Women Arrested Over Overdue Video Tape

Kayla Finley Video Arrest

A South Carolina woman spent a night in jail for failing to return a video she rented — in 2005. But that’s not even the worst part. It was a VHS tape. Of a Jennifer Lopez movie. Titled Monster-In-Law.

Monster-In-LawKayla Michelle Finley, 27, was arrested on February 13 when she visited the Pickens County Sheriff’s Office to report an unrelated domestic dispute. While there, the cops discovered that there was an active warrant for her arrest – so they arrested her on the spot.

Chief Deputy Creed Hashe said the video store, Dalton Videos (now out of business – thanks Netflix!), had asked a Pickens County judge for the warrant years ago when Finley didn’t return her video.  Police said several warning letters about the overdue video were sent to Finley, but didn’t live at that address anymore.

Finley ended up spending the night in jail because her bond hearing couldn’t be held until Friday morning. When morning came she was released on a $2,000 personal recognizance bond.

Finley was “shocked and disgusted” at the arrest, while the rest of the nation was shocked and disgusted at her taste in movies.

“This is a bogus charge and everyone knows it,” Finley wrote on Facebook.

The Pickens County Magistrate’s Office has since reported that the charge against Finley for failing to return a VHS video was dropped a week after her arrest. The owner of the now defunct store decided to not pursue the charge because of all the media attention the case was receiving.

But once they find out she forgot to REWIND the tape, they may haul her off to the slammer again.

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