Montreal Woman Dies In Freak Escalator Accident

 Fabre Metro Escalator

Right up there with having the subway doors close on me, getting sucked into an escalator is among my worst public transit related fears.

For one women, that fear came true on Thursday morning after her scarf became caught in the escalator at Fabre station in the east-end of Montreal. After struggling to pull out the scarf, the 30-ish year old woman also managed to get her hair tangled up in the moving staircase.

“When she bent over to try to get the scarf out, her hair was also caught,” Police spokesman Jean-Pierre Brabant told reporters.

The scarf began strangling her and by the time firefighters and paramedics arrived on the scene, it was too late; the woman died at the scene.

The coroner’s office will review security video, talk to witnesses, and conduct an autopsy to determine precisely what happened – although it’s pretty obvious she choked to death on her scarf.  And by witnesses, I hope they mean commuters who found her unconscious at the bottom of the escalator, not people who walked by without stopping to help.  At a metro station during Thursday morning rush-hour it seems kind of weird that there would be no one around to give her a hand. Perhaps it was actually a headscarf she was wearing and Montrealers were just letting their Charter of Values run it’s course…

Via: CBC News

Update: The Toronto Sun is now reporting that is was a headscarf that became tangled in the escalator, but I wouldn’t exactly call the Toronto Sun a reputable news source…

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