White House Security: Needs More Dog

White House Dog

The latest White House fence jumper was sent to a hospital to be treated for dog bites after he was nabbed by guard dogs on the White House lawn Wednesday.

Secret Service Dog23-year-old Dominic Adesanya of Bel Air, Maryland jumped the north fence of the White House on Wednesday but was stopped by the Secret Service’s secret weapon: angry guard dogs. Secret Service agents and K-9 units quickly subdued the intruder before he came too close to the residence. But Adesanya, who has a history of trying to break into government buildings, did manage to punch two of the Secret Service dogs, Hurricane and Jordan, before he was tackled.

While punching dogs is typically frowned upon, it turns out kicking a canine officer is also a federal offense. Adesanya was charged with “harming animals used on law enforcement” in addition to “unlawfully entering the restricted grounds of the White House.”

The two dogs were taken to a veterinarian and treated for minor bruising they suffered during the incident, but were later cleared for duty. No word on where the hell Bo and Sunny Obama were during the incident.

The latest intrusion onto the White House grounds came the same day that a gunman went on a rampage in Canadian Parliament. But Canada doesn’t need a guard dog to put a stop to crazed intruders – they have Sergeant-at-Arms Kevin Vickers. Vickers, who shot to death gunman Michael Zehaf-Bibeau outside the Library of Parliament, was given a standing ovation in the Canadian House of Commons on Thursday by MPs returning to work.

Meanwhile, Hurricane and Jordan were given some kibble.

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