When Animals Fight Back: Elephant Edition

Elephant Tramples Poacher

The hunter became the hunted when a suspected poacher was trampled to death by an elephant in Zimbabwe after he tried to gun it down.

I’m not saying he deserved it but… he deserved it. The bloody remains of Solomon Manjoro were discovered by park rangers in the Charara National Park in Gatshe-Gatshe, Zimbabwe. The rangers suspected they came across a poaching trip gone wrong. It appeared Manjoro was charged at by the elephant after he entered the game reserve for an illegal hunting trip with a friend. Manjoro was unsuccessful at gunning the elephant down and as a result got trampled to death.

Manjoro was part of a poaching trio. His alleged accomplice Noluck Tafuruka, 29, was later arrested inside the park and charged with illegal possession of a firearm. I guess he didn’t have much “luck”. A third man, Godfrey Shonge, 52, has also been arrested over the poaching incident. The two surviving poachers appeared in court last week to face charges of illegal possession of firearms and of contravention of local wildlife laws.

No word on what happened to the elephant. He’s likely off chilling in the forest writing his tell-all memoir: An Elephant’s Revenge.

In recent years, poaching of elephants and rhinos in wildlife reserves throughout Africa has risen dramatically, driven largely by demand for their ivory tusks and horns. Although Ivory sales were banned in 1989, Ivory is still sold on the black market and business is apparently booming – much to the dismay of the dwindling elephant population.

Via: The Telegraph

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