What’s New With Toronto’s Crack Smoking Mayor?

Crack Smoking Mayor

Rob Ford, Toronto’s notorious crack smoking mayor spent his weekend making the rounds at U.S. news outlets.


The 44-year-old heart attack waiting to happen told U.S. broadcasters that he is “seeking professional help” but insisted he was “not an addict.” Well, the first step is admitting you have a problem, so Toronto’s crack smoking mayor has already flunked the program.

But while Ford is in denial about his substance abuse, he’s willing to work on his fitness in order to shed a few pounds/tonnes. Ford says he’s been hitting the gym for two hours every day and is adamant that people will notice his new rock hard body.

“If you don’t see a difference in the next four (or) five months then I have to eat my words,” he told Fox News.

Well, I’d rather see him eat his words than the other stuff he’s been eating more than enough of at home


Over at CNN, Rob Ford continued his denial train, insisting that he would have admitted to smoking crack cocaine long before his eventual admission, but no one asked him the right question.

“If someone would have said, came up to me and said, ‘Have you ever smoked crack? Have you ever smoked weed? I would have said, ‘Yeah, I have,’ ” Ford said. “But when you come and accuse me of being a crack addict and say, ‘Do you smoke crack?’ No I don’t. Have I? Yeah, OK. Have I drank, have I acted like an idiot when I drank? Yeah, I did.”

Even though reporters asked him numerous times over the last few months if he ever smoked crack while mayor, Ford is doing what he does best: sticking to his story until photographic evidence pops up.


Toronto’s crack smoking mayor also revealed to Fox News that he thinks he’s got what it takes to run for Prime Minister one day.

“Yes one day I do want to run for Prime Minister. Most definitely I can. You know we all make mistakes and we move on. All I can do is apologize which I have done profusely.”

Apparently if you apologize enough for smoking crack, lying about smoking crack, drinking and driving, lying about drinking and driving, public drunkenness, and, of course, lying about public drunkenness – then all is forgiven and your political career becomes a blank slate. Good to know. Maybe one day I too can run for Prime Minister.

And according to Rob Ford’s brother and city councilor Doug Ford, Rob Ford totally has what it takes to be Prime Minister because he’s the White Obama.

“Everyone keeps saying Rob’s a conservative. He’s a HUGE, MASSIVE social liberal. He LOVES Obama. The headlines of the papers when he won? ‘The White Obama.’ ”

Ok – that headline may have appeared on the Ford Family Christmas letter, but it definitely didn’t make any Canadian newspapers.


Meanwhile, Rob Ford had an awkward Monday morning at work. The Toronto City Council has spent their day furiously trying to figure out how to limit the powers of the crack smoking mayor  – or doing what Doug Ford calls a third world “coup d’état” in a “kangaroo court.”

Three days ago, the council voted overwhelmingly in favour of stripping the mayor of his ability to appoint and dismiss the deputy mayor and committee chairs and also removed his ability to exercise emergency powers. Now they’re trying to scale back the mayor’s office budget and delegate additional powers to the deputy mayor.

But Rob Ford is not giving up that easy.

“I’m going to continue to fight for the little guy. I’m going to continue to save taxpayers money. And if the councillors want to strip all my powers, that’s up to them,” Ford said.

Looks like it will be harder than the City Council thought to push Rob Ford out of office. Maybe once he sheds a few pounds it’ll be easier.

Via: CBC News

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