York Times

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