Yoga Pants Are Responsible For Rape

Brother Dean Yoga Pants

Arizona Pastor and University of Arizona student Dean Saxton believes any woman who dresses provocatively and gets intoxicated is partially to blame for their rape – especially those wearing yoga pants.

Brother Dean Saxton is not the most popular student on campus – probably because he spends the majority of his time standing around with signs telling people they deserve to be raped – but what he lacks in popularity, he makes up for in notoriety. Best known for slut shaming everyone with a vagina on the University of Arizona campus, Saxton spent some time talking with Vice, who were putting together an online mini-documentary on the resident campus preacher.

When asked to explain why he protested outside a documentary about 1998 Miss World Pageant winner and rape survivor Linor Abargil last month, the Arizona pastor defended his position that some women “deserve” rape.

“She is a beauty pageant contestant and there’s a lot of provocative, you know, seductive pictures of her that she has put out of herself,” he said. “I believe that if she was at home, and if she had kept to her Orthodox Jewishness, that rape would really probably would not have happened.”

“I believe that there are certain qualities that may be worthy of rape. If a woman dresses provocatively, gets blackout drunk and is wearing really revealing clothing then I would say that she is partially responsible for the rape,” Saxton told Vice

During the protest, Saxton was spotted holding a sign that read, “You Deserve Rape” while simultaneously shouting at random women to quit dressing like whores and “yoga pants are sin.”

“Give up your immodest clothing. You need to stop being a camel toe. You need to stop masturbating. Yoga pants are sin,” he bellowed to students through a bullhorn.

Well, I certainly hope no one tells Brother Dean about Lululemon’s see-through yoga pants fiasco, otherwise he might really lose it.

In addition to yoga pants and other revealing outfits, feminism, Miley Cyrus, masturbation, rock music, being gay, premarital sex, being Muslim, and women going to college are all on Brother Dean’s naughty list. Yeah, I can see why he’s not the most popular kid on campus…

Full Vice video: Here!

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