What’s on the Menu in Montana? Roadkill.

Montana Roadkill

Like most states, Montana either destroys its roadkill or leaves it to rot. And like most Americans, Montana residents typically buy their food at a grocery store instead of scraping it off the highway. But not for long….

On Thursday, the Montana Senate passed a bill that would allow residents to salvage and eat big game animals like deer, elk and moose killed by vehicles. The bill gives the Montana Department of Fish, Wildlife and Parks the authority to deal with the details, such as regulating the salvage permitting process.

The Senate voted 28-21 to pass the roadkill salvage bill but it still needs final approval from Montana Governor Steve Bullock.

Supporters of the roadkill salvage bill say: Why not? There’s no sense in letting good meat go to waste!

“It seems like a waste,” said Representative Bill Lavin, the Republican sponsor of the bill.

Opponents of the bill say it’s unsanitary and question whether federal health regulations would be followed. Trusting law-enforcement officers to determine the safety of highway meat has left many opponents a little queasy.

“I have not seen anything in the bill … that indicates to me that the safety parameters are in place to let me know beyond a shadow of a doubt that this is a safe food source for those in need, or anyone else for that matter.” Senator Kendall Van Dyk said.

To which Representative Lanvin replies:

“In Montana, we have a lot of common sense. It’s pretty easy to tell when meat is rotten.”

I’m not sure if Montana is renowned for its common sense or if I would link common sense with eating roadkill, but a similar law is already in place in Alaska and they seem to be doing alright. Kind of…

The Alaska Fish and Wildlife Protection Troopers have a program that collects moose carcasses and distributes them to charitable organizations to feed the needy. Hasn’t anyone ever been to a Palin family dinner? 

Palin Roadkill

Via: Reuters

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